Choosing the Best Pepper Spray

hey what's up everybody sandy with you

run guns and today we're going over

pepper spray and which one might be the

right one for you now the first thing

you guys notice here is obviously the

difference in sizes so going from left

to right you have your smallest and this

is just a practice canister this

actually just contains water I think it

cost like two three dollars I got on

Amazon I'll leave links below in case

you guys want to check them out and this

is good for just practicing at home

or with your wife or your girlfriend you

got our pepper spray you want to show

our works kind of cool to test one out

without actually wasting one so again

same theme with your girlfriend and your

wife if you want to get her one this is

a good one you can use as a keychain or

here it has a little clip now you could

you know put in your pocket or a purse

or whatever this one's kind of the same

concept just a little more manly so

these are actually 0.7 ounces just put

in perspective 0.7 ounces this is 1.8

ounces 3 ounces and 16 ounces so those

are the different sizes they also have

different designs so for example this

one and the practice one actually bought

them they came together and you can see

in order to activate it you need to flip

it to the right and then push down right

and then push down I'm not a huge fan of

this design because you know if you just

pick it up in your pocket you definitely

have to orientate pretty quickly which

way is what my favorite design is

actually these that's actually just a

flip up I think these are safe in your

pocket you don't have to worry about a

negligent discharge or accidentally

deploying and it's so easy you could

feel where your hand is supposed to be

so just picking it up with your eyes

closed you know exactly the orientation

and which way you're pointing I think

it's a pretty good benefit so that's why

I'm a fan of those so this one's kind of

the same concept and as you can see

they're all these are going to be 1.3%

major capsaicinoids so that's what they

contain that's actually the product that

you're looking for that actually causes

that effect to neutralize your threat so

again most of them are gonna have the

same thing I believe this one said 1.4

percent the other one said 1.33 I think

they're all probably going to be just as

effective now again here flip up cap and

same for this one here as well now this

fire is actually pretty cool in the

sense that it allows you to actually

shoot from different orientations so the

name crossfire actually comes from them

designing this can to be able to fire

from upside down sideways you know it

doesn't matter the other kids are more

designed to be shot from either ten

o'clock to a two o'clock position

so from here to here you could fire this

red one could fire upside down so if you

fall on the ground or you're upside down

or whatever it is or they're like

blocking you want to shoot under them

you could do it just like that so pretty

cool design there and then the big boy

that we have here is actually called the

cell Buster so this one was actually

designed for law enforcement in prison

so for correctional officers to extract

you know I guess disobedient inmates or

combative inmates so basically the

concept is it comes with this wand and

what you're able to do is you able to

attach it here it actually goes in a

particular way so you gotta push it in

push it and you have to pull it to make

sure that it's actually tight in there

right so this was actually secured in

and the concept is that this actually

goes like under the cell door and you

spray it and it's more of like how do I

describe it like a mist as opposed to

like a particular extreme so this causes

like respiratory irritation and usually

helps with compliance now another thing

you want to ask yourself is like why

would you need something this big now

for home defense I could say it could be

helpful because it does shoot out

especially with or without this thing it

just gonna shoot out maybe 15 feet but

you know you are gonna basically

contaminate your home so not sure if

this is actually the best option for

that I actually got this one thinking

more for like vehicle protection you can

literally like just stick this out your

window and if someone's messing with you

or threatening you then you could

basically use this and deploy it only if

you need to of course in order to

protect yourself or defend your domicile

which is your vehicle in that moment

so again they all have different designs

and speaking of design I want to go

through different types of pepper spray

so there's different types that you

could actually get and the first one is

gonna be a stream so that's basically

like a liquid like these and what I was

describing is basically just like a

liquid stream that will shoot out gel is

actually I don't know if you could

picture it like your shaving cream type

of gel but basically it shoots out like

a gel and then it turns into a liquid

very quickly and what's nice about that

is that if it's very windy it's

basically gonna pierce through the wind

and you don't have to worry about it

blowing back at you which is something I

particularly like I don't want like just

a mist that you're gonna spray out

because if you're on the wrong direction

of the wind it could definitely blow

back in your face and that's not gonna

be a good situation those are better for

indoors only right and I believe this

one's gonna be a little bit more misty

so but again it has 16 ounces of

pressure and of course the bigger the

can is the better the pressure is going

to be and the more it's gonna be able to

perform and kind of shoot out with

obviously more power and more distance

one thing I want to go over too is the

law so make sure you know your local

laws do not you know buy one that's

illegal in your area because obviously

you're gonna have issues should you be

in a self-defense situation another

thing I want to mention is when looking

for the right pepper spray to get you

also want to consider what law

enforcement is using so that you get you

know something that's functional that's

up-to-date because they're the ones that

are actually deploying it way more

frequently than civilians would be so

they have a little more research they

have a little more invested into it and

they actually plan on using them a lot

more often so I think it's important to

look to what the professionals are using

so that you could see what works best

for you and your situation and there's

several situations where a non-lethal

option is appropriate but a lethal

option is not appropriate so in that

gray area you know pepper spray could

really subdue someone very quickly and I

was doing some research and these

actually work a lot faster and a lot

more effectively than getting a taser so

I looked into for example getting the

x26 which is the Taser that shoots out I

don't know 15 20 feet it has like two

prongs a few I'm sure you guys have all


most police around the United States you

know carry it but I was doing some

research and I was seen that actually

pepper spray is way more effective than

a Taser even one expensive like the x26

which I believe costs like six hundred

to eight hundred even a thousand dollars

and Oh last one I want to mention real

quick is foam so I didn't mention foam

but foam is actually another type as

opposed to gel or stream or cone which

is cone is kind of like just you know

one that you don't have to really aim

very well it literally shoots out like a

cone but the cone obviously is just like

the miss you know it'll come back in

your face if you're on the wrong side of

the wind and the foam is pretty

effective but one thing you have to

consider is that foam literally stays on

the person's face so the person could

theoretically pull the foam off of their

face and throw it right back at you so

that's not particularly a good thing but

I want to know how likely that it's

actually happening that moment like so

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