Outdoor Wood Boiler | Electric Bill Comparison | Summer vs Winter


hey everybody welcome back to the Moore

family farm today we're gonna be doing a

electric bill comparison before and

after we got our heat more wood boiler

installed so the bill the highest

electric bill we had was two hundred and

forty dollars and that was in November

right before we got the furnace

installed the wood furnace installed so

I've been planning on making this video

for a while and I put that bill

somewhere safe and it's still there

somewhere safe but I forgot where it's


so what I have here is I have two bills

from from summer and then I have our

most recent one for January so so this

is our bill from July I think yeah this

is our bill from July it's a hundred and

ninety three dollars this one is from

August and it's a hundred and ninety six

dollars so pretty pretty similar there

this is our latest one from January

January 23rd when it's due so this

covers from December the middle of

December to the middle of January it's a

hundred and seventy seven dollars so our

our bill dropped twenty dollars between

summertime and in winter time

so I have talked to several people with

that are heating similar square footage

with electric heat which is what we have

as a backup and there are electric bills

this year have been anywhere between

four and five hundred dollars and that's

you know that's what's similar similar

square feet so I don't know how much it

would cost us exactly if we just ran

electric heat all the time I know in

November we had a little cold snap there

and we had to run the electric heat for

a little while and it jumped our bill up

about 40 bucks so and that was just a

couple weeks there that we had to run

the electric heat maybe not even two

weeks so you know our electric bill is

down to 177 at the coldest part of the

year so I definitely am impressed with

with our wood boiler it heats our hot

water and it also heats our house so we

get we get to to benefits there but the

the wood boilers are expensive but you

know if you're paying four and five

hundred dollars to heat your house every

month that adds up pretty quick but

anyway so that's kind of that's an

electric bill comparison for us here but

I'm learning about a quarter month right

now so roughly a little less than a

third of a cord a week so I'm pretty I'm

pretty impressed with with how efficient

it is and now we have access to lots of

firewood so it works out to be a pretty

good pretty good deal but anyway I'm

going to show you guys these electric

bills so you can see I'm not making

these numbers up yeah hopefully this

helps yeah before I before I raise you

up there look at this see my wife's not

here to make fun of me so I can show you

these cool tricks because I showed her

the other day and

she she just made fun of me she says you

can do that all the time but I've never

seen it pretty cool so there you see

right here this is July 193 August 196

and then January

it's 177 so definitely saving some money

there well guys if you're considering

getting a outdoor wood boiler I hope

this helps you I think it's worth it you

know for your electric bill to go down

in the winter time is kind of a strange

phenomenon but we're happy with ours we

got to eat more we went with the heat

more that's what my father-in-law has

I've been around them and I I like them

so that's what we went with but yeah

there's there's lots of them out there I

hope this helps you guys we'll see on

the next one