My Top 5 Best Performing Stock Investments Of 2020

hey everyone this is stefan james from

project life mastery today i'm going to

share with you my top

five investments i'm going to log inside

my stock

brokerage account and share with you the

top five stocks

that i own and have performed the best i

thought it'd be fun and educational

especially if you're a brand new

investor that's considering investing in

the stock market

i thought it'd be beneficial for you to

see a more experienced investor

the investments that i own and how well

they've done to show you what's possible

by investing in the stock market

i've been investing for many years now

i've done really well overall my

portfolio is

up however i don't want to paint a

picture to say that everything i've

invested in has done well because that's

not true

part of being an investor is to

understand what your tolerance your

threshold for risk is

and and you understand that when you're

investing in certain companies

now i have a very diversified portfolio

and so as the market has recovered to

where it is now

i've done really well especially because

i was able to invest a lot when the

market crashed back in march

um but also there are some investments

that i own that haven't recovered yet

you know some sectors and industries

have been hit hard

due to the recession that we're in so

for example you know i own quite a lot

of stock in the financial market

bank stocks and credit cards and a

variety of stocks like that that haven't

fully recovered

i also own some stocks in the oil and

the energy market

which also has been very volatile i own


in cannabis that also hasn't done as


lately with everything that's been going

on and also some real estate investment


to owning commercial real estate such as

retail shopping outlets and malls

but as a long-term investor i'm not that


in the short term i follow the advice of

warren buffett the greatest investor of

all time he says that if you're not


if you're not willing to own a company

own a stock

for at least 10 years then don't even

think about owning it for 10 minutes

you know so the investments that i have

they're carefully thought through

and their companies i've invested in

that i understand in the short term

they'll be ups and downs

but over the long term 10 years 20 years

30 years

i believe that my investments will pay

off now that's not to say that some of


might not do well even over the long

term that's part of the risk of being an

investor but

as long as you win more than you lose

that's the most

important thing so diversification is


uh what i'm going to share with you are

my top performing stocks

and with what i share with you right now

understand the price can change in any

moment so

depending on the day that i release this

at it might be worth more it might be

worth less

i'm not as much concerned with the value

and what they're selling at or priced at

right now because again i'm holding them

over the long term

and i have no intention of selling these

in the short term but if you're an

investor you're looking for some ideas

i want to invite you to explore some of

these investments

but you do got to understand where

you're at and what your goals are

your threshold and tolerance for risk

how much cash flow you have

you know what i'm providing for you here

is not investment advice for you you

have to

do your own research you have to make

your own due diligence and be

responsible for your own decision so

that doesn't substitute just because i

share this with you doesn't mean that

you should go and buy

these companies you got to make that own

decision for yourself and understand and

learn a little bit more about

investing with that being said let me

log into my brokerage account

and share with you my screen and we'll

dive in so the first investment that i

want to share with you that's performed

the best

is the company tesla so tesla is the

electronic vehicle manufacturer

they are fairly diversified in getting

into different industries such as solar

and a few others but

i really love the company i'm very

bullish on electronic vehicles on

autonomous cars

i love the ceo elon musk who

i think is a genius but if you look here

in my brokerage account the the

brokerage account that i'm using right

now is called interactive brokers

wouldn't honestly be the number one one

that i'd recommend to you

uh depends on where you live and i'll

link below in the description of this

video to a few that i can recommend

and even some that have promotions right

now where they're giving away some free


just for signing up for an account so if

you're brand new check out the

description below

but right now you can see that tesla is

trading at 1

515 which is actually

overflated um the value of this is worth

more this is trading at more than what

tesla's being valued at

and this is one of the challenges if

you're a fundamental value investor and

you look at the fundamentals and

evaluate a business is that a lot of

these technology companies

are overpriced in fact even elon musk

the ceo said

that in his opinion elon musk is

overvalued right now so

that's one of the challenges with a

company like tesla and especially

because they've blown up over the last


and really so far this year they've just

continued to

go on this incredible run and some

people you know say that it's a bubble

that it's going to burst and it's going

to kind of correct itself which might be

true so depending on when i release this


it's probably gonna be trading at a

different price could be more could be


but either way this investment's done

really well for me so if we look here

at the cost basis the cost basis is how

much i've invested how much i put in

to buy tesla i've invested 26 000

now the average price of what i've

invested at because i have bought in at

different times

okay i think i bought in to tesla maybe

a year and a half ago maybe maybe a year

and a half ago or so and i've

bought in at different times uh as the

months and the years have gone by but

um the average price is 300 333.29

so obviously now it's trading at 1515.

