Drinking Tea as an All-Natural Sleep Aid

hi i'm charlie baden senior blend master

with celestial Seasonings we've been

talking about tea and how it can keep

you healthy now let's talk about tea as

an all natural sleep aid ok let's talk a

little bit about the importance of sleep

year-round we all know that it's

especially important during the cold and

flu season everyone has to get a good

night's sleep to stay healthy and

prevent cold and flu one way to do that

is to drink

nighttime tea sleep aids celestial

Seasonings was the first to launch a tea

to support sleep sleepy time sleepy

times soothing herbal ingredients from

around the world including floral

Egyptian chamomile kohl spearmint and

guatemalan lemongrass this synergy of

herbs is a great way to help you fall

asleep now we have many varieties of the

original sleepy type sleep you type of

throat tamer includes a licorice root

and slippery elm bark to coat and soothe

you throat sleep you time extra has

added valerian a trusted sleep aid with

mild sedative properties to give you

that little extra these are some

examples of great herb combinations to

help you fall asleep but make sure you

find the best tea blend that suits your

needs remember in this stressful world

rest and relaxation is extremely

important overall tea can be very

relaxing it's good to sit back have a

cup of tea read a good book and get that

good night's sleep now that you've

learned how to can help you fall asleep

let's look at how T can pair with your

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