9 Free Pedometer and Step Counter Apps for Android (2019)

pedometer step counter call it what you

like but the phenomenon of tracking the

amount of movement you do daily is a big


combined with heart rate monitors on

phones as well as on smartwatches and

fit bits step counter apps are a great

way to keep track of your fitness and

set yourself walking targets hi this is

Phil from vector kizzy and this is nine

free pedometer and step counter apps for


2019 step counting pedometer II whatever

you want to call it is something that

everybody is talking and walking about

these days as GPS tracking and phone

movement sensors have improved over time

so to have the apps that help you to

keep track of your daily stepping stats

these are our favorite pedometer apps

that will be with you every step of the


Zombies rung what better way to motivate

yourself into burning off those calories

than by convincing yourself that your

life depends on it

so meas rung is a veteran as Android

apps go and has compelled over a million

users to immerse themselves in its

fitness inducing story plug in your

headphones and follow the instructions

as you jog around do various missions on

a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the

shambling dead it's a great motivator

for those who want a bit of narrative

with their fitness regimen runtastic

steps with great compatibility across

various step tracking devices and google

fit runtastic is one of the more

versatile pedometer options out there it

gives you feeds daily monthly and annual

data on your calorie burning and lets

you set daily goals to ensure that

you're hitting those targets every day

or at least aiming for them the free

version is great for the above data

tracking but pay for a premium

membership ranging from thirty to fifty

dollars a year and you'll get a slew of

new features like walking routes

nutrition plans food diaries and more

all the various runtastic extras you may

choose to buy are neatly contained

within the main runtastic app letting

you keep all that salubrious software in

one place

Argos going well beyond the task of

simply counting your steps August is one

of the most comprehensive wellness apps

around the interactive activity sure but

also bundles in a calorie counter sleep

cycle monitor exercise guide even

barcode scanner to help you track your

nutritional intake what Argos perhaps

lacks in depth in the step counter area

it more than makes up for in bread how

much you walk around isn't something

that will ensure your good health in

isolation and in August you have all the

other important areas to help you

maintain a healthy lifestyle pedometer

the succinctly named pedometer is a free

ad-supported app that doesn't foist any

in-app purchases on you what you see is

what you get it has the usual assortment

of step counters calories burned walking

time speed tracking displays your

long-term walking information in a

convenient graph it also uses your

gender and weight to give you a better

idea of the number of calories you

burned and the amount you should burn

photometry is very easy on the battery

too and has a small selection of

different themes for some

personalization you can also adjust the

sensitivity so you're not cheating by

counting steps when you're cycling on

driving view Ranger not solely a

pedometer but also a must have app for

hikers and explorers the Ranger is

filled with hundreds and thousands of

trails and walks around the world were

rated by the apps millions of users it

serves as a great navigation guide to

using augmented reality to let you point

your phone at the scenery and get

pointers about what's what and where to

go next this app works with Android wear

and uses your phone's GPS to track your

walking stats searching you know how

much distance you're covered and maybe

even share it with your friends it's a

great option for those who aren't quite

as obsessed with counting every single

step and want to focus more on enjoying

the great outdoors

Fitbit did you know that you can use the

Fitbit without the titular you know bit

that's right thanks to the wizardry

going on inside your smartphone you can

use the Fitbit app solely with your

smartphone using the so called mobile

track feature so what makes fitbit's are

good it has the prettiest interface of

all the apps for a start offering a huge

amount of features to incentivize your

walking you can for example take part in

the various weekly challenges curated by

the developers and logged workouts and

food as well as go on adventures where

you attempt to walk the same amount of

steps it takes to tackle famous hikes

such as those around here seventy park

it's obviously not quite as good as the

real thing but pretty close right

pedometer step counter and weight loss

tracker one of the most frequently

updated and stochastic apps at the

moment this pretty out from pace of

health is not only a step counter but

true to its name and all-round weight

loss aid you can set your own goals in

it or use goals created by the

developers to help keep yourself

motivated and walking along the snap

side of things is the option to view

your personal trends in the way of

weight steps and calories so you can

easily see whether overtime you're

improving or letting yourself go a

kewpie dough like the other apps on the

list a QPD pedometer is one of the best

pedometer apps around this particular

offering is known for its widget that

sits on your home screen giving you a

constant view of the steps you've taken

it's configurable so you can see steps

distance and minutes calories and more

in a manner that suits you best it only

starts tracking off you've taken ten

steps so there's a chance your trips to

the bathroom or kitchen from your desk

my account you have been warned new more

new mork has an interface that's sparse

and clean the app claims to use less

than 2% of your battery consuming as

much juice over 22 hours as keeping your

screen on for 20 minutes or just three

minutes of GPS usage but much more

exciting is the fact that you can

virtually high-five your friends when

they hit their goals

I'm still hoping you can send them boos

and hisses if they fail it's entirely

free to use which is also a plus

conclusion so there you have it seven

Android pedometer apps that are just

raring for you to get out of that office

chair and wander around the neighborhood

grocery shop or just walk in circles

around the house a pedometer doesn't

require you to change your life or make

a habit of visiting the gym it

encourages you to be more active by just

pushing you to take a few more steps

than you did yesterday so step up to the

challenge and enjoy okay as always

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