Natural Sleep Aids - Which Remedy is Most Effective?

hey y'all it's Cody from sweet populists

and today we are gonna talk about some

of my favorite natural sleep aid whether

you're overusing prescription sleep

medications or simply want to snooze in

a healthier way

this is the video for you so without

further ado let's get into it before we

get into my pics let's try the bit about

why you might want to consider going

natural with your bedtime routine well

there are a lot of over-the-counter

medications designed to help folks

slumber there's some really big benefits

to go in Organic number one natural

sleep aids tend to be safer than

over-the-counter medications because

they're not made with chemicals which

means they have lower side-effects that

also means the natural sleep aids are

safer for kids so if you have a child

that you know is a restless sleeper

these persons are going to be healthier

for them than an over-the-counter

medication might be natural sleep aids

are also a lot more affordable than

over-the-counter medications all of the

pics that I'm gonna chat about today are

under ten dollars which means that

they're not only more affordable but

also more accessible to more folks and

lastly many of these sleep aids have

been around for centuries and that

staying power speaks to their


when slight caveat of natural sleep aids

however is that many of them have

derived from herbs which are not

regulated by the FDA so if you want to

try some of these out you know change up

your bedtime routine I highly recommend

that you consult with a medical

professional before you do so just to

make sure that you're in the clear as

far as allergies are concerned speaking

of my picks let's get into them I'm

gonna give you a brief overview of each

aid going over its history its uses and

what exactly treats let's kick things

off with lemon balm now lemon balm is a

member of the mint family and has been

used to treat anxiety improve mood and

induced slumbers since the Middle Ages

and while sleep technology has advanced

a great deal since the time of knights

and feudal overlords lemon balm remains

a popular calming agent and part of the

reason why it's still so popular is

because there's been a ton of research

done to back up the relaxing claims in

fact one recent study found that lemon

balm wasn't only good at reducing

restlessness but also excellent are

reducing anxiety now you can take a

lemon balm in a couple of different ways

as I mentioned you

can do a lotion or you can do a tea and

for me I really like to take lemon balm

in is here you can use whatever brand

you like that you find at a grocery

store or a pharmacy and I like to put in

my lemon balm throw in some hot water

and let it steep for at least five

minutes I find with herbal teas I like

to let them sit for a longer amount of

time so the water really draws out all

the benefits of the herbs and then I

enjoy it about 25 to 30 minutes before

bed I will say that lemon balm is a

really like calm subtle effect it's not

going to knock you out or you know make

you fall asleep immediately but if your

interacts in state of mind you're kind

of mellowing out it'll definitely help

you on your journey to Dreamland

chamomile is another ancient medicinal

herb that's been used for centuries a

member of the daisy family this flowery

plant is packed with flavonoids that

have been shown to relax the body and

encourage sound slumber most commonly

expressed in teas chamomile is a highly

accessible natural sleep aid and can be

found in most grocery stores pharmacies

and supermarkets and I like to take it

just kind of like how I took the lemon

balm to you I said in a tea bag pour

over some boiling water and let it sit

for about five minutes or so and as with

some balm I like to enjoy it about 28 to

30 minutes before bed of the - I find

chamomile to be a bit stronger and even

if I'm not in a very restful place I

feel like it can get me into a really

nice restful zone and usually after I

take it I fall asleep you know in about

20 to 25 minutes so if you want

something a little bit stronger than the

man balm but still want to take a tea I

think chamomile could be the one for you

in recent years Montmorency tart cherry

has gained traction as a possible

natural sleep aid and why because tart

cherries are rich natural sources of

melatonin hormone that's directly

involved in the sleep/wake cycle and

while your body produces melatonin on

its own specifically in the pineal gland

in the brain taking an outside source of

melatonin and adding it to your body's

own natural supply can sometimes help to

improve sleep especially for those who

struggle falling asleep at night and

while that sounds great there hasn't

been too much research done into tart

cherries direct impacts on sleep however

a 2010 study did find that tart cherry

juice was associated with statistically

significant improvements in

self-reported sleep among older adults

with insomnia

and if you're interested in tart cherry

and want to incorporate it into your

