Best 4-Bay NAS 2020 (so far)

hello and welcome back and today on to

talk about the very best for Bay now's

to buy at the start of 2020 I'm

recording this in January 2020 hopefully

it's been published within that month

and as well and today I want to talk

about the best for bein a sir for you to

buy right now from each brand in if

you've been following this channel for

the last couple of years some of these

results are not going to surprise you

because the majority of them if it came

out last year of the year before very

early in this year we're not really

seeing a lot of new for base and some of

you might be holding out for the new

releases from the likes of Synology qnap

Isis Thor and more but other ones might

be thinking right now I need a solution

right now maybe you've been given a new

work budget maybe you've come into some

money after Christmas I don't know but

if you're looking for a brand new for

Bayer Z for your first for banners or to

replace an existing for bonus looking a

little bit long in the tooth then

chances are one of the solution I'm

going to talk about today is best for


now it's worth highlighting there are

other four bites particularly another

case of QNAP for example they have one

of the largest ranges of for baiting our

solutions currently available from

anyone now as brand and with that it's

worth highlighting that although I'm

gonna talk about my personal favorite

there are others and some of these

others are designed for different

purposes these are NASA's that kind of

tick the boxes in a number of ways and

don't really have a specialization

they're kind of a jack-of-all-trades

from each of the nares brands that take

a lot of the boxes but bear in mind

there are other solutions and of course

as 2020 progresses there will be other

NASA's released which may be better than

these so if you're watching this video

and it's maybe March or April of 2020

maybe hold off because these results are

kind of limited to the start of 2020 but

that massive disclaimer aside let's get

our hands dirty and talk about some of

these news brands so I already mentioned

cueing up there so let's get straight

into it with QNAP Nass there is a whole

host of good for bonuses last year and

the end of 2018 we saw all manner of

four bytes from the TS four seven three

which is that great AMD file serving out

to the t vs 4 7 2 xt we have seen two


sign for bass even you know compact for

bonuses like the TBS 4 5 3 D X and the

HS 4 5 3 DX silent 10gbe nazies that may

be good for you but for me it's gonna be

no surprise my favorite QNAP for you

guys to be buying at the start of 2020

the forebay is of course the TS 4 v 3 b

ii it just gives a lot and it's the best

value it's bright for flex it's great

for the yemm's it's great for

surveillance both in surveillance Center

and QPR pro with 4 & 8 camera license

respectively it's got a PCIe slot for

adding 10 GbE SSD cache or bugs with a


qm2 series and with that software QTEs


really really improving and becoming its

very own beast the 453 B is just such a

solid nas from them then it ticks so

many boxes and can grow into so many

different forms of storage that for me

it's still the best forgo they've got

out for a very long time I'm interested

to see what a follow up to this would

look like and if will present as much

value as this but the 4 5 3 B a with its

2 years of warranty and with a myriad of

application from tuna in the form of

ivory backups in 3 virtualization

station QPR pro hybrid mount virtual

j-bot and all of their photo station

video station and music station

applications for PC and multi and PC and

Mac systems as well as all of the mobile

apps and have an HDMI out it's a beast

and it's price point is ridiculous at

the moment because it's almost 2 years

old as an as device which makes it

affordable makes it good value and is

still a powerful solution from them so

moving forward let's talk about Synology

those two big rivals are always going to

be at the top of the pack as far as the

number of you concerned and likewise

just like you nap they're best for bay

right now is one that some of you might

be getting a little bored of and thinks

they're old one the let's face it you

know I'm going to say if you've watched

my videos before it's the ds9 1/8 plus

now again it's not the only 4 by

they've got currently right now you can

go for everything from the full 100 the

for 220 J for Bay that was unveiled at

pep comm 2020 just before CES this year

or you can go for the full one I play

the standard for a night there are loads

of 4 Bay's from them even if you want to

go powerful powerful powerful you can

look at the DVI three two one nine a

surveillance car a surveillance net

that's high powered with a graphics card

inside but that one at twelve thirteen

hundred nicker

is a really expensive Nass and also the

CPU a bit shaky but in terms of for bass

right now the D s now my night class for

