THE BEST Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats


hey guys

it's dr. Jesse Dreyfuss in case you

don't know me I'm a holistic

veterinarian welcome to my YouTube sites

I am a little different than most

veterinarians you've met I went to vet

school and then I was a bit of a nerd I

continued on to do an internship and

then I kept going to get certifications

and and training in the holistic side of

veterinary medicine so this means I

specialize in acupuncture laser therapy

herbal therapy and physical therapy for

pets today I kind of want to talk to you

about a topic near and dear to my heart

pet insurance so know no one really

talks about pet insurance too much these

days only about 1% of the population has

pet insurance for their pets which is

really really sad because I personally

feel it's such a great thing

disclaimer Here I am NOT getting paid to

talk about it I don't have any type of

personal association with any pet

storage company

I personally used your opinion pet

insurance which I love for my pets and

I've had great experiences with but

there are a lot of pet insurance

companies out there and so we're gonna

kind of talk about how to finagle

through all of that fun stuff and help

you make the best pet insurance choice

for your pets so how it does pet

insurance work I get that question a lot

pet insurance companies for the most

part have kind of the same pillars so

we'll go through those pillars first for

me I pay a monthly premium so that's the

amount I pay the pet insurance companies

to cover my pets I determine that

premium by what I said is my deductible

the deductible is the amount over which

the pet insurance will step in and start

covering your pet so for one of my pets

I'll pay XYZ premium per month if I

spend five hundred dollars in x-rays and

like that then after $250 deductible the

pet insurance company will step in and

cover anything after 250 so they'll

cover that extra 250 for that deductible

which is great one of the most important

things of this video that I want

everyone to understand is what every

amber Smith model means right so

reimbursement model is what pet

insurance model is so it's not like

human health care insurance where you go

see your doctor you got whatever done

and then they bill you after they talk

to their pet their health insurance

sorry that's not how this works so when

you go to your veterinarian you're going

to pay out of pocket even when your pets

a pet insurance then you're gonna send

in the doctor's notes you're gonna send

in probably a form from your pet

insurance companies saying your pet name

their policy number all that fun stuff

then the pensioners company is gonna

evaluate and then send you a check in

the mail or reimburse you this is very

different and really important for you

to understand so reimbursement model

means that you're still gonna pay out of

pocket for that pet and then get

reimbursed later on one question I had

is okay when do I get that check in the

mail I know for me for sure Canyon I'll

get it in about two to three weeks maybe

four weeks if there's they're super busy

it just depends I'll give them a call

usually to check in and I encourage you

to do so but I tend to get it pretty

pretty timely which makes me very very

happy as a multiple pet owner another

question I get is how much do I get back

you know I spent this much I pay for pet

insurance what are they what are they


I picked a plan that gives me 90%

coverage back so I will get 90% of what

I spend of that deductible back to me

which I left so what are my top factors

for evaluating a pet insurance company

or what I would I look for when I'm

really picky

a plan for my pet and you know take this

as my guidelines but of course every pet

is different and your needs are

different from one person to the next

the number one thing I look for is no

caps per year so meaning if my dog gets

hit by a car and I know it's going to be

incredibly expensive because as a vet I

know too much I don't want to find out

that I have a $5,000 cap per year and

that's it the pet insurance will cover

anything after that I want no caps for

the lifetime of my pet that may mean

that I have to spend more in my monthly

premium but it's worth it to me to never

have to say no because my pet insurance

cats the other thing is no exclusions of

breed specific conditions I really don't

like that I you never really know what

you're gonna get with a pet and I don't

like those type of exclusions the third

thing is obviously near and dear to me

is coverage for complementary care so as

a holistic veterinarian

I would rather reach for an herbal

therapy then a Western drug if I can and

I want it to be covered so I always make

sure that my pet insurance plan has that

finally I want a fast claims payout

process because I know that I need that

money and I'm unit now and so I want to

make sure that whatever pet insurance

company I pick will tell me look you're

going to get your money in two to three

weeks no longer if there's an issue

we're going to contact you and we're

gonna make it wait so those are the top

things I look for when picking out a pet

it's coming another thing I want to go

through is pre-existing conditions so

pre-existing conditions are one of the

main reasons I really really want

everyone to get pet insurance as soon as

they get their pet you know if if you

bring your pet in and it comes in for

let's say a coffee and then you decide

to get pet insurance after that's a

pre-existing condition so anything

related to that will not be covered if

you get pet insurance as soon as you get

that puppy or kitten guess what there's

probably very few of no pre-existing

conditions because they're young and

healthy and so everything in the future

is going to be covered so that's why

when you get that pet you get that

health insurance and then your your kind

of worries go away because you're

covered it's awesome

so one question I get a lot on this

topic is as pet insurance would worth it

so I have all my pets on pet insurance I

will not get a pet without Penn

Insurance and I'm a veterinarian so I

know exactly what things cost down to

the penny so I think it's worth it for

my old heart dog Duke that's what I call

him because I really feel like we were

connected at the soul level

I got him pet insurance at the age of 11

that's when I really learned about it in

veterinary school and I am so glad I did

I spent so much money on ultrasounds and

x-rays and tests and medications in vet

school and I couldn't have done it

without pet insurance I would have been

very financially strained if I hadn't

had pet insurance to kind of reimburse

that money so that he could care for him

so for me pet insurance kind of keeps me

that ease of mind because I know it's

there and if I need to reach for it for

any reason I can I I never have to say

no to something for my pet because I

have pet insurance and so that's that's

that's why I love it one thing I wanted

to do was show you on my computer how

you can go to pet insurance

and take a look at the different

policies that people have reviewed and

this is from actual people who have them

not from veterinarians or pad insurance

companies it's it's something I direct

all my clients towards so this is the

website I told you guys about it is pet

insurance it's written by pet

parents who have the actual policies so

I love it

it's a really good place to start don't

get overwhelmed by the number of pet

insurance companies you will figure this

out I have no doubt and then after that

I recommend calling the individual

companies when you've narrowed it down

to ask them specific questions like I

highlighted earlier in the video I wish

you luck and be sure to check in to our

YouTube site and holistic veterinary

Institute com for our new blogs and

videos as well as courses have a great