How To Set Up A FREE Online Shopping Cart In Under 10 Minutes

hey there what's up this is Paul Murphy

so in this video I'm gonna give you a

full demo and tutorial a to said

walkthrough of a group sale and I'm

actually going to show you how you can

set up a shopping cart on to use on any

single website on the planet in under 10

minutes that's my challenge anyway we

might go a bit over but I'm gonna try my

best so you can and I'm actually gonna

set it up to take multiple payments so

for instance if you're taking a payment

for an online course you might have one

payment of nine eleven seven three

payments of three nine seven so I'm

actually gonna set this up so that you

can use this for any product you can

take like free payments you take a full

payment you can take various types of

payments so we're gonna set the time in

a sec but the first thing you want to do

if you want to go and set this up is

head over to groove sell you'll be able

to see that it's completely free there

is a video here you can watch twenty

five minutes long and they explain why

they're giving it away during the kovat

19 crisis they're giving it away

completely free but it's lifetime access

as well and they're never going to

charge you a single penny and they

explain why here basically they want to

give back but obviously want to grow

their company and they want to show you

all this amazing software and if you

love the you know if you love the cart

software which you can get for free and

save yourself 99 or $199 a month you

might want to upgrade to some of these a

bit later so it's a very clever clever

business strategy so they make that very

clear that that's what they want to do

but there's no hard sell if you never

want to buy these products that's fine

you can have this for free for life okay

and save yourself like $600 with thrive

car or ninety nine dollars a month with

most of the other softwares that you get

so here we go we're gonna set the timer

so once you've got that obviously you

can sign up here get started you'll get

it free at the moment as of recording

this it's free okay and then you'll come

into this dashboard so what we're gonna

do is this is the dashboard we are

literally gonna set we're gonna have

that all set up in under ten minutes so

here we go are we ready steady go so the

first thing you want to do when you come

in here let me close that once otherwise

I'll get confused and first thing we

want to do is go over to groove sell so

we come over here and then we come up to

funnels on the left hand side so I'm

gonna go fairly quickly through this

because I'm challenging myself but

obviously I don't want to like make it

so that you can't understand all

along but obviously you guys can pause

and go back so this is the one that I

just showed you so we're going to do a

new product funnel okay and we're just

gonna call this test okay and we're

gonna call this test ten-minute so I

know which one it is and then I'm just

gonna give the description as the same

okay obviously you can name your product

whatever you want this is obviously

internal name and description so pretty

straightforward probably needs no

explanation right then what we're going

to do is we're going to come in here and

we're going to have to set it up right

so the first thing we want to do is we

want to we've got our choice of

front-end or upsell product so we're

going to choose front-end because

obviously this is a main product if we

create an upsell later on we can create

another product and call it upsell so we

can do that and the next one we want to

do is decide whether we want a one-time

fee or installments so the price point

name I'm going to call full ok and the

price description I'm going to call full

in fact I'm going to make it even better

I'm going to call it full payment and

then we're gonna call that full payment

if I can spell it right let's just copy

that because I can't I can't work fast

and then we want a new price point which

we're gonna call three pay or free

payments and we're gonna do that again

okay and then we're gonna do this one as

installments and we're just going to

give this I interval every month number

of installments three and we're going to

make this one 397 $397 okay and then so

we've now got free payments okay and

that one time is going to be 997 because

we're going to do it as though we're

selling a high ticket online course so

we've got three nine seven nine nine

seven one payment free payment done so

we can go save and next then we need to

add our gateway okay so if you want to

setup your gateway you can do that here

you can apply for a merchant account

with them they actually have a their


should account and it's pretty good it's

pretty good rights or you can add in

your own payment great way so I've got

stripe and test stripe now I'm going to

use test stripe for this one simply

because I am going to oh no I need to go

to payment gateways and then go credit

card and then add in test drive because

we're gonna do a fake payment now what

you can do here just to let you know is

you can have in lots of different

gateways so if you've got stripe PayPal a few others you can

actually put this in there what this

stands for is percentage so if you

wanted to mitigate it across different

ones so you've got a big launch coming

up and you don't want a hundred thousand

or two hundred thousand dollars going

straight into one account and it get

them frozen because quite often that

happens you can mitigate it across

different gateways pretty cool huh

so but we want a hundred percent on this

and then you got a one called pay PayPal

mitigation as well coming up soon so

that's all we need to do for that and

then we go saver next and then we're

gonna go contents now for this obviously

it's asking for a sales price because we

wants to know where we're going to send

the traffic from and what and the reason

it wants to know that is because it's

going to give us a bit of code that we

can go and put on this page so that it

all tracks everything lovely so

obviously we're gonna put in a sales

page so wherever you're sending your

traffic from you just drop that in so

I've already got this one set up so I'm

just going to choose that one and then

you just drop that in there okay and

then let's try that again copy okay and

then the Thank You page we want our

thank-you page so this is where we're

gonna send them after they've made the

payment so let them know because and

then the Thank You page URL is the same

for both and the sales page is the same

for both okay so we've got that we've

got that okay so this should work there

we go so at the moment you can use their

own checkout page the one I showed you

here like this okay they are going to

have a pop up on your own site you'll be

able to embed it on your own page and

your own custom domain and when they

release all this is all going to be

completely free okay so you can go

through some of these as well like you

