The Best New Year's Resolution For 2019

all right it's a new year and you

probably have your you know you list the

goals you want to accomplish this year

maybe one lose some weight it's preset

flexibility or you might a position

where you haven't even set a resolution

which you know if you just float through

the year and not really have any goals

it's gonna be really hard to improve but

for us we want to do something different

this year something more simple than you

know riding a list of goals and you know

how it is like most the time you set

these New Year's resolutions they just

don't get done they get forgotten and

nothing really happens well this is

something really powerful here it's very

simple we picked this up from Jordan

Peterson and I think if you use this

it's going to be the most powerful

resolution you ever said so my brother

and I were reading Jordan's 12 rules for

life and came across one rule that we

thought was really good and that was

rule number four compare yourself to who

you were yesterday

and that's what leads us to this

resolution instead of having a bunch of

complex goals keep it simple this is

something that you can do every day and

that is ask yourself this is what I'm

doing today making me better than Who I

was yesterday this keeps it really

simple straight to the point and then

you're always comparing yourself to who

you are yesterday instead of comparing

yourself to maybe other people are

getting frustrated at where you're at

and that's an easy one to fall in

especially you know you're on Instagram

you're swiping through all these photos

seeing all these people doing really

well appear to be doing really well and

kind of it can be overwhelming for you

and you start to compare yourself to

them instead of where you've come from

and this also will help put things into

perspective because sometimes who set

goals that we feel are important but

they at times can sacrifice other areas

so if we're trying to make you know a

goal of making more money this year but

it's sacrificing our health or our

relationships with our family then we're

really not better than who we were

yesterday by asking us this question we

can have all of our goals aligned where

they should be so use that resolution

this year you know ask yourself that

question like I said I think it's gonna

be the most powerful resolution that you

set for yourself this year and let's do

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