the value has gone up quite uh

significantly i own 78 shares

and the total market value is

117 739

so my 26 000 investment has gone up by

92 000 pretty incredible

um hopefully it continues to go up i

believe that it will because i'm a

long-term investor and i'm very bullish

on this company but

i wouldn't be surprised if it there is

some sort of correction

in the near term uh but over the long

term i love the company and i believe in

it i believe that it's going to be worth

more than the 1500 bucks i think it'll


worth 3 000 a share and beyond that in

the next 10 years or so

so when it says unrealized pnl

profit loss that just means that i i

you know this 92 000 is not my money yet

because you only make money when you


right so if i sell this then this

becomes a realized

profit and loss a realized profit or

gain and that's when it'll show up here

if i sell it

so right now the price will go up and


but once i sell it that's when it

becomes realized in which case you got

to pay the taxes

on the money that you make now the daily

profit loss is just how much it's gone

up or down in the day so today it's gone


1.6 percent about 15 16

and that's based on how many shares that

i have about sixteen hundred dollars

that has gone up so

done really well tesla i like the

company long term i mean if you look at

the chart

here let's just look over the last year

i mean it's pretty incredible i remember

buying in

you know when it was 500 bucks 600 bucks

but again

back when it was 300 200 it's just

pretty incredible how well the company

is done

um but again it can change at any moment

but as a long-term investor

i'm okay with that in fact i want it to

go down because if it goes down that i

could buy more at a cheaper price

and i usually as an investor i like to

buy on the dips

if it does go down i'll buy some more

and if not i'll just continue to ride it

now as an investor one thing that you

can do

uh my mindset my goals are not to sell

in the short term

and the reason being is because i don't

need the money in the short term i've

got businesses that already provide

great cash flow and depending on your

age and what your goals are

you know that's going to determine when

you're going to sell so this is a

company i'm going to hold over the long


10 years 20 years 30 years as you get


and especially as you're approaching

retirement you want to start to get

income from your investments and so in

that case you might sell

or move your money into more

dividend-paying stocks that can provide

income for you

now companies like tesla and some of the

other tech ones might eventually

pay out dividends and so i might just

keep the company forever

if it eventually starts paying no

dividends and it can align with the

goals that i have when i close

you know near my retirement but when

you're a young investor like myself i'm

in my 30s and depending on your age

you don't need dividends dividends like

a company like tesla you don't want as a

shareholder for them to pay dividends

you want them to reinvest all their

profits back into the business to grow

so this is a growth stock um i'll make

more money and get my money eventually

when i sell it

right as as the the the gains go up with


but a company like tesla and the reason

why a lot of tech companies don't pay

dividends is they want to grow and a

company like tesla they're trying to get

market share as fast as possible

out of the automobile industry and by

paying out dividends to investors that's

going to slow down that growth and

affect it being able to

you know become the biggest car

manufacturer in the world which right


at the value it is um but that's kind of

the mindset

you know when you're younger versus when

you're older you might want to invest

in in companies that are not as growth

focused but more

stabilized and can provide that income

the dividends for you so

that's my mindset is eventually i will

sell it unless it starts paying

dividends or unless there's a better

company that i can buy

over the long run so that's my first

investment that i'd share with you

let's dive into the next one my second

top performing investment

is the company shopify so shopify is

canadian company

it's the ecommerce platform it's a

company that i'm pretty familiar with

one common piece of investing advice

