Best person ever

actually bro

i'm gonna go in the shower

best person ever would it be weird if i

watch you while i shower should he

don't make it weird

if you don't make it weird happens if


okay i'm weird in the shower but i'm not

watching you that's weird

yeah actually

oh wait you can't play i thought you

could three round

oh so why do you have to download it

oh so you don't even have to download it

well it depends how fast your rainbow


go ahead

yeah that's why i got on rainbow but

trevor's like sometimes a sore loser so

he just wants to keep playing

like bro next time he does i just got to

get on the game get it get like

don't give him an extra match he's mad

annoying when he does that

he's like a little kid so i don't say



watch me on the stream watch me on


it's called best person ever

yeah you gotta move the audio


seems so strategic it seems too


i know it's really realistic

i gotta break it to the building find

the bomb and defuse it and stuff

without getting shot like you have to

use your drones to scout around

you find a bomb there's one bomb the

second bomb

i use my drone to scout out the area


you can use it once in game as long as

that's why i gotta keep it safe you can

use the other one too but that one got


alright we're good

yeah there's a there's a defender in

this game who takes over your drone he

could use it for his team

it's madden noah

uh oh there's one person right there


i saw across the hallway need to peek

one more time

oh yeah i guess he had a i can't choke

some of my shots not even gonna lie

oh there was some guy downstairs the guy

downstairs shot me not upstairs


who should we watch badass butt kicker i

guess you wait who's it who's fighting

right now

he's like man like if i had teammates to

talk to i definitely would have told

this one guy on the staircase that

somebody could have flanked

i didn't want to shoot to give my

position because headshots in this game

are all one shot but

it's really hard to hit it yeah it's mad


friendly last operator standing the

diffuser has been recovered




15 seconds remaining while friendlies

have been eliminated

yeah i might switch it up

should i snipe no i can't i can't sneak

it right

i know the score is up to three and

ranked the scores up to four

yeah up to three but the games are mad

short because they're up to three you

know what i mean

once you hit level 10 though you could

do a game mode called unranked which is

the same rules as ranked except there's

no like elo

but it's the same exact rules yeah

same xp same everything i'm down to

player you just gotta hit level 10.