me is just unbeatable if it wasn't only

the case of Synology software on its own

I'd say to go for any of the four Bay's

from them simply because DSM 6.2 with

seven around the corner gives you so

much along with B TIFs file system

choices and the use of Synology hybrid

way that wonderful fluid raid system

that allows you to mix and match your

drives at a later date and expand your

storage rather than having to fill up

your drives of wonder what to do the

device just like the Q net can be

expanded to more drives but what makes

this device particularly interesting is

that CPU inside now it has almost the

same internal hardware as the Q net

we've just discussed with both of them

arriving for the J 3455 4 core Intel

based CPU it's a seller on 1.5 gigahertz

that can be burst up to 2.3 gigahertz

per core this CPU is great Perplexus

great for virtualization if you want one

or two VMs running great for docker

applications great for 4k output and 4k

transcoding it is a great mass and

because it's two years old it's

affordable it even arrives with three

years of manufacturer's warranty which

is something that you not only give you

two years so that's a good area of

comparison where does it fall not really

many places even the software is

incredibly intuitive and if anything

that's one area which some people might

not like it

the software is almost a little too easy

which I know seems ridiculous but

sometimes the mod differed

choices you can't find or are hidden

behind walls and walls of we want to

keep things easy something that Tina

doesn't give you that some of you might

be a bit intimidated by they're both

user friendly in their own way but an

ammonite plus with all that internal

hardware and internal SSD caching buys

into the base of the device giving you

great internal performance where you

want it make the Nama night still the

best for by now at salons you're putting

out for a long time and even now at the

start of 2020 definitely worthy of your

money in your data so if we move on we

can talk about two other brands that we

talked about in the channel a hell of a

lot we talk about a system we talk about

Terra Master let's flip an invisible

coin let's talk about tarot master first

so Terra master has a great range of

four and five bonuses all of them would

be you know they're great TOS software

that isn't quite as polished a salon G's

dsm or qts platform there's no denying

that it is a younger company with still

some you know some you know they've got

to make their bones within this market

as much as those two but favor bold

exceptionally quickly they've got btrfs

level support of file system choices

once you set the device up and some of

their devices arrive at exactly the same

internal hardware in terms of that CPU

and that same memory option of four or

two gig depending on the devices you go

for but I want to talk about the F for

four to two this forebay device is

definitely something worthy of your time

with a quad-core buy CPU there's also a

five five version with 10 GbE of all

things we're not going to talk about

that now and this tera Mastana is

certainly worthy of your time if you're

a budget buyer because it's got 4k

transcoding the tos software although

once again not of polished just solves

your kynapse offering it's still quite

intuitive quite smooth and quite nippy

the applications are off fewer first

party apps but it does cover everything

from cloud synchronization to localized

USB backups and I think it doesn't have

its own dedicated surveillance platform

but it does arrive with is the ability

for map storage ice cutter you're more

to your own existing surveillance

software they have got their own first

party applications for videos music and

photos and

of things like clicks and other network

based media programs like iTunes and

stuff like that and it is one of the

most affordable on this list with

therefore BAE and indeed five based

solutions often arriving at lower price

levels compared with all of their

contemporaries what makes them an

unappealing choice well a number of you

may argue there's a C's are a little

dated and given that even though they

are a company that's becoming more and

more available around the world they are

predominantly only found on Amazon a

number of you aren't as keen about

buying on Amazon due to tax stuff and

basically Amazon being a slightly

questionable company in the eyes of some

meaning that Terra Master may not be

your last choice because of things like

this all I ask you to if you shop around

you can buy from other vendors and Terra

master as an ass if you're looking for

an affordable solution for

network-attached storage is worthy of

your time but let's talk about that

other company let's talk about Isis

store and the number store for that is a

great deal Nass when the number score

for came about I wasn't talking about

Isis thought that much prior to that

point I've looked at a number of their

