VEGAN SKIN CARE ROUTINE | ✨healing acne & getting the glow ✨

so my final set which really helped me

clean up hello everyone and welcome to

my channel if you were knew my name is

Rachel and today I'm hit with a skincare

routine you guys have been asking me

about my skincare routine so today I'm

here to share with y'all naturally I am

using cruelty free and vegan products so

I really hope you guys enjoyed this

video I'm gonna take you through my

morning skincare routine and then my

evening skincare routine you get the

kind of full circle of what I do to look

after my face because self-care is

important at the start of this year my

skin really was suffering if you guys

have been following me for a while then

you know I said I had a lot of spots on

my face they were building up right on

my t-zone my chin my jawline down here

my back it was just a lot and they were

very big painful lots inside when I sort

of skincare specialist she told me that

they're just gonna keep coming back

because there's a lot of gunk underneath

and she said I can feel loads of spots

under the skin that are gonna come

through and I need to go and have a lot

of facials and a lot of stuff that I

didn't really want to do so I did a lot

of googling and a lot of research and I

found these products and they were

amazing they helped me massively so if

you do have skincare problems I'm gonna

share with you what really helped me

battle that to bring my skin back to

happiness so I really hope you guys

enjoyed this video and the products that

I use to keep my skin happy let's get it

so the first thing that I like to do in

the morning is use coconut oil extra

virgin cold-pressed organic coconut oil

quality is important and what I really

like about using coconut oil is that

antifungal antibacterial and - nice and

moisturizing so I gently massage the

coconut oil into my face give my skin a

good massage in the morning wake up let

it know I'm ready to start my day and

what it does is it kind of locks on to

any old oil dirty oil on the skin gets

into those pores so then I get my bamboo

Croft put some hot water on it and and

then I use this to wipe the oil off and

it lifts up all the dirty old oil it

opens the pores gets rid of any

impurities and gives my face a really

good natural gentle cleanse in the

morning because I've got a deep cleanse

the night before my skin doesn't really

need anything too crazy it just needs a

gentle cleanse and I love this method

for cleansing in the morning it is my

favorite my skin loves it

straight after that I get straight into

my organic cold-pressed rosehip oil I

love using roasted oil rose hip oil is

high in antioxidants high in vitamin A

and C so it's going to improve fine

lines and wrinkles yes I said it and

it's really good at encouraging healthy

cell production I found this super

useful when I had scars on my face

because it has essential fatty acids

that really help reduce the scarring and

promote skin regeneration and it absorbs

quickly into the skin and gives me a

natural glow so I absolutely love rose

hip oil so I just massage it into my

face gently you never want to be too

harsh with your skin and this is how I

start trying to get that morning glow




so after I've done the oil I like to

kind of lock it in with a cream now at

the minute I am using skin drink this

was recommended to me because it's meant

to be very highly moisturizing it's got

a lot of hydrating ingredients like aloe


it's got organic sesame seed oil avocado

and it's supposed to be good for people

who do have dry skin I don't necessarily

have dry skin but I like really really

rich moisturizers


so the next stage is my nighttime

routine and this is where I do it deep

cleanse and these are the steps that

really help me get rid of those spots

that I have so I used to always start by

taking off my makeup with face wipes but

it's so wasteful you go through them so

quickly and it's just it's too wasteful

that I had to stop so I go back to my

coconut oil and I use this to get rid of

all my eye makeup and it works a charm

so I just use the coconut oil and I

smear it across my eyes and I really

just kind of loosen up that hard I

makeup and rub it in and look a bit

crazy but it works wonders and then I

use dr. Bronner's lavender so this soap

is so versatile it's so simple the

ingredients are like lavender oil

coconut oil olive oil jojoba oil it's so

natural is so pure I really really

really love it and you can use it for so

many different things so I use literally

like two tiny jobs I just rub it into

the makeup on my face as you can see I'm

concentrating on the lower half of my

face because if this stuff gets in my

eyes it does hurt so I'm just gonna

gently clean off the first layer of my

makeup I also love that dr. Bronner's is

a hundred percent organic and it is

Fairtrade and I really do like what the

company stands for so a huge shout out

to everyone on my Instagram who

recommended me this so thank you so then

I use my vanity planet spin brush

everyone seen this on YouTube I did buy

into the hive it was like 70% off and I