bedtime routine you can either drink

tart cherry juice or take a tart cherry

supplement like what I have right here

and of the two I prefer the pills

because I don't really like sugary

drinks and I want something that's going

to interact with my body in a quicker

way like these do so unlike other sleep

aids tart cherry isn't gonna work

immediately like if you're feeling

sleepy one night you can't pop these

into plastic immediately because your

body has to acclimate to their effects

so you need to take them for at least

two weeks before you feel any results

kava sometimes characterized as kava

kava is the crop of the Pacific Islands

that has long been regarded as an

effective natural sleep aid though

historically popular among the native

populations of Hawaii and some parts of

Micronesia the tropical plant has only

recently started to be used as an herbal

medicine elsewhere the medicinal

benefits here are derived from the

plants bitter root which is said to have

sedating effects now there hasn't been a

lot of research done into this but early

signs points to kava kava is being

effective at managing stress and

reducing anxiety and while you can take

it in a couple of different forms the

most common type are in these soft shell

pill capsules which have the herb packed

in there and you take a couple during

the day for relaxation or at night for

better sleep and when I took these I

noticed a really subtle effect I think

it might be like the tart cherries of

lemons I talked about earlier where you

need to take it over the course of a

couple of weeks to really feel the

impact but I will say that from the

moment I took them I did feel like a

nice calming sensation all across my

body valerian root has been used as a

medicinal herb since at least the time

of ancient Greece and Rome over the

centuries it's taken on a lot of

different uses from cough reducing tea

to mood stabilizer sleep aid and even

elf repellent in medieval Sweden

apparently it was very effective but

nowadays most folks take valerian root

tea to help calm the nerves and relax

the body for sleep and there's been a

lot of research done into the routes

health benefits but there haven't been

too many studies conducted into its

direct impacts on sleep however a 2004

study did find the valerian root tea was

excellent at quieting electrical

activity in the brain which was helpful

for folks falling asleep at night and

you can take valerian root capsules or

pills but I prefer to take it as a team

and based

what you do is you take a teabag you

throw it and put on your boiling water

but as opposed to other teas that we've

spoken about in this review like the

chamomile and lemon balm you know you

need to let this one steep for at least

15 minutes that way all of the benefits

really soak into the water and it makes

it a really strong brew however I'd also

say that it makes it a very bitter brew

so if you're someone who doesn't like a

bitter earthy taste this is definitely

not the sleep aid for you but for me

it's definitely my favorite natural

sleep aid because it's the strongest of

the bunch lavender is one of the most

popular medicinal herbs around as it's

been shown to treat a myriad of

different elements from topical burns to

joint pain bug bites body tension and

yes even poor sleep in fact recent

studies have shown that the aroma of

lavender is specifically good at

interacting with the nervous system to

relax and quiet the mind and as far as

taking lavender for sleep is concerned

you can do it in a ton of different ways

you can spray your sheets with a

lavender spray you can drink lavender

tea you can rub lavender body lotion all

over your body or you can do what I like

to do and get some baking lavender like

the kind we have right here this tin is

so hard to open and you can just take

the lavender right to the face and

inhale some of its scent right before

you go to bed so if you're looking for a

sleep aid that you don't have to take or

you don't have to drink this could be

the one for you

and finally let's talk about passion

power native to Central and South

America this genus of flowering plants

has been used for centuries to treat

everything from skin boils to ear

infections restlessness and

stress-related fatigue in our modern

times it's most commonly used to treat

anxiety and insomnia and if it sounds

like something you might want to try out

you can take passion flower tea or you

can take passion flower extract and what

you do is you take a full dropper of an

extract you can use whatever brand you

like and put it into a glass of water

stir it around let it sit for a few

minutes and then drink it either during

the day for relaxation or right before

bed to help fall asleep now in my

opinion it has a really subtle sort of

mellow effect it didn't make me feel

drowsy at all but it definitely did help

calm me down and reduced some of my



well folks that does it for my guide to

the best natural sleep aids for more

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