from warren buffett is to invest in what

you know

and so a lot of these tech companies a

company like shopify i'm pretty familiar

with i've sold on shopify i use shopify

for my business

i educate people on youtube and

entrepreneurs how to build their

business using shopify and

e-commerce platforms like amazon so i'm

pretty familiar with the business

i also know the long-term where

e-commerce is going and the

opportunities that it provides and i'm

very bullish

on companies like shopify so i love


really well managed great great company

and right now you can see my brokerage

account i'll share with you

two two different um uh uh

two different markets that i own shopify

on this is the u.s market the new york

stock exchange

but i also own shopify on the toronto

stock exchange so i do own it on two

different markets

so you can see right now that shopify is

currently trading at nine hundred and

seventy dollars

and if you look here at the cost basis

i've invested forty six thousand

hundred 800 the average price is 362

so as you can see 362 bucks is what i

spent on average

and now it's 970 bucks here on the new

york stock exchange

i have 129 shares the current market

value of my investment

is 125 000 273

125 273

sometimes i get lost with the big

numbers but as you can see here the

unrealized profit lost is 78 000

the daily profit just today of it going

up point sixteen percent

a dollar fifty five is three hundred and

eighty seven dollars i haven't sold this


keeping it over the long run now one

thing that i could do as an investor you

could consider this as well

is i could sell what i've put in so i

could sell

46 800 worth of my shares

and get my initial investment back that

way i've got no risk

i'm only leaving the money that i've

made the 78 thousand dollars

so that's something that you can

consider if you want to completely

remove your risk

however in my case i don't need the

money i'm more than happy to leave it in

i and i would buy these companies that

i'm sharing with you i'd buy them today

at the current trading price because as

a long-term investor i believe that

they're going to be worth a lot more

over the long run so

uh this is the the the shopify that i

own here on

the u.s exchange and let me share with

you here

on uh

i'll share with you my shares on the

toronto stock exchange

okay so this is my position of shopify

on the toronto stock exchange this is in

canadian dollars

and so uh the current value in canadian

dollars is 1

325 bucks and uh the cost basis of what

i put in is 28 000

i have 45 shares average price that i

bought at is 621 dollars

current market value is 59 597.

unrealized profit loss is 31 000 so

collectively it ends up being i think

over a hundred thousand dollars so

shopify i love love the company it is


overvalued i guess you could say in

terms of what it's trading at but

welcome to technology stocks and

investing let's move on to the third

company the third top performing

investment is the company

amazon amazon one of the biggest

companies in the world

a company that i believe in that i sell

on that i promote and share with you

guys here on my youtube channel my


uh jeff bezos the founder of amazon

incredible entrepreneur

but what amazon has been doing and how

much they've been growing has been

pretty incredible

as the world has been transitioning to

e-commerce and buying

online and especially with a lot of

traditional retail stores being closed

down and especially what's been


with covet 19 and how it's just been

wiping out a lot of

traditional retailers and more and more

people are getting accustomed to buying


with amazon for example but also how

much amazon

has been growing internationally has

been incredible so obviously amazon

is huge in the united states i didn't

realize how big amazon was as a canadian

because amazon's not as popular in

canada but

when you go down to the us and when you

go to whole foods which is a company

that amazon bought and you just see how

much more convenient and easy it is to

buy on amazon and so

that's the that's the trajectory of

online retail

of of the world of where we're going

with it and amazon has benefited

tremendously as well as all the other

companies that i've shared

with what's been happening with kova 19.

