Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs

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the top 10 highest paid jobs in the

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you like money raining down on me and us

just dancing in it too bad it's fake in

our number 10 we have a senior front-end

web developer now web development is

absolutely huge these days and is making

a lot of people a lot of money now with

the rise of Silicon Valley and startup

businesses there is a call for web

developers across the world now senior

web developers make an average of a

hundred hours of dollars in the United

States and around 70,000 pounds in

England now technically you don't

actually need a degree to be a senior

web developer but you do need to be

absolutely fluent in coding actually I

know a fair few web developers who are

really cool but they dropped out the

university to focus on their coding

skills and now they're making mad money

in that number nine we have upstream oil

rig worker now working with oil is like

working with liquid gold

now these jobs are especially popular in

Alberta Canada people who work on Oryx

can earn around $100,000 u.s. a year

with some even earning more now it's a

very manual job and it's pretty

difficult and physically demanding it

also involves working in very remote

places with very little contact to the

surrounding world now oil rig workers

usually work in shift patterns meaning

they'll be flown in and out of the rig

area allowing for them to see their

families at the weekends etc now

becoming an oil rig worker demands the

lowest qualifications on this list with

most companies just requiring a high

school diploma however it is best to

have attended a vocational training

school for like welding basic mechanics

or also have some experience lifting

heavy equipment that said while you

don't need a PhD to work on a rig is

pretty darn dangerous stuff with high

levels of risk now workers also need to

pass regular drugs tests in at number

eight we have dentist now dentistry is a

time-honored profession

everyone needs a good dentist to keep

our Nashes white and healthy now

dentists earn an average of $100,000

worldwide with the highest earning

potential for dentistry being in

where the average salary is 175,000

dollars so that's over 150,000 euros not

to be a dentist you need to train for

many many years you need to get a

bachelor's degree a PhD several years of

residences and various certifications

now in many countries dentists are also

required to work at the weekends which

is worth bearing in mind in at number 7

we have lawyer yes

being a lawyer now no one is above the

law but lawyers certainly break in a

crazy amount of dough on average lawyers

earn around $110,000 now that's in the

United States similarly they earn around

$80,000 in the UK now there are many

different strands of law that one could

choose to specialize in such as criminal

federal humanitarian like AM L Clooney

each have a slightly different pay

bracket but we're going with an average

here while the average may seem what you

expect the top lawyers around the world

pull in millions of pounds dollars euros

a year so to become a lawyer you need an

undergraduate degree you then need to

attend law school you'll then need to

pass the bar after that you need to take

a year-long pupilage so it can take

anywhere between five and ten years to

become fully qualified even longer if

you want to be top of your game and

earning that serious cash that said

being a lawyer is a very consistent job

with a very consistent demand in at

number 6 we have brokers brokers are

ironically anything but broke so when we

say brokers we're talking about

stockbrokers shipping brokers foreign

exchange dealers insurance brokers

investment people traders that kind of


now brokers make around 128 thousand

pounds in the UK and the average is

actually slightly lower in the States

making one hundred and fifty thousand

dollars that said brokers do get a

sizable bonus often up to an extra third

of their salary now this bumps up their

earnings to a huge amount now the

minimum qualification you will need to

be a broker is usually a college degree

then a wealth management qualification

we all remember the tale of the wolf of

Wall Street now he's a broker it's like

a very fast-paced life that can earn you


whole load of cash and fabulousness and

people just I guess taking off their

clothes but at the same time some people

find it very stressful and they just

don't want to do it so in at number 5 we

have airline pilots so high flying jobs

call for high flying money airline

pilots across the board earn an average

of a hundred and sixty-five thousand

dollars so that's one hundred and

thirteen thousand pounds many airline

pilots were bigger and much more luxury

brands and even more now to be a pilot

you'll need a high school qualification

then you need to undertake an intensive

flying school program before you get a

flying license now before you can get

the flying license you need 250 hours of

personal flight time in addition to 1500

hours of flight time on a public air

liner obviously there are lots of risks

involved with flying a plane so we need

to go through rigorous tests and

security tests all kinds of training and

you'll also need to learn English so

there you go

in that number four we have obstetrician

and gynaecologist now these are special

doctors that deal with lady parts and

childbirth these specialized doctors can

earn a whopping three hundred thousand

US dollars a year with the average yes

the average salary being over two

hundred thousand dollars now this job is

a little less well paid in the UK due to

the NHS however many private midwives

and gynecologists do earn megabucks

now becoming a OBGYN as its shortened to

requires around 15 years of education

and practical experience the first eight

years or so a general medical training

then the doctors were specialized during

residency programs after they graduate

from medical school keeping it medical

related at number three we have surgeons

so surgeons make mega bucks the average

surgeons salary is over two hundred and

forty thousand dollars with

neurosurgeons earning around three

hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars

on average this is insane now in the UK

the earning potential for a surgeon is

dramatically less or there is still a

rather handsome average of one hundred

thousand pounds for senior surgeons so

obviously being a surgeon means having

life and death in your physical hands

not to save life successfully you need

some serious training as well as a

strong stomach because ability to deal

with blood is pretty much number one on

the job description now

meaning will include around 4 years of

undergraduate study 4 years of medical

school leading to a Doctor of Medicine

degree then 3 to 8 years of surgical

residency in a hospital so ultimately

that's almost 16 years of study however

the time investment will certainly pay

dividends in earning potential close but

no cigar at number 2 we have underneath

artists so underneath artists is a

person who works in the development and

delivery of anesthetics so when you're

gonna be put on different operation the

Anita test will do this on average they

earn a whopping great salary of $300,000

annually that's an average that's insane

and they can earn over half a million

dollars with experience now this is

crazy to be an anesthetist you need a

degree in physics biology chemistry or

like maths or something you would then

complete medical school for four years

followed by four years of training and

specializing then you would go on to do

a one-year internship and then a three

year and Methodist residency program so

that's around 15 years of study quite

the commitment but the megabucks

okay guys so we have reached that all

important moment in our top 10 highest

paid jobs in the world but I'm going to

reveal the number one spot now some of

you guys may be wondering where youtuber

actor actress and sports person are and

then not on the list because very few

people actually make successful careers

out of these things well they obviously

it is possible and the lucky few do make

a lot of money so getting back to the

number one job which you could feasibly

do and get paid a heck load of money

it is CEO of a digital company so the

average salary across the whole world

for a CEO is just $150,000 just not bear

with me because these figures actually

rise very quickly now on top of that

your average CEO will get a bonus of up

to $100,000 a year then a profit share

of up to $100,000 then often Commission

of around $30,000 on top of that so

already we're well over $300,000 a year

now the reason why CEO is number one is

because not only is the average salary

high the earning potential is phenomenal

the top 100 CEOs out there in America

make an average of nine million dollars

a year now in 2012 the highest-paid sea

was the u.s. Lawrence J Allison of

Oracle who made ninety six point two

million dollars oh my god so there we go

guys some crazy money out there two

things to say about this really

unfortunately the proportion of jobs

listed above occupied by women is

alarmingly low and number two honestly

it really doesn't matter what you do and

how much money you make as long as

you're happy and you're happy with what

you do so there we go I'm Rebecca

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