this game is so slow paced too it's not

like you just rush in like caught and

just get like

quad feet

take like 30 minutes again and soon

damn no bombs


oh upstairs i see all right

what about that that's one bomb

now i know what you mean trust me yo

my team is trying to shoot me chill out

all right

located a bomb


check real quick what's 51 he just got

ranked he just got rained

no way guys he's elite he's a lead

oh my god he's a guy no way

wait who are we talking about bro he's


i'm freaking out monkey thank you so

much for watching me last game

no go back to the agency

go back to abc mode

i'm so confused what's happening right

now so basically he's on like he doesn't

know that he's not an

abc mouse that's what's happening

i think he accidentally got on his

brother's playstation

bro who keeps

yeah let's see that happen uh-huh i'm

not gonna shoot me because i don't like

hurting my team

yeah man

don't finish hey i got 50 points from


no way

thanks thanks monkey god hey

guys i don't like hurting my team

unlike you degenerates i actually play

the game how you're supposed to

not kill my teammate thanks monkey god



you live with your mom too don't you

thanks monkey died oh wait

oh okay all right all right he's just a

thanks monkey got her

that's why obviously

oh yeah we got judge over here chill out


yeah richard shot me

oh down to the sprout staircase

why did you kill george bad he's

surviving in the ritz car


hey i got one with my trap bear trap i

don't know where though

i do why do i forget i have like asthma

uh no not at all

i don't even know why i said that that

was funny

like okay well nice thank you swanky dog

who keeps shooting me at the beginning

of the round who keep shooting me

that's monkey no that's badass yeah

that's badass

he was shooting me it's peanut butter

and that other big

no it's not it's actually not all right

bro i can't get into a gunfight

no i only shoot people that tell her no

yeah now i'm gonna get t

right yo judge by the way i wasn't gonna

kill you but you tried gassing me up so

i had to

wait who's the like actual like older


uh monkey god me no

oh yeah monkey god yeah you


you can't kill anyone by the way you

have reverse yeah i know

i'm not gonna kill him right now

i know not him judge over here

joe's over here thanks monkey guy

no that wasn't judge that was uh oh yeah

that was badass

butt kicker yeah definitely on his

brother's account

like take a hike butt kicker like come

on mommy wouldn't let him

hello yeah who are these kids

oh no they were shooting at each other

and i somehow got involved in the mix

when i was in party chat and they

knocked me

did you start yelling at them no i was

just trying to see and they're all like

little kids i'm not gonna curse out a


like the camera like the camera

who you playing as jaeger

what's his other thing yes cameron

barbed wire that shadow

oh god

yo blackbeard op okay

that was a sketchy spot to open up your


oh look at him can you ping oh you can

scan off that

be scared

why are teammates still killing each

other bro i just want to win


oh don't look at the aim

round five one

sure like ten times

should i go into the game and see what

they're saying i'm gonna meet my mic

yeah yeah



got three for peanut butter and two for

butt kicker that equals ten right yup

oh wow thanks for your help judge dad

like zero kills over here's my dad


look at this don't silence those


you're gonna talk to me anymore yeah

that's what i thought buddy boy

i will kill both of you no you can't do



you know what that doesn't matter

because he's been a lot longer than all

of you have

your dad sucks i'm just gonna say that

yeah that's dog

hey guys you're trying to say anything

to me i muted you

if you can even say anything you want

okay buddy

one friendly remaining nice nice

thanks for the help guys

dad is so bad he's just bro i'm trying

to help you i'm trying to help you

yeah but just judge dad it's just trash

yeah that's

bad like imagine

imagine playing this game

when you're like 80 did you hear the dad

in the background like right before the

kid muted us he's like

like he's like take off the goddamn mic

did you hear that i heard that in the


yo monkey god you trying to play with us

as long as we like you guys aren't

annoying about it you know what i mean

you can't do anything

13 kills

do i can't send them kids suck oh my god

they're so annoying judge dead oh my god

i just said i'd play with them just so

they don't kill me

i'm so annoying do you see the teammates

i have dude

first class [ __ ] can't be in copper

dude get out of that accomplish it

i got some money i got mixed up freaking

like if i had just like this guy is good

i just wish he was so annoying like i

don't think we've had a single round

with all five of us alive

someone's always died at the start ft


i don't care how good he is but he's

just so annoying thanks for the help

guys thanks for the help like don't say

that bro like just shut up

exactly there's some good

kill them all kill them all then

he wants to say thanks for the help

maybe stop playing so aggressive he

could say that if he called him trash

they say in the pro leagues kills don't

matter on the leaderboard at all

lily as long as you're doing your part

and you're using your equipment properly

it's all that matters somewhat true

i like to kill stolen from me doesn't

mean anything in this game

me i did

unless it could have been a kid watching

your drone scandal


did we find the bomb upstairs

you're right

i guess i'll go from the stairs


how'd you see me my head peeking out

no way the guy ran all the way down

there wow

i guess i spent too long in my drone


let's go judge dad what's he doing

getting at the wall

i wonder what the game plan is they're

not getting anywhere

yeah what are they doing we've judged

that just staring through the window and

the other teammates just staring at him

watching him

what are you doing yeah you better


oh you guys are not winning this room

oh my god the game's three three bro i

thought you guys just needed one more


we didn't need one more than team had to

kill himself by killing our teammate

it was it could have been a 2v1 10 times

easier oh my god

why doesn't he go in right

oh my god his name going getting chubby

like oh nice same bro nice thing thanks

for the help thanks for the help with


i'll do it after the game oh my god they

can't kill you anymore dude

doesn't matter i don't think they're the

type of kids to care about their ranks

so they might just throw it for fun

they killing their teammates for fun so

i don't think they care about the rink

well they're freaking copper so like

they probably can't go any lower than

they are

well i'm not trying to be copper three

yeah that's tough that's tough

oh my goodness he just like aimed in

make sure these two are

these two are father's son judge dad and

badass butt licker

they're getting bullied by these two

kids that's all what i've learned from

throughout this match

so i should do everything i just said

all the egg your chest up [ __ ]

barricaded garage and put up my camera

all in time

i was like oh my god i was like he just

did so much that ran

i just landed three in a row bottle

flips four

damn it that's what that failed i knew

it i knew it i knew it

you heard it like lane and then crashed


i haven't did that in so long i'm gonna

flip my phone

front face oh oh

dude i'm flipping my phone always laying

screen up oh [ __ ] i have to do

everything quick

i could low-key do that after i should

probably do garage first most important

we need that electrifying dude bro

yes he's like no range

the electrifying giant all right i have

to do all this in 15 seconds

[ __ ] yeah right

i don't think he's going to be that good

and he's ate alexis so i was like yeah

i don't think he's gonna be that good

okay can you can my tv do something can

they show up the drones while i'm doing

[ __ ]

but i just want to know why it why they

made it in the thing that it beat

freaking the mega knight there's no way

that things beat the mega knight if i

get shot from behind trezo

[ __ ] i hear it what why are there so

many people

oh you're dude it's a freaking shield

and you unloaded every bullet into it

that was the scariest thing i saw three

people walk through that door

these are copper there's no way they're

gonna shoot at this camera

you can't shoot it you have to freaking

knife it or throw a grenade at it

no not the bulletproof the one watching

right now

yes not one camera is broken yet they're

definitely not i'm confu

oh the bombs in the basement you gotta

kill us it's nice

did you hear that

you injured someone i don't think so

did i introduce someone there were three

people there

there were three people there and i just

spammed shot and

ended up killing someone and where did

you die from guessing right here

[ __ ] me

i hate myself dude

you're behind here again you [ __ ] oh

you're not where are you

[ __ ]

who's your teammate alive

why is it so slow is this someone's perk

or something

what i need to see what they're saying


stupid little dad bot like get out of


yo yo yo can we win this round can we

please win this round yes probably this



oh you're the one saying we should work

together look at your dad he has down


throwing the game like don't know talk

to your dad first he's probably

like bald

he probably bald has a dent in his head

get rid of his right franklin 2020

you know he's so good i should have been

monsanting just to make him so mad

all right at least monkey gods pretty


okay that's insane like

yeah monkey god's good

but then you got judge dad and then you

hi my name is george dad

nice buddy all right judge dad you

forgot to stay in the class

let's see what rank judge dad is he's

level 67

just got ranked oh you can't see ranked


can't see people's rank anymore they

like just until the end of the game

oh my this kid i know this kid didn't

just steal your kill bro

it's whatever all right

is [ __ ] all right i'm coming down

you know the way dumbass

i thought they're in basement

oh uh oh shoot clash on me clash on oh i

got her got clash back

i just got shot he's always

wait what who's crazo treaso always

cracked he's not even in this game and

he's messaging me for something

okay nice butt kicker i really like this

very mad [ __ ]

okay then it's probably

he's probably has two different names

let's go oh

peanut butter i just want to say your

complete dog [ __ ]


i hope i get matched against him again

he said who are you i said

i was texting him the whole time i was

like oh my gosh

i was like oh my god he's gonna be like

whose tree's always cracked up she's

absolutely gonna start left

i knew

oh i hate that kid bro he was so

annoying just shut up dude

his voice was

i dude you don't have to live stream

anymore just in case you want to look

i'm using a land cable about