can have cart abandonment

there's all sorts of like funky stuff

you can do on this some of these are

coming a bit later but for now we're

just gonna go saver next okay and then

that the order bumps not already as of

recording this but that's coming very

soon so we're gonna go saver next okay

and then we want to make sure that our

thank-you page is the same for both okay

because the fact is is that this Thank

You page is the same but if we were

accessing different products we could

obviously choose different pages this is

pretty cool and obviously if we wanted

to put some tracking codes on these

Thank You pages or when we send people

to them we can do because we can

obviously make sure that if we've got

any of our own track in we know what's

going on but at the moment we're just

doing this so we're gonna go saver next

okay and in terms of fulfillment at the

moment we can have no access page we

could have a downloadable file or

integrated membership again this is all

coming later on but to be honest we're

going to just send them to our own

thank-you page because we're taking the

payment for something that's not related

to groove sale at all so we just put now

access page so we just make sure we do

that the same and then but if we did

want to and we wanted to integrate it

with anything else then you would be

able to do that up here that's that done

and then the next one we want to know

whether we're going to activate an

affiliate program now I'll just quickly

show you this because you can okay what

you can actually do is you can decide

that anybody that sends traffic in here

is going to get 40% and there maybe if

they refer you to somebody else you're

going to give them another 10% as a JV

right so I'm actually going to not do

that for this because it's not what it's

not needed but I just wanted to show you

it so you can see and you can also do

that for the three payments as well and

we can do Commission overrides for like

our top affiliates and things like that

okay we can create custom landing pages

as well so here you can see we can add a

custom landing page if we want to

specifically for our affiliates and all

sorts of information here but for now

we're not actually going to activate an

affiliate program because we're just

taking a payment and then we go saver

next and there we have it and what we

would do is we would then copy this code

and put it on our sales page and by

doing that in you know it knows where

all the traffic's coming from and

everything is going to be seeing this

and it'll be able to track

your affiliates as well it's not

essential for you to do this actually if

you haven't got affiliates because

technically speaking we're just sending

them to checkout so that's it we are now

done that is how quick and easy it is so

all we need to do is make it live so

I'll just open hang on we'll go back

again so what we need to do now is to

make it live so we're gonna go to here

no I've got to remember how to do this

right so we need to make this live I

just there it is okay so it's Indra you

can see here it's in draft mode now I

was trying to go in and edit it from the

wrong thing so it's just sending me back

in so this has eaten into a bit of our

time but I'm still feeling confident so

all we need to do here is go and make it

live so we're gonna go make it live okay

and then we're gonna have to give it a

name so we're gonna call this testy

testy testy testy okay I'm just going to

give it something because I'm gonna

delete it so we're making funnel live

and now all we need to do that's now

live we now need to manage the product

we go to that we grab the cart and we

just want to make sure we set the carp

now what we can do with this car is we

can do a single price check out so we

can decide which price point we want or

we can have the price points all of them

on the checkout which is what we've

decided we're going to do so you can

have a two-step you can have two step

where you take the details and then give

them the payment details but for this

because we're doing it all on one

checkout we're gonna do one step

multiple price checkout and then we're

gonna choose obviously which steps we

want but we're having multiple so we're

going to have them all generate link and

we now have a complete shopping car and

the time is look at that nine minutes

and 16 seconds with out with with a

mess-up and I'm just gonna show you the

actual checkout so you can see that

that's what exactly what we did

and you'll see we now have test ten

minutes this is the product we just

created and this is gonna do and what

we're gonna do here I will pause it

because I'm just gonna fill this out I'm

just going to fill out some fake details

so that we can take a fake pieman

because this is actually a test stripe

account and I'll show you that this will


send us to the this will actually take

the plane minute and I'll show you when

the payment comes through as well in my

email it will actually confirm on an

email so I'm just going to pause this

here we have mr. Joe Bloggs from Joe

Bloggs company and his numbers 1 2 3 4 5

6 7 8 9 and he lives in London and he's

ready to make a payment so we're gonna

do a full payment here and we're gonna

we've put in our test stripe number and

all we do is put a date in the future

and this will go through it's obviously

not a real payment but I want to show

you in my email that this is actually

going to confirm if this confirms if it

denies obviously it won't send me an

email so you can see this is connected

to my stripe and I've actually used a

completely free payment gateway pretty

cool huh so here we go complete purchase

that will they'll go to that Thank You

page once that's kind of decided whether

the payments accepted the payments been

accepted that has now gone to the

payment page and we're gonna check our

email okay so we're going to there we go

you've made a sale and as you can see

right here we have a payment from Joe

Bloggs of 97 so that's basically telling

us that that is a successful payment

obviously it's a fake one because it's a

stripe a test stripe account but

according to group sale this is a

successful payment because stripe has

agreed it because stripe it knows it's a

test account so that is how you can go

and set up a shopping cart to use on

your e-commerce websites on your like if

you want to sell an online course on

your websites if you just want to sell

some products types and payments you can

do this for free for life all you need

to do is go back over to this page here

if I can find it I've lost it so I'll

put the link up on the screen it's trip

funnels com forward slash group sale

sign up right now and get a lifetime

free account they're never going to

charge you a penny and they will do a

bit later and they will be adding in

costs but because you're grandfathered

in now you'll never pay for any upgrades

so go and grab this and I'll see you

guys on the next video