The Best & Worst Oil Filter -13 Oil Filters Compared In Head-2-Head Challenge - Fram, Mobil 1, Wix

just as a disclaimer to ease some of

your mind this is not a sponsored video

not one of these brands contacted me

paint me or even know that I'm making

this video I bought all the filters

myself some came out from my car's the

other I bought now let's get started

here's the video that you've all been

waiting for

I'm gonna do a oil filter comparison

ranging from the least expensive

conventional oil filter up into the most

expensive fully synthetic oil filter

that I could find right here I have 14

oil futures in front of me 13 are in

canister this one is just a filler elf

element itself the canister is in the

car we're going to talk about the anti

drain valve the bypass valve the filler

element the end caps the thickness of

the chemistry I'm going to cut them open


I'm going to I have two L features that

I have used so I'm gonna take my drill

drill pilot holes in the bottom drain

out all the oil and flush the water

flush it out with water thoroughly so

sit back and enjoy cuz we're gonna see

who's the best how they're made and no

particular order I'll give you the names

and the brands of the oil filters I've

used and right here we have oil filters

called super tech we have a Fram tough

guard Fram ultra synthetic motor craft

Mopar Canyon ACDelco professional Fram

ultra synthetic Mobil 1 extended

performance wicks XP we have a Bosch STP

extended life

STP oil filter

then this is also an XT P extended oil


I'm all ready to go I got my angle

grinder I've got my bike setup my safety

equipment is going to consist of a

respirator here protection gloves my

goggles and an apron I'm also going to

move my lab over because I don't want

sparks flying and hitting it don't worry

about going to show the entire process

of me cutting all of it and it takes you

long but I will show a few clips


you know using the angle grinder to me

it's a little cool but it can be a

little dangerous and I understand if you

don't want to use one they actually have

a tool that is designed to cut open oil

futures you just go around and I

actually show a picture you just go

around and it just cuts off the lid I

mean the cover plate and it's fast easy

but to me that's a little cooler yeah

now I have my own open I'm going to

bring one to the camera so we can

actually see the entire process of and

over I'm gonna use the canned nanotube

because it has one unique feature that

the other filters don't have at the

bottom of the can in you have a nut and

this will help you take the filter off

if you have it on too tight

Plus on the bottom others nut it has two

holes on either side and that just

allows for better securing if you're in

racing applications other than that this

filter is going to pretty much mimic all

the other filters on all your filters at

the top you're going to have a gasket or

seal that sits on top of your base plate

then you have the holes these perforated

holes this is what allows the oil to

flow into the filter and in the center

you have a threaded hole removing the

base plate you can see you come to the

anti drain valve this particular one is

silicon but they offer they also offer

rubber silicone is better because it's

going to last longer and stay more

pliable over the the life of the oil

filter then moving further down you come

across the end caps you have end cap at

the top you have an end cap at the

bottom and in the middle you're going to

have your filter element within the

filter element you can see there's a

central tube and this particular one is

also made out of steel and it's

perforated then in the bottom of the

canister you're going to have a spring

either going to have a steel spring or a

coil spring this particular one is a

steel spring and as you can see it has

the bypass valve built into the spring

some oil filters will have the bypass

valve built into the bottom of the in

cap this particular one has it built

into the spring so here's a recap you

have your gasket or seal your base plate

oil flows through the holes passes by

your anti drain valve you come across

the top end cap the filter media the

bottom end cap inside is going to be a

spring and if your particular filter has

a bypass valve it will either be in the

bottom of the end cap or in the spring

here are a few differences for an oil

filter that is for conventional oil and

an oil filter that is made for synthetic

oil for starters the anti drain valve on

a conventional oil filter is going to be

made out of rubber and that just doesn't

last as long as a silicone oil filter

then your media filters are going to be

a difference as well on your synthetic

it might be a blend of ultra synthetic

fibers it's going to be thicker and it's

going to filter longer and higher and

have a higher capacity to filter or on a

conventional oil filter it's not going

to be made to last as long as far as the

end caps go I've seen what you will see

that some synthetic oil filters and some

oil filters for conventional oil they

flip-flop so that's not a major

difference now let me show you one of

the benefits of a silicone anti drain

valve right here is an oil filter that

came off my daughter's car this

particular filter went 3,000 miles and

as you can see the anti drain valve is

it's not really snapping back to shape

it's not really snapping back to shape

it's taking this time it's kind of

holding the new form which that is fine

because it lasted three

miles like what it's designed to do now

on the conventional I'm sorry on the

synthetic filter this one lasted six to

eight thousand miles and as you see the

anti drain valve is very flexible still

so when the oil passes through when the

oil passes through is going to snap back

into place therefore this is going to

last a lot longer and protect from the

oil flowing back in unfiltered there's a

bird's-eye view of what we're looking at

all of them are laid out in the same way

you have your base plate your anti drain

valve then your filter element with the

end caps then your Springs and then the

cannister themselves and it's pretty

interesting to see how different

manufacturers design their oil filters

I'm going to break up the two filters

into two categories over here right here

these are all your conventional oil

filters and then these are all the

synthetic the conventional oil filters

use a rubber anti drain valve they use a

silicon anti drain valve I don't think

it's fair to compare the two so I'm just

going to start with the conventional

first all of the conventional oil

filters have a heavy-duty base plate and

they're all going to have your rubber

anti drain valve on the super tech you

have a metal end cap metal end caps on

both sides and it comes with a coil

spring on the mopar you have metal end

caps as well and it also comes with a

