The Best Oxford Cotton Button Down Shirts (OCBDs) | Casual Shirt Roundup

hey gents today we're talking about the

venerable oxford cotton button down

shirt or ocbd if i interchange between

those two words so you know

and we're going to talk about them from

brands that could range down to

20 up to the multi hundred dollar shirts

but if there is one shirt that needs to

be in your wardrobe it is the oxford

cotton button down

for many different reasons is a shirt

that can look good on anybody whether

you are big or small

or short or tall it is also one of those

shirts that has been around

forever it's a classic but also looks

just as modern today

depending on the fit and that's what i

want to talk about as we dive in here so

i do want to talk a little bit about the


of the oxford cotton button down and

then i'm going to run down the brands

in the roundup style where i'm going to

cover the wide range of prices that are

out there and tell you what to look for

as you are shopping

for one of these shirts brooks brothers

is the company that brought the oxford

cotton button down to the world

in 1896 at a time when shirts

had removable collars they were

extremely stiff and brooks brothers

brought this

to polo players whose collars used to

flap up in the wind

and that's why this button is right here

to keep it buttoned down so the shirts

were really made for sport they were

also a much more casual

but as the popularity grew especially in

the 60s with the

preppy ivy league looks and now it is

just a staple in modern wardrobes and


as we move into more business casual and

smart casual looks

the oscar cotton button down looks

better than ever when building your

shirt collection it is absolutely worth

having at least one if not

three shirts in your collection that's

going to be a light blue is probably the

one that i would start with

and then a white and then a pink is a

really easy one to go with that's like

the holy trinity

of oxford cotton button-down shirts and

what makes the ocbd

so adaptable and ralph lauren is a great

example of this

is that it can be used in so many

different colors but then on top of that

it can be worn from totally casual just

untucked button down even

short sleeve shirt up to a completely

formal look sands buttons

and you can have a nice point collar on

there so you can have it go from the

most casual looks

to pretty formal looks pretty easily as

part of the

oxford cloth the button is what you

usually would break from as you go into

the most formal

shirts but even then i think an oxford

cotton button down with a nice tie

looks really good maybe just not with a

tuxedo here's what you want to look for

as you are shopping for oxford cotton

button downs

you want to find something that is at

least a medium or a heavier weight

oxford cotton button down

the best part about these shirts is that

they get better with each wash they're

kind of like denim in that way

the more you wash them the softer they

get and they just feel more comfortable

and kind of break in

what i find from a lot of fast fashion

brands whether that's

top man or h m or or some of the like

low end shirts that you find

for twenty dollars is that the cloth

isn't substantial enough to withstand

multiple washes

that's really what you want and to me

that's what it's all about is having a

shirt that looks good now

can wash really easily and then continue

wearing beyond that unfortunately there

is no standard way to say like a garment

weight or it's not really publicized on

a lot of these websites

so it's really more about the fabric

feel but a really good indicator is the


what i've found across the board here is

that you're probably going to get a good

one for about

60 now you can find brooks brothers ones

marked down to 50

same thing with ralph lauren that's

really a sweet spot for where you're

going to find a shirt that has

a nice enough fabric that's going to be

substantial last long and look good so

now you're ready to buy an oxford cotton

button down where do you go from there

well there's a few categories to start

with there's really the starter brands

that i'm going to mention

then there's what i would consider like

the value so shirts that are a little

bit more expensive but

they use a really nice fabric and they

also have really good fit options

then i want to run down some custom

options for you because there's a ton of

custom options that are

not much more than those value brands so

you're looking

just around 100 maybe a little bit less

and then i want to talk about some of

the more formal some of the really nice


and each of the brands especially in the

custom space will offer

you know a casual roll button-down

collar as well as a formal one

so it's really about doing a little bit

of shopping here and i'm also putting

these in order

by category by my recommendations i'm

going to give you a list

of a couple of them to look for in each

category and my top recommendation is

the first one that i mentioned

as i go down the list as you're looking

to shop for new clothes we'll begin with


starter groups if you want a great

oxford cotton button-down shirt price is

your biggest component

let's start with spear and mckay spirit

mckay makes some amazing clothes

whether it's their suits but their oscar

cotton button downs are some of the best

value out there

bar none they also have a great fit i've

had this one for a couple of years and i

think it's one of the best places to

start the next one is a really easy one

it's uniqlo

especially if you're a smaller shorter

guy they have really nice slim fits

and their prices are excellent and then

i would start with land's end lands end

especially when they're discounting they

have some really nice cloth and i also

have a ton of available styles

lands end uh is one that i have slept on

for too long

so i check out lanzand brooks brothers

you can definitely find a lot of deals

on but depending on which line you're

shopping whether it's like the red


or their main line they're one of those

traditional retailers that i find can be

hit or miss

these past few years but just given the

heritage of the brand itself i wanted to

put this in one of the top recommended

and then kamakura shirt makers

this is a lesser-known brand i think

it's more known in like the reddit

groups that i'm in

as far as being like a really cool niche

brand but i have a couple of their


and these are also really nice slim

fitting ones so if you're a smaller guy

looking for a great slim fit and a great

deal then kamakura shirt maker is a good


now for value this is kind of the middle

market of the dress shirts

and part of this is that these brands

end up discounting a lot so even though

you know ralph lauren has a 89 or 98

ticket price you end up finding them for

cheaper and ralph lauren

as well as brooks brothers are also two

of the brands that you can really get