solutions featured a number of them on

this channel previously but it was only

at the start of 2019 and going into the

summer that Isis door really went all in

the Nimbus bull series from them is a

hell of a device it was one of the first

devices to take advantage of the newer

generation Intel Celeron series the J

for one month five or quad-core by CPU

that of the latest generation of Solera

format on top of that arrived with four

gig of ddr4 memory it arrived with HDMI

port on the rear there's 2.0 ice that's

60 frames a second 4k which is great on

top of that it arrived with 2.5 GB II as

standard so whereas every device I've

talked about today either has 1 GB II or

a PCIe expansion port to allow more

upgraded network interface cards and I

sees the S store number still thought

arrives with 2.5 GB e times 2 as

standard so 5 GB e link aggregation

potential straight off the bat on top of


ADM from them their user

to face off with a graphical user

interface the GUI via the browser is

really impressive to come for a kind of

gamer inspired thing with this device

but on top of that they have really

pushed the boat out on that software

with regular updates as well they didn't

have as many updates in the past as they

do now but with the added benefit

they've really trimmed down third pi

apps in their store for a better range

and investing a lot more in 1st party

applications with it you've got a

surveillance platform surveillance

Center though isn't quite as polished

just solves your kidnapped outing it's

still pretty damn good with support of

thousands of IP cameras on top of that

support things like plex media server

with performance out doing all three of

the other masses that I've talked about

today in terms of plex media server

transcoding and general performance and

their own range of multimedia

applications as well it looks good

sounds good and the video application as

well which I'm not 100% oh I've got the

name right there now Isis store is

definitely more known than a tarot

master Isis of course huge presence in

the gaming community so Isis door being

a branch of that company has a lot more

money behind them than other companies

they're not quite as big as these guys

up here but ASA stories definitely a

brand that you should already know about

in Nass now what's bad about it's a

store not a lot to be honest I only

thing I would say is when using asus

dawn there's they're not quite as

focused in terms of their product a

Synology or QNAP whereas qnap seem to

focus a lot on the hard way and still

have time for the software and Salalah

to focus a lot on the software and still

have time for the hard way Isis also

seems to find a balance and although

they're doing a very very good job in

2019 and 2020 I still think that

balancing that is not quite perfect

they're still giving you the best value

in terms of hardware for your money

which although they may not be quite at

the price point at Tara masteries

they're definitely more affordable than

Synology and koona while still giving

you better Hardware overall in fact the

numbers golf 4 is cheaper than both the

QNAP TF 4 5 3 b8 and the salon GDS nine

one eight plus with better network ports

better HD

my fault and a better CPU so what else

what about the rest of the nares

industry there are other options of

course we can talk about Drobo which has

their own now series but of course Drogo

as a company has gone very very quiet

lately and all they are only five bay

they don't have a for bein a solution

favoring a 5 beta 5 into but as I say as

a brand they've got real quiet recently

there are of course other news brands

too in the form of Netgear and buffalo

and both these companies are really

aimed at a business level user with both

of them providing quite affordable 10gbe

rugged enterprise level now solutions

but not really something for the home or

business user which is what this video

is about finding solutions that appeal

to basically all the demographics at

once now of course all the solutions

i've talked about today all ones that i

personally think the best for buy from

their brands but it's worth highlighting

that there are other solutions out there

and don't be pigeonholed by the devices

i talked to her today because as much as

I like these four solutions none of them

are particularly perfect for video

editing none of them are particularly

perfect for virtual machine use and

there are other solutions available so

if you're looking for the right nurse

for you don't just immediately take me

up my word if you've got a very bespoke

setup maybe you're a content creator or

work in post-production where the size

of your files and the speed at which

you've got to access them is paramount

but a question in the comments or visit

NASA compares or Spang comm to learn

more and maybe help you choose the right

solution for you otherwise if you've

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