so again amazon is a company that

is um grown tremendously you could also


is overvalued but the current price is

three thousand

eighty dollars incredible i mean i

remember just

i think a few months it goes at 2500

bucks you know around there it's just

continued to go up

and if you see here i've invested a

hundred and thirteen thousand dollars so

it's one of the top investments i've put

the most

some of the most money in it's not my

the one that i put the most in there are

some other ones that have put in

hundreds of thousands more but

i wish i could own more of amazon and

all these companies

that i've shared with you and i'll

continue to increase my positions over

time especially as there's

dips in them but the average price i

bought at is 1

796 i have 63 shares

the current market value is a hundred

and ninety three thousand

eight hundred and twenty dollars my

unrealized profit

is eighty thousand dollars now one thing

that's just incredible though too

i mean just look how much amazon's grown

here by the chart but

jeff bezos he became the richest man in

the world

okay he went through a divorce i think

that was a year or two ago

and he lost half of his net worth to his


and so here he was the richest man in

the world got a divorce

lost half of his net worth because his

wife you know as part of the split

got half of that so now he's no longer

the richest man he's still a


but now today and i think a year or two

since his divorce

he's back up to being the richest man in

the world

that's just mind-blowing the fact that

you can lose half your net worth

billions of dollars and now today i

think he's worth like 127 billion

dollars or something crazy like that but

it's just mind-blowing um so anyways

that's amazon i'm familiar with amazon

sell on amazon share amazon

and so i i'm very familiar with the

platform and that's again rings true to

what i've shared is investing what you

know and i'd

also tell you guys that being a business


being an entrepreneur has helped me

tremendously as an investor i think

some people ask how can i learn more

about investing i think one of the best

ways to learn is to have your own


because you have your own business you

start to learn accounting you start to

learn marketing you start to learn

operations you start to learn about

management you like start to learn all


things that help you be able to evaluate

companies and

be more effective as an investor so

that's amazon great company

love them over the long run i think

they're going to be worth so much more

in the future

but it's a company that i'm going to

continue to hold over the long run let's

move on to number four

the fourth investment that i have that's

performed well for me is the vanguard

s p 500 etf an etf is known as an

exchange traded fund

uh often when you're first starting out

as an investor if you watch some of my

other investing videos i've always

recommended if you're brand new

to invest in etfs an etf allows you to

own a group

of companies a group of stocks and

provides diversification

and minimizes your risk so for example

the s p

500 the standard poor 500 are the top

500 companies in the united states

by owning this one etf i get to own a

piece a small piece

of each of the top 500 companies in the

united states

that provides broad diversification

because i get to own many different


i get to be involved in health care in

technology and financials

uh to be involved in consumer goods and


and retail in a variety of different

sectors and

owning a variety of different companies

and uh if one company doesn't do well if

one company goes bankrupt

my investment is still good and this is

kind of known as

known as owning the market essentially a

lot of people they they kind of measure

things based on the s p 500 or the dow

and so this one individual etf and by

the way i love vanguard because

it's founded by jack bogle great

investor it's got some great books

but they have some of the lowest fees

for index funds

i don't know what the exact fee of this

one is it doesn't show me right now but

i think it's about point 10

or something like that and i like etfs a

lot more than mutual funds

uh mutual funds have been really dying

off lately because most

mutual fund managers are not able to to

beat the market they're not able to beat

the s p 500

over the long term and so when you have

an active manager of a mutual fund

there's higher fees associated with that

versus an etf

because there's no active management

involved in it it's passive

they have much lower fees um so the fees

of the vanguard one is very very low

that's probably the best one out there

for that uh now the current trading

price is 293 dollars

you can see that i've this is one of my

top investments because i've always

as a staple own the s p 500 but there's

some other ones as well that i like

with vanguard um vt and vti

are the the symbols for them that's the

total stock market and also the whole


and so there's an etf you can own the

biggest companies in the entire world

or you can own the total market


what are known as a small cap and medium

cap stocks

these are the s p 500 are large cap

stocks a large cap stock is anything

that has a value

of over 10 billion dollars so anyways

i've invested 246 000

average price that i bought at is 256


the current value is 281 thousand so

this one's done well it's not

significant um you know 37 000 not as

high as some of the other ones

but one thing that i love about the you

know the etf like this is i also get a

dividend from it so the other companies

i've shared with you don't pay dividends

uh the yield of the dividend of this is

1.9 percent

and that's about a dollar 35 per share

so i also get an income

from this and that's on what is called a

drip a drip is a dividend

reinvestment plan that you can set up in

your brokerage account which means that

every quarter when they pay out a


automatically it'll go to repurchase

more shares at whatever that price is

and so that allows my investment to

continue to compound and grow as i

continue to reinvest in it

automatically totally passive so this

right here you can see the s

p 500 hasn't fully recovered yet

from the highs that we had back in

february so back on february 17th is

309. um but when things crashed

and went down here back in march 22nd

you know things got beat up quite a bit

but as you can see the market has


and there's still a lot of uncertainty

because we're in a recession and

um i think there'll be a lot of

volatility owning this in the short run

um you know especially if there's some

bad news i think during the election as


you know things like that anything

that's unpredictable or uncertain

is going to affect the stock market but

as a long-term investor

that's totally fine in fact the advice

from warren buffett

for most beginner for most investors and

most beginner investors is just to own

an index to own something like the

vanguard s p 500 that's the advice

of the the biggest investor in the world

because uh not unless you are really

going to dedicate the time to investing

and really evaluate companies and and

and have more money to invest

then then actually being an active

investor and evaluating companies and

stock picking that's a different skill

set that most people

aren't really going to go with they're

going to instead just buy an etf

and you're going to do well over the

long term by doing so

so let's dive into the fifth uh company

the fifth stock that's done well for me

the next investment that i'll share with

you that's performed really well is a

bit of a toss up because there's a few

other that are similar

that have also done uh just as well as

this one but the company is alphabet

alphabet is google they own the search

engine they own youtube and many other

companies in the tech space

i love google i love youtube i use them

in my business i'm very familiar with

their businesses

again being true to investing in what i

know and

long term i love them especially with

the development of what they're doing in

artificial intelligence

and a variety of other things that

they're very innovative as a company

which i love

and then also all these companies i've

been sharing with you hold a lot of cash

uh they're in a great financial position

uh great balance sheets and whatnot too

which i really like

so you can see the symbol here is


um or i think it's g-o-o-g-l if you do a

search for it on nasdaq

currently trading at 1 518.

