How To ALWAYS Find A Parking Spot In New York City + 15% Off!

by showing you how to get a parking


now if you've ever driven to New York

City or any major US city for that

matter you know what a pain in the ass

it can be to find parking in New York

City you can pretty much forget about

parking on the street you're gonna need

to find a garage and it's very difficult

to do once you're in the city most of

them are valet and it's hard to figure

out where the garage is when there's so

much traffic and pedestrians going on

around you so in a recent road trip to

New York City I wanted to get around

this problem that's when I came across

spot here oh now this isn't an

advertisement although it's gonna sound

like one because it's almost too good to

be true

spot hero is a free app that works

pretty much like you would design an app

if you wanted to find a parking space in

New York City you download the app you

search for the places you want to park

set the times you make a reservation and

that's pretty much it it really does

work extremely well I'm sure they add

their own fees on top of it but I was

able to find a great spot in New York

City right near Times Square for around

$30 and it was self-park so it wasn't

valet so you didn't have to worry about

getting your car scratched or anything

like that or tipping or any of those

extra added things that you might not

really be aware of especially if you're

foreign in New York City and you've not

been there you don't know how the

tipping works spot hero is a really

really easy way to get a parking space

in New York City and it works in a lot

of major cities around the United States

inside the app you have a couple of

filters that you can use to set your

preferences like if you don't want to

use valet parking and you want self

parking if you want a covered garage or

an outdoor garage and you can also

expand the map in zoom in or zoom out

and get an idea of how far you're gonna

be walking to the place that you're

actually going to be visiting so let's

say you're going to Times Square it'll

tell you that you're half a mile away or

you're a couple blocks away or a mile

away and obviously it'll show you the

prices as well so it really depends if

the weather is nice in Europe for a walk

you might be able to save a little bit

of money on parking you set the times in

the app and when you show up to the

parking space you're just going to show

the attendant the reservation on your


and you're good to go that's pretty much

it there's nothing beyond that

a few cool features about this app is so

when I was pricing out different parking

around New York City I decided to change

my mind and go from one garage to

another garage and I was able to cancel

without any additional fees or any kind

of penalties so if you find a better

parking space you can reserve that one

and then cancel the other parking space

without any additional fees or penalties

pretty nice which is why I say it's kind

of too good to be true you can also

extend the time you want to stay so

let's say you're going to New York City

or San Francisco and you want to extend

the parking time you can do that you

just need to be sure to check in the

details to make sure the garage is open

when you want to take the car out so

let's say you're staying past midnight

till 2:00 a.m. you might be able to

leave your car there by extending the

time but not be able to drive out until

6:00 in the morning when the garage

opens up again that's something you're

gonna want to check in the details

another nice thing about the details is

you can see pictures of the parking

garage into details so you have an idea

of what it looks like so you know what

to look for when you drive into a city

you can get an idea of what the garage

itself is like is it brightly lit how

big are the spaces and so on which is

also a really great feature and there's

a small review section you can read some

reviews about the particular garage

especially if you're using valet but

they're not very helpful they're not a

lot of comments in there there's also an

additional detail section which I think

you should always take a look at because

some of the parking directions are going

to be very specific in the garage

I chose near Times Square which was pure

83 had specific directions to get to the

garage that Google Maps didn't quite

pick up on it caused me to make a couple

of u-turns that I didn't have to make

had I just followed the instructions on

the details so that's also something to

keep in mind and really there don't seem

to be any caches to it all it seems like

the garages are just competing against

each other and as long as they're in the

app and that competition seems to keep

the prices in check so for parking

inside the United States across these

major US cities spot hero is a really

good option to try like I said this

isn't an ad it's just an app that I

found very very useful I found it very

straightforward a few other things that

I really like about the app is that you

don't have to create a profile or a user

name once you download it it's ready to

go now you can create a user name if you

and you can give your friends $7 off and

that will give you $7 back and I've also

got a coupon for 15% off if you use the

code welcome 15 on your first

reservation that's linked in the

comments below

so there are some advantages to creating

a user profile on spot hero but if you

don't want to you don't have to so it's

pretty much ready to go you'll find your

parking space put in your name credit

card number and then once you show up

show the attendant your reservation and

you're good to go from there so I hope

you found this video useful especially

if you're driving to New York City let

me recommend that you don't try to wing

it with the parking you want to get your

parking sorted in advance and like with

most reservations the earlier you do it

the more choices you're gonna have so

don't slack and wait until the last

minute although I did book about two or

three days before and then I changed my

reservation the day before in New York

City and I was still able to find a

really good spot thanks for watching and

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