coil spring on the bosch you have again

metal end caps but it just has a steel

spring and this particular one has the

bypass valve into the bottom of the end

cap on the AC Delco you you actually

have cardboard in caps

and then you have your steel spring and

the bypass valve is actually in the

steel spring then on the STP you have

metal end caps and the bypass valve

again is built into the bottom of the

end cap and you just have a steel spring

as far as the thickness of the canisters

though I would say the super tech which

is the cheapest one and the Bosch fill

the thickest comparing all these I would

say that all of them seem like they're

gonna last this mopar does feel does

seem to have the thickest filter element

but other than that I think they're all

pretty comparable moving on to your

synthetic oil filters again all of them

have a heavy-duty base plate and they

all have your silicone anti drain valve

some of the anti drain valves as you see

go into the end caps where some of the

end caps go into the anti drain valve

starting with the ford motor craft you

have metal end caps a heavy-duty filter

of media you have a steel spring then on

the Fram tough guard you have cardboard

endcaps with a center steel tube and it

has a steel spring on the motor craft it

also has a center steel tube

actually all of these have Center steel

tubes the next is the Fran ultra

synthetic you have steel endcaps very

heavy-duty filter media and still spring

your canyon

you have steel endcaps heavy-duty filter


and a steel spring with the bypass valve

into the steel spring your fram ultra

synthetic this is a different distance

ramp so I have to frame Ultra synthetics

and this one is a little different you

have a your end caps are made out of

steel again heavy duty very heavy duty

thick filter media and your steel spring

has the bypass valve built into the

spring this particular one says they can

get up to 20,000 miles I think that's

the difference out of these two then

your mobile one and you just a camera

your mobile one has the end caps made

out of steel heavy duty synthetic filter

media and the steel spring just has a

steel spring on the wicks XP you have

steel endcaps heavy-duty filter media

the bypass valve is in the bottom of the

end cap then you have a coil spring and

the filter the anti drain valve goes

into the end cap on this particular one

and the last one is the STP extended

life again you have your steel endcaps

you have the anti I'm sorry you have the

bypass valve into the bottom of the end

cap and this one also has a coil spring

next I'm going to cut off all the filter

media the last oil filter went into a

BMW 5-series and this is an STP extended

life this particular one you don't get a

bypass valve you don't get an anti drain

valve and you don't get a canister the

canister is actually in the vehicle but

this one does have hard plastic end caps

and then just a synthetic blend media




personal I wish every manufacturer would

add this little rubber coating to the

bottom of the oil filters like Fram does

and/or put this little nut on like candy

I mean I really don't understand why

they all don't do it but enough of

ranting let's get to uh to comparison

I'm gonna start with the conventional

oil filters and I am just going to

stretch them out here is the super tank

here is the mold part is the Bosch

here's your AC Delco and here is the STP

filling all of the filters I would give

the box to add in the conventional ones

just on how sturdy the filter seems they

all seem to be made out of some form of

paper or cardboard this one just seems

to be the thickest paper or cardboard

now let's move over to the synthetic on

the Motorcraft stretching it out it has

a cardboard type of feel this is the

frown cup guard also has a cardboard

consistency this is the Fram ultrason

panic I'm get back to this here is

the can in again fill that cardboard

here's your other friend ultra synthetic

I'm get back to this one

here's your mobile one the mobile one

just feels like a higher premium

cardboard here is the wick I'm talking

about the wick again again throw like

cardboard and then over here you have

your FTP the SCP seems like to be a lot

but again just feel like from cardboard

and then the very last FTP this is the

one that has no canister again with FTP

you seem to get a lot but just fill that

card block now the three that I do want

to talk about is the to cram option

synthetic and the wick right here is the

Fram filter media and as you see this

chain mesh it has a tic-tac-toe type of

shape to it and on the other Fram this

particular mesh looks more like a

chain-link fence it goes in an angle on

the wicks it also has that chain link

fence type of look it goes in an angle

and as you see as I lift it off you can

see that it's pretty substantial these

three filters these three filter media

are very impressive and I can tell that

they could filter out more debris

looking at the filter media a little

closer the filters itself

they look like they're made out of

cotton and it's kind of hard to rip them

and all three of them seem to have a

cotton consistency versus the cardboard

a little more than the rest

I'm going to start with the conventional

oil filters and for the most part all of

them are built with a sinan steel tube

except the AC Delco so over the plastic

inner tube all the rest are pretty much

the same some had bypass valve and some

did it but sometimes your vehicle

doesn't will call for a bypass valve but

excluding that the Bosch the filter

element to me just seemed a little

better then the rest of them in the

standard oil filters but it all seemed

to be built pretty well now one over

here to your full synthetic cultures so

once this stood out to me for the two

frames Ultra synthetic these filters are

amazing I couldn't rip them out I

couldn't use my mind blade I had to get

my reciprocating saw to cut these

filters up the wick and the tooth

friends I couldn't get the good result

high quality coaches other than that all

the filters for the earth full synthetic

are made of well quality I personally

use mobile one because my car calls from

one and wick I have a Land Rover this

the only brand that will go on my

vehicle so sometimes it doesn't matter

what filters you like you have to get

whichever one will fit your car I will

also say this for motor craft this

little thing felt like it was made and a

paint could run over and it wasn't going

to collapse but this is a follow up

video to a fire boil food Tube video I

made I had a lot of requests to do

another one and to compare more brands

they said I wasn't comparing

with apple this time I would have found

every single Apple every single oil

filter I could and I bought and I made

the comparison so as you I appreciate

your time you guys have any questions

feel free to hit me up thanks for

watching guys have a blessed day