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Welcome to Royal Nepal!

For how many? Two?

OK, come this way, please.

As we promised, we found another world cuisine.

This time, Nepali food.

Check this out!

I'm in the Royal Nepal kitchen.

Let's meet Chef Rai over here on my right.

Would you mind giving us a little quick tour of your kitchen?

Yeah absolutely.

This one is our steamer where we cook our street food, like momo.

This is our tandoor, where braised lamb comes from.

We always put this on 150-200 degrees, that's the best temperature to produce good food.

We cook all these for the thali.

The thali, is that the platter of different dishes, and a rice?

Yeah, yes.

Four types of food we give them.

Like one is pickle, one is sautéed mushroom, one is our Tama Bodi, one is sauteed spinach,

and one is like choice of lamb, choice of fish, choice of goat, and choice of chicken.

Oh got it.

Typical traditional Nepali food.


Which is not popular, but we try to make our tradition like popular to majority of people.


Lately, Washington Post gave us good feedback.

We are getting busy as well.

There is a lot of Indian restaurants, but we try to be our own Nepali restaurant.


That's our moto.

This is awesome.

Thank you so much for your time!

Thank you.

Dip just brought me this bag of their Silver Yeti tea.

And it's not tea leaves, it's tea buds.

And it's 100% organic so it's a very light and healthy tea.

So I'm gonna take my first sip.


It's very smooth, and it feels very calming

and it doesn't have a strong aftertaste at all

It feels very good for a winter day like today.

Complimentary bread that we got here is called Sel Roti.

It is a, look at how cute it is.

It is a traditional Nepali style bread.

It's basically deep-fried and coated with sugar I think it's sweet I believe.

Let me take my first bite.

Yeah it's just lightly sweetened, and I can taste sesame flavor to this.

It's nice and chewy.

Let me take a sip of my tea.

Yeah it goes really well to just start off our meal with a tea and a nice Sel Roti.

Next, we're gonna try their Goat Momo.

So momo is just a Nepali word for dumplings.

They just call it differently.

It's another Asian kinda of dumpling with a different sauce and different filing.

Basically minced goat meat inside of it and it's served with two kinds of tomato sauces.

So let me take my first bite.

Just look at the presentation right here.

It's so pretty.

I'm just trying to dip it in a little bit of that tomato sauce.


The goat meat is very nicely seasoned and it's very tender.

I know that usually goat meat is a little bit tougher compared to other kind of meat,

but this one is very nicely made.

And it's very tender.


I really like the way they cook their both outside, and inside the goat meat.

because it tastes a little bit smoky.

I think it's the way they roast their goat meat.

And then outside the skin, once they put the dumplings together, they pan seared it.

So there's a little bit of peppery smoky flavor to it.

Very good.

Let me take a little bit of their sauce.

I know that there's two kind of tomato sauce, but I'm just like mixing them up already.


Next, we got the wood oven roasted boar.

So boar meat is a very good, or a very common alternative to pork or pig meat.

So just look at this presentation right here.

It's so nicely presented with the garnish on top, with the nice tomato sauce

on the side, and a cute little mini tomatoes.

So I'm just gonna pull this piece of boar out.

Similar to the way they cook their goat meat, very smoky

because I think it's cooked in the open fire.

Tastes very similar to pork and chicken at the same time.

Oh and it's coming now.

I can feel a little bit of spiciness to it.

Nice and juicy.

I can feel it already just forking it into my tomato.

The boar meat is really tender.

I just have to take another bite of this.

Wild boar meat.

Umm I have to get a little bit of that tomato too.

OK maybe I can't, I just have to eat it separately.


The tomato is really sweet.

I love it.


Nice, tangy, garlicky, peppery, all at the same time.

Different flavors and textures.

Nepali food, I'm coming back to you again!

As we saw in the kitchen, we got the Nepali Thali

The beautifully presented traditional Nepali dish.

So right here we have a rice in front of me and a piece of fried egg.

First, their house-made pickled radish.

Umm I thought it's gonna be a little bit sweet, but it's quite sour, salty, and spicy

at the same time.

I'll try this Aloo Tama Bodi.

I think I got a piece of potato and black eyed pea.


Very very flavorful.

The black eyed pea, has a very earthy bean flavor.

That's very flavorful.

I love it.

Look at this nice sunny-side-up egg we got here.

I'm just gonna break it, break the yolk right here.

Ooh look at how oozy it is.


OK next, I think I'm gonna try a little bit of their sautéed mushroom.


Yeah it's just a very light mushroomy flavor.

Look at the juice coming out of the baby spinach right here.

I think they garnish it with some ginger slices.

Umm I like the ginger, really strong and gingery taste that added to the veggies, similar to

Chinese dishes I think.

Alright, so we got the last side dish, which is our lamb curry.


They also garnish it with some shallots on the top.

I love curry so I know I'm gonna love this already.