the cost basis of what i've invested so

far is 97 000

average price about a 1 157

shares 84. current market value is 128

000. so so far my unrealized profit loss

is thirty thousand um i love them over

the long term

they they got hit pretty hard uh

when when things went down and now

they're at all-time highs which is great

but i just believe that they're going to

continue to go up

continue to do well and it's one of my

favorite companies

now the other one that was similar to

that that i've done almost just as well

is facebook

facebook um also around 30 000

profit and as well they've had a lot of

uh you know issues lately with privacy


you know even um you know a variety of

issues right now

with what's going on with the racial

tension and and um

you know a lot of advertisers pulling

from their platform until they

make some changes so there's some

volatility with facebook but i do like

them over the long run

i mean these companies are such you know

i think you'll notice that these

companies they're all such important

parts of our life

you know i don't know about you but you

know i've spent a lot of time on

facebook on instagram on google on


uh you know apple is another company

i've done really well with too around

the same

and apple does pay a bit of a dividend

too but i mean i'm on an apple computer

i've got apple phones

so these are companies that are pretty

much running and controlling the world


pretty incredible and a lot of you know

politicians for example say and

debate whether we should break them up

because they're so big they're so

powerful they're able to

you know buy other companies and get

into interest industries and kind of

hold a monopoly

there's a very difficult for other

companies to be able to

compete with some of these huge

companies that i've shared with you but

as an investor that's one of the reasons

why i love them and that's one of the

reasons why they're so

big they're trillion dollar companies

and continue to grow

um just because they have so much power

so you know as an investor i think

they're great companies to own

um if you know if you're an online

entrepreneur like myself you're probably

using these companies already and you


the direction and the future of them so

i think over the long term

all the different companies and

investments that i shared i think you

can you can't go wrong with them but

of course you got to do your own due

diligence you got to do your research

and become educated as an investor

and you know you want to make sure that

when you do make an investment you've

got savings and money put aside

for rainy days you never want to be in a

position where you have to sell

your investments to pay your bills to

pay your rent you want to make sure that

you're financially secure and


and a lot of these companies you'll

notice they're trading at a very high

uh a very high price so an amazon for

example at three thousand dollars a


i know a lot of you as a beginner you

don't have three thousand dollars that

can get you one share

and that's why what's great is that

there's some brokerage accounts now that

allow you to buy fractional shares

and i'll link to some of them below for

you so if you're brand new you're

looking how to get started

you're going to want a brokerage account

i currently use interactive brokers

but honestly they wouldn't be the number

one that i'd recommend to you i'm in a

unique circumstance as a resident of

panama there's not many options but if

you live in the u.s or canada

or even in europe there's way more

options you have that i don't have

and i'll link to some of those below but

being able to buy fractional shares

means that you don't have to have three

thousand dollars to buy

one share of amazon you can buy

fractions of amazon of one share at a


cheaper price and that can give you the

ability to be able to get in and have

some ownership

of some of these companies and to get

started as an investor so

hopefully you benefited a lot from this

video you know i you know with all my

content i'm not just

here to give you information and just

share something with you i want to

educate you i want to

share with you my experience and my

knowledge and the philosophy and the

mindset and all these

important things that i think contribute

to what i'm sharing

it's so much more than just what

companies to buy is

hopefully you can tell and so i know

there's some other videos out there that

are more to the point

um but i'm trying to be responsible as

an educator and make sure that i set you

up for success long term as an investor

as well so hopefully you appreciate that


i appreciate you just for being here and

watching this video for this long

so hopefully you did benefit if you did

please give this a thumbs up

subscribe here for more videos and leave

a comment below let me know if you're an

investor in

any of these companies or if there's any

that you like that have been doing

really well for you as well and i'll

maybe consider sharing with you more of

my portfolio and some of my stocks and

again there are some that i'm in the

negative of at the time being

but i'm okay with that too so as long as

your overall portfolio is good and you

do well over the long term

that's how i measure my success as an

investor is not in the short term got to

remember the stock market

is influenced based on human emotion you

know go up and down and that's why as a

long-term investor sometimes it's better

just to

to buy and not even look at it you know

don't even look at it for

months or even years i mean you got to

talk look at it every few months just to

rebalance things but

over the long term you know if you just

kind of put your head down then a lot of

these companies and investments i

believe will do really well

so hopefully you enjoyed this video i

thank you so much for your time and i

look forward to seeing you again in the

next one

take care