The Best Nonstick Skillets

non-stick cooking technology may have

been around for almost 3000 years now

it's said that the Mycenaean Greeks use

ceramic riddles that featured one coarse

side and one very smooth side to bake

their bread well we've come a long way

and Adams here to tell us about a more

recent Advent the nonstick skillet I

want to know how long the smooth side of

the Mycenaean griddles lasted because we

think that nonstick coatings are not

worth a big investment because they are

really susceptible to both wear and

damage alright so for these seven

skillets here we set a price cap of $60

that was the top $32 was the bottom we

got the largest pan that we could from

each manufacturer we prefer 12-inch pans

you know however two key manufacturers

just make eleven inch pan so these were

a little bit smaller now the testing was

extensive to evaluate their nonstick

coatings testers used each pan to cook

eggs over-easy with no fat one after the

other at both the beginning and the end

of testing stopping only when the eggs

began to stick between the egg tests the

testers used the pans to cook fish and


they also used each skillet to toast a

thin layer of flour just to see how

evenly they heated there were also abuse


testers intentionally broke every rule

of good nonstick air they sliced

frittatas right in the skillet with a

metal knife and removed the wedges with

metal spatulas they stacked the skillets

without protection for the finish they

repeatedly shocked them in cold water

they washed them in the dishwasher and

with abrasive sponges they also took

them outside and bang them against a

sharp concrete ledge to simulate years

of bad treatment in the kitchen now in

general nonstick coatings are not made

by the cookware manufacturers themselves

they're made by large chemical companies

and the manufacturers will buy them from

the chemical companies they offer basic

coatings up to premium coatings and the

cookware manufacturers will choose what

version they want based on the price

point of the cookware it's going on now

also in general these things are applied

in layers usually two to five so in

terms of the cooking tests that show

testers that the size the shape and the

were really important the two small pans

here bomb because they didn't have

enough cooking surface area across the

bottom fish fillets sort of wrote up on

the sides if there was too much stuff

sauteing in there it would all fall

together and steam not really brown

correctly that was a problem

testers also didn't like skillets that

weighed too much they found them a

little harder to maneuver I want you to

pick up that guy right there this is

empty and it's really hard to maneuver

very heavy the good news is you don't

have to go to the gym way I'm gonna work

on my delts there that one's more than

three pounds some of them were

significantly lighter tried this one

very light you could flip things in it

very easy looks like a feather isn't it

they also like the shape of pants like

this because the sides are flared

they're nice and open promotes

evaporation easy to get in there with

utensils and move food around they also

like the handle on this guy because it

was soft it was grippy and it stayed

cool which was not true of all of these

handles in the end testers only wanted

to recommend two pans but they really

preferred this guy right here this has

three layers of nonstick coating it

released 50 eggs beautifully after weeks

of testing one of these pans wouldn't

even release one egg Wow

it cooked the food beautifully it

released beautifully this one is the

Aqsa Good Grips nonstick 12 inch open

fry pan it's $39.99 it's got a nice wide

cooking surface flared sides

excellent handle light weight so it's

maneuverable and it's our new winner the

only one that got the highly recommended

rating well it's a clear winner it's the

ox oh good grips nonstick 12 inch open

fry pan for 39.99

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