This is SO TENDER.


I totally messed it up.

I did not know this at all until owner Dip came over and told us that the traditional

Nepali eating way is actually by hand, not with utensils.

So I'm just gonna try this once to respect their culture.

I got some rice and some spinach.

Let me get a little bit of mushroom.

A piece of their radish.


Let me see if I can put everything in my mouth.

This is gonna be really messy, but I'll try.


Because there's so much going on our table, I totally forgot to eat our naan.

How can you miss on this combination.

Naan and curry.


A little bit of that goat curry here.


Their curry sauce is really really nicely done.

Very creamy.

It goes so well with this warm, nice, buttery naan.

I think they put a little butter on it.

Another bite.

Let me see if I can scope out a little bit of that lamb meat.


Oh my goodness.

Their lamb, their goat meat.

Super tender.

That curry is super flavorful.

You can't miss their curry when you come here.

Next, we have the duck fried rice.

This is actually one of the most exciting dishes that I've been expecting

and I've been waiting for.

Washingtonian actually came over and wrote an article about them

and they mentioned their duck fried rice.

And also on Yelp, a lot of the reviews said that their duck fried rice is

really good, really tasty.

So I really wanted to try this.

We have red cabbage, carrots, onions, little bit of green pepper I think,

and then just chucks of duck meat.


It's a huge spoon.

This is super flavorful.

The rice itself is very smooth.

The duck meat has skin too.

So it's a little bit crispy and crunchy from all the vegetables.

Some people say that duck meat is kind of an acquired taste,

but I think this is really not strong.

Like if you've never had duck meat before, you're not familiar with the taste of it.

I'd say just go ahead and try this duck fried rice because it doesn't really have a strong

or any kind of pungent flavor or smell to it.

It's pretty good.

And it's really not that fatty or greasy at all.

I don't see oil laying around this fried rice.

This duck meat is really, really tasty.

So we have the owners of Royal Nepal next to me.

We have Tuk and Dip.



Out audience probably are curious about the background of this restaurant.

Can you tell us a little bit about that?

About how all of this come together?

It's all about the three.

We have from the three different cities of Nepal.

He's from Kabri.

Chef is from Kathmandu.

I'm from Chitwan.

I worked for the hotel.

He used to work with us together, so he and I used to work for the Blue Duck

for a couple of years.

And our chef used to work for the Fairmont, across the street from the Park Hyatt.

So we were friends together as well.

But before, you know if somebody asked us, okay where you're from?

I'm from Nepal.

OK, is there any Nepalis restaurant that is good to try really authentic Nepalis food?

But that time, I was answerless.

So that's the reason you know we came together three of us and teamed up

and then we born the Royal Nepal restaurant.

Yeah really busy, really hectic earlier for lunch.


All about our you know the quality of food, and what we bring it the base over here.

So all the food and vegetables are locally sourced.

Is there a characteristic or something that really distinguishes Nepali cuisine

from other Asian dishes?

So Nepal is in between India and China.

So as you see, Nepal has a very different people like, if you go north of Nepal,

it's a lot of mountains, they look more like Chinese face.

If you go to south of Nepal, mostly Indian face.

Whoever people live in the middle part, pretty much like us.

So we have a lot of different people.

And same thing with the food as well.

So we have influence from both sides.

Lots of influence by Indian food, lots of influence by Chinese food.

So we use the pretty much same spices as Indian does.

Nepal, I would say, we have a pretty lighter spices, but at the same time, I would say

it's a pretty good flavor I would say.

So that's how we define the Nepali food.

Another thing is you know, mostly our food is little bit pickled.

Like Aloo Tama Bodi, it's pickled bamboo shoots with potato and beans.

That gives like a little bit of soury, and then very tanginess to it,

so it's really good as well.

Yeah got it.

There's definitely the influence, but then at the same time

there's your own uniqueness to your cuisine too.

Yeah that's very interesting and I love the dishes so far.

We love everything!

Thank you so much!

Thank YOU.


For our dessert, we got the molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on the side.

While this isn't a traditional Nepal dessert, it's prepared by Nepali chef,

so why not give it a try, right?

And this is a really popular dessert by the way

according to a lot of the Yelp reviewers.

Oh wait.

Let me put some of the vanilla ice cream on top of my warm chocolate cake over here.

Molten chocolate cake.

Oh wow.

I love the cold and the warm.

That molten chocolate cake.



No wonder it's so popular.

It's really warming and it's not super sweet.

It has a tiny bit of spongy texture and the size, the portion is really good too.

It's just tiny, not too much.

This is so good, oh my goodness!

This dessert just totally perfected our entire Nepali meal.

We had an absolutely phenomenal experience here in Royal Nepal.

If you'd like to check out traditional Nepali dishes or Nepali cuisines.

Make sure you stop by this place if you're in the Alexandria, Virginia area.

We enjoyed our experience here a lot.

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