TOP 4: Best Desktop PC 2019

computers in general are getting more

advanced day by day they've evolved to

the point of using eight core processors

and high-end graphics that can render

real-time raytrace lighting PCs are also

easy to upgrade so you can keep your

machine up-to-date by slotting in new PC

components like graphics cards fast SSD

or more RAM you can easily find a

capable B C or even an all-in-one

desktop for five hundred bucks so if

you're looking for one we can help you

with some of the best in the business

check out our new video to get more

details about the latest products on the

market the corsair CS - nine zero zero

zero zero zero one one - na one pro

features the latest six core intel i7

8700 k cpu and offers the definitive 4k

vr gaming and streaming experience also

it's equipped with the cutting-edge

performance of a liquid-cooled

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card

and sixteen gigabytes of award-winning

Corsair Vengeance lpx

ddr4 memory which enables it to deliver

peak performance in today's most

demanding games and applications

besides the sleek clean lines a C is

built with aircraft-grade aluminum and

accented with customisable LEDs on the

other hand it features fully custom GPU

and CPU liquid cooling technology and

producing twenty decibels at idle which

is quieter than a whisper and virtually


the del I three - six five - a 6-4-3 WH

T - PU s has multiple i/o and USB ports

to connect all your devices and it comes

equipped with available 802.11 AC Wi-Fi

for fast long-range wireless with less

buffering it has a six gigabyte memory

and one terabyte hard disk drive HDD

which provides plenty of bandwidth to

keep your movies and games running

smoothly also it offers a 22 inch

all-in-one desktop with brilliant Full

HD IPS display in a clutter free design

besides it has a one cable setup that

allows you to power your device without

piles of unnecessary cords cluttering

your desk real estate on the other hand

it comes with a full HD IPS display

available with optional edge to edge

touch capability for intuitive natural

interaction another advantage is that it

provides a VESA

wall mounting option so you can save

desk and countertop space the Dell

Inspiron 24 - 3000 is outfitted with

faster and longer range 802.11 AC

wireless technology so that you can chat

with friends and family or stream music

and movies quickly and securely also the

multiple USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports HDMI out

four in one MCR and ethernet

capabilities offer seamless interaction

with your other devices besides it has

built-in stereo speakers tuned with

waves max audio solution and a

widescreen HD webcam that allows for

crisp clear online Skype sessions

moreover the pedestal stand with one

card setup and wireless keyboard and

mouse allow for a quick and easy

arrangement in any room it comes with a

20 3.8 inch full HD wide viewing angle

display and it has a 500 gigabyte hard

drive that gives you enough space to

store your files holding the first place

among the list of best desktop PCs we

have the Apple iMac mk-48 2ll /a it

offers multi-touch surface that allows

you to perform simple gestures such as

swiping between webpages and scrolling

through documents

it is equipped with 3.3 gigahertz

quad-core intel core i5 and can turbo

boost up to 3.9 gigahertz besides it

also has an AMD Radeon r9 and 395

graphics card with 2 gigabytes of gddr5

vram moreover the retina 5k display also

features a wider color gamut and has a 2

terabyte fusion drive furthermore is

configured with Bluetooth 4.0 as well as

an SDXC card slot for extra storage for

USB 3.0 ports 2 Thunderbolt 2 ports and

a Gigabit Ethernet rj45 jack on the

other hand Bluetooth 4.0 wireless

technology is also built in so you can

connect accessories such as a wireless

keyboard and mouse thanks for watching

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