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(upbeat music)


- Go big or go home, right?

- I literally get hives every time you say that.

- It's not a dream, it's reality.

- This is a special chicken, this is a magical chicken.

- Come on.


- We're bringing back the Glee club.

- You two have just entered Thunder dome.

You will beg for death.

- Here, get out of the booth, take all your clothes off

and fold yourself twelve times.

- You got it.

- Six folds huh?

What do you guys got me in a series 9000?

You cheap insect (beep) didn't think

I was worth your best equipment?

(glass breaks)

- Jesus!

- Not quite.

- This is not who you are.

- I'm the devil.

- Friends, family, dog.

- I just wanna be married again.

- And I just want a million dollars.

- So how much do you think I can get for my kidney?

- What are you doing here?

I thought tonight was your big anniversary dinner.

- Yeah a little change of plans.

We're gonna break up instead.

- If you're watching this then I'm not around anymore

but don't spiral, don't obsess, keep going.

I thought I'd leave you a little guide

to life without me.

You're lovely but you're absolutely useless.

You know how grumpy you get when things don't go your way.

But you got such a good heart, you're born like it.

You just decent.

- It's just gone.

Everything we said, everything we did.

I feel like I've been erased.

- Let's not over complicate matters unnecessarily.

- My name is Elizabeth.

- Long live Queen Elizabeth.

- Be firm, just lay down the law.

I know he's Winston Churchill and all that

but remember who you are, you're the queen of England.

- The crown must always win.

- It's okay mom it's okay the bullets can't get through

the armor griding

Mom I need to get you to safety.

Mom this is what I do, trust me.

- We're not kids anymore.

I mean what did you think?

We're just gonna sit in my basement all day,

play games for the rest of our lives?

- It is important to me that you feel safe,

like this can still be your home.

- What do we do when we reach

the place where we don't know what to do?

- We're gonna get each other through this.

- Don't focus on what you can't fix.

Focus on what you can.

- What is it you really want?

- Ice cream.

And Justice.

- Is my mom here?

- It's just us.

You and us.

- Guilty.

- I can't believe it's like this.

- Whatever way they ever do us.

- You wanna cook Crystal meth?

You know the business - And I know the chemistry.

- Let's start with some tough love.

You two suck at pedaling meth.

- Secretary you need to put the phone down.

- Mike, what the hell's going on?

- I said put the phone down!

- Capital's been attacked.

- Sir you are now the president of the United States.

- Maybe you wanna calm down before you go in there.

- I'm calm

I am tired of you people always telling me

my hands are tied.

- You feel you need to kill somebody.

- You don't get to make that call.

- I've been making that call since you know me.

- Everything I've lost is because of you.

My home, my family, my life.

- You are a good kid.

You got manipulated by a mobster.

- But you do not deserve to be framed for murder.

- We'll be going behind enemy lines,

outnumbered, open to attack from all directions

and risking another gang war.

- It's unclear what exactly caused the events

Maybe we can save them.

- Did I bend this war between us?

- We are out of our league.

- We don't get to decide who lives and who dies.

- We're getting out and everyone of you

is crucial to that plan.

When those lights go black,

we're gonna disappear from this place light ghosts.

- Hey there, I'm Ashley two, what's your name?

- Everywhere you look!

- And there's more.

Ashley eternal is dreamable.

- I'm not ready to be Saarc.

- You were born for this.

Trust yourself, God chose you.

Divine bloody right.

- Wildlife still flourishes in astonishing numbers

in a few precious places.

We'll explore the planet's most important habitats

and celebrate the life they still support.

- You'll spoil it.