was like you know what let me try it I

bought at the time that my skin was

really bad so I was just willing to try

new things and I have to say I love it

so it comes with three different spin

brushes I always used like the soft one

it has two settings I always use the

lighter setting and it does an amazing

job at cleaning your face

it's insane so I just add a little bit

of my dr. Bronner's soap to the spin

brush and I just use circular motions

and gently massage it into my face this

lifts up all the makeup all the London's

dirt that's been picked up on my face

from being outside all the impurities it

really does an amazing job at deep

cleaning I genuinely love this tool and

it makes it easy taking off makeup so I

do as gentle

and use some more soap to clean it after

to my next fuse for next day so now it's

time to tone and I've been using the

ordinary is like colic acid and I know

that's a really really scary name but

it's not as scary as it sounds and the

ordinary are quilted free and this

product is vegan so the glycolic acid

offers like a mild exfoliation improves

the radiance of your skin the texture it

helps the appearance of scars and it

really does smooth out your face so I

put this on a cotton pad and I gently

just wipe it across my face I am on the

lookout for some new reusable cotton

pads so if anyone has some

recommendations for some of the usable

cotton pads please let me know in the

comments because I am looking for some

new ones so the glycolic acids her night

it really does exfoliate your skin so

you don't want to use it too often

especially if you live somewhere where

you have a lot of sun exposure because

it exfoliates your skin it can leave the

skin quite vulnerable so if you're out

in the Sun the straight after you're

probably going to get some serious skin

damage but all thats explained on the

website so i only use this about 3 times

a week and i always use at night time

before bed and if i am gonna be in the

Sun the next day I go west sunscreen

sunscreen is so important the UV rays

are stronger than they've ever been so

protect your skin so my final step which

really helped me clean up all those

spots I had on the skin and under the

skin is the ordinary so silic acid I

hope I say it right with witch hazel so

this stuff really penetrates the

interior walls of your pores it unclog

them it clears the impurities and really

clears the complexion and texture of

your skin so now I use it as a spot

treatment but before I had to use it

pretty much nearly all over my face

because I had so many spots this was a

bit of a strange experience it was a bit

like detoxing because it penetrates into

your pores it really brings out your

impurities so all the spots but I had

just under the skin they literally just

came out so for the first three weeks of

me using this my face it seemed like it

was worse basically but really it was

clearing it out like honestly it was

just sending everything out going get up

get out and it really did quicken up the

process of me clearing out my skin so

after the 3 weeks


all the thoughts I had here oh I don't

even get spots here and I was getting

real caring spots here here in here I

had the scars because they were so big

and they were so full of gunk oh it was

horrible and they they're all gone now

they haven't come back this stuff

literally cleared it out it sent it back

in so I really really do love this

product and now I just use it as a spot

treatment here and there I don't need to

use all the time so then the next step

is the same as my morning step I'm gonna

use my rosehip oil I do vary with the

oil sometimes I use rosehip oil

sometimes I use macadamia nut oils

sometimes our new cheer oil it just

depends what I have a oh I kind of feel

like my skin one so I learned all my

fans give it a good massage make it feel

happy and make it feel good and then I

go in with the cream again and just as

another layer so moisturize really

hydrate my face so when I'm sleeping it

doesn't dry out

it's got my oils infusing into my skin

that is the end of my in Chi routine and

that is how I've kept my skin and nice

and healthy and clear I really hope you

guys enjoyed this video if you want to

know about my makeup routine or my body

care routine let me know in the comments

as well because I can do videos on that

for you as well self-care self-love you

know you've got to look after yourself

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you guys enjoyed my routine I hope you

found that it's helpful and for anyone

out there who has dealt with kind of the

problems that I have I hope my ways of

clearing them up can kind of help you or

give you some advice or inspiration also

please please feel free to comment below

your favorite skincare products that are

vegan and cruelty-free I love kind of

researching new ones and seeing more

natural ways and different ways to look

after my skin so please do let me know

in the

and I will see you all next week look

how the courgette is growing it's

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