away with having a logo on the shirt

i would avoid that for most of the other

ones everlane at 62.00 in their uniform

makes one of the best oxford cotton

button downs out there especially for

the price

the one that i've had i've had for

several years watched it many times

and i think it's just a great value

overall this one here is from

mac weldon mac weldon actually

integrates 37.5 technology into the


which helps with odor control and

temperature control and this is one

where i've washed it a couple of times

and i find myself just wearing it a lot

as a very comfortable shirt on the daily

and i like it so much that it's the

shirt that i'm wearing for this video

now this is the mac welding shirt

then the other places bonobos especially

if you're looking in this price point


multiple fit options whether it's trim

fit slim fit

standard fit bonobos always has you

covered on there and then the last

couple to always check out is gap j

crew banana republic they run so many

sales and you can end up getting the

shirts for a really good deal and i find

that they're nice enough that

you know if you're just trying to get

like a 50 or 60 shirt then you're gonna

be covered

now for the custom group and this one's

interesting because you know you can

pick basically any color or cloth

on a lot of these ones and i'm also

again i'm putting these in recommended

based on you know priority

to me one of the best shirt makers for

this especially in the custom space

and it hits kind of like it's like a two

bird one stone thing right it's ratio

ratio shirts

mixer shirts in the usa and the oxford

cotton button down that i have from them

is one of the most substantial

nicest oscar cotton button downs that i

own that said

it's over 100 it's about 135 back when i

ordered it

and so you are gonna be paying a little

bit more and on top of that they're able

to do it without

having you take measurements so you can

put in your height weight your body type

and they have a smart size for you so

that you can then get the shirt without

having to measure it

and to me those three things make it

worth one of the best customs out there

the next one's gonna be todd shelton

todd shelton has a really cool system

for getting your fit down they have a

fit kit that you can order try it on get

the right size

and these are also made in the usa

another one that's a little bit higher


but a really beautiful high quality

cloth and the shirts aren't actually

made to measure but they're custom

because you can customize the fit size

and a few details on the shirt as well

next you have woodies woody's has a

couple of oxford cloth

shirts in their collection and this is

another one where they have a fit


it is custom made you can customize

parts of the shirt but you also don't

have to do measurements

and they will make sure you get the

right fit on the shirt over time

and so woody's is one of always my

highest recommendations for getting

started with custom clothing

and then there's proper cloth proper

cloth slightly higher priced in woodies


a little bit wider a fabric selection on

there and based on

your feedback one of the most consistent

custom shirt companies

that are out there next is deo veritas

deo veritas

has you covered in a wide range of

prices and styles and a ton of custom

options they also have

a cue sizing algorithm and so the key

here with the custom shirts is yes

there's a few

really nice ones that are made in the

usa the other ones to look out for are

the companies that you can put in your

measurements but you don't have to

because i know it can be a little bit

daunting as you're starting the maid to

measure space

next you have a pasta this is an italian

company and they do have just a ton of

fabric options a ton of custom options

and then alton lane the problem with

alton lane is that you cannot order

unless you go into their showroom and

get measured at least the last time that

i checked

you had to have a fit profile and then

you can order online otherwise

you had to like call somebody on the

phone and go through the measurement

process or go into one of their

showrooms but alton lane is another good

one where you can probably get a really


cotton button-down shirt and finally the

dress category so if you do want

a really nice oxford cotton button-down

shirt and you need it to be a little bit

more formal

these companies will have you covered

some of them are also custom you can

adjust the

things in there but i think this is just

a nice category to go look into

leadberry always one of my top

recommendations for amazing dress shirts

they have some really nice formal looks

in there

that's really their brand right it's

really high-end formal

nice-looking stuff j press is a good

example where it is a formal higher-end

look and a higher end price but if

that's what you're looking for

some of the best of the best stuff out

there you definitely want to take a look

at j

press similarly you have gitmin which is

another high-end one but they do have

some really nice formal shirts and then

oliver wicks this is a custom shirt

maker but they have some really high

quality like tessa tora monty

oxford cotton shirts my custom oxford

cotton shirts come from them and i

absolutely love them and last but

certainly not least i just did a video

on eaten shirts eaten has

some incredible fabrics and they also

have really nice options

if you like the color or one of the

shirts that they have you can customize

the fit but then they also have your

sleeve lengthening sleeve shortening

so you can basically get a custom shirt

from them but also their thing is just

very high-end very beautiful looking

shirts so you're gonna get a really nice

one coming from

eaton shirts there you have it gents a

rundown of the oxford cotton button-down

shirts or

ocbd so if you run into that term online

or if you're looking

to really expand or have those staples

in your shirt collection

that is where the oxford cotton button

down comes into place let me know if

there's companies that i missed if you

look at that original dress shirt video

that i did i was really talking about

the way the shirts fit

me and i'm trying to be more conscious

of the way that the shirts can fit

everybody because not everybody's built

like me and so i'm trying to evolve the

roundup format and your feedback is


super appreciated as i do that and as i

continue to put out

more videos like this as always my dms

are open so if you have any questions

i'd love to answer them over there but

of course i'll get to every comment that

i can

down below as well hope you guys are

staying safe and healthy right now this

is shot during the quarantine but i'm

trying not to let that

stop me here and give you a sense of

normalcy because the world will continue

and we will get through this this too

shall pass stay safe out there guys

until next time gents this is the