TOP 5 Best NAS Systems 2019 !

what's up guys Steven here welcome back

to a new video so I'm a videographer and

I rely on a lot of storage throughout

the year I tested out different nas

storage solutions from entry-level

solutions to mid-range solutions but

also to really high-end solutions so

there could be a lot of reasons why you

need a network attached storage so

either you're a photographer

videographer and you just need a lot of

space or you want to do some media

streaming at home and set up your own

server or you want to have your own

private cloud and give access to family

members or friends today in this review

we'll check out different devices in

different price categories and I'll let

you know what device is the perfect fit

for you all right so before you're

buying an A storage you should think

about do you really need enough storage

because modern modems usually have a USB

port I for instance I use a fritz box

there are different fritz box modems

this is d68 60 this is the 75 30 and the

personal use D 75 90 this one has even

two USB ports so we've to use B ports

you can connect to USB drives and then

configure them as mass storage and I'll

quickly show you how that looks like and

what you can do with it the fritz now

solution is significantly slower than

all other tested network storage however

it is still sufficient for individual

users when it comes to only provide

files for few devices which have to be

quickly available it is unbeaten on the

price if you already have a fritz box

you only have to plug in a USB memory

the range of functions concentrates on

the essentials so for its nas is not a

competitor for multi hundred euro

expensive standalone no solutions there

are no special multi medium back of

functions no file encryption and no

additional software catalogs that can be

used to extend the functionality however

the storage is easily accessible from

the outside while your smartphone or PC

and there are basic functions for access

management and the ability to integrate

an additional cloud environment all in

all this is a free feature for fritz Box

owners and it's a great way to venture

into the world of network storage if you

have no specific additional requirements

you will be happy with the range of

features you offer in a long

so if you want to go one step further

and have real hard drives and also have

a rate system to back up your data and

also have cloud exist and I can

recommend really cheap one this is the

6ol you can get it for roughly 100 euros

very cheap solution it works you can

backup your data and I'll quickly show

you now how it works and how the

interface looks like the next now system

is a little bit hard to pronounce in

their videos they call its axle or

something so if I pronounced it wrong

sorry for that but the nos 3 to 6 is the

least expensive to Pena's we have seen

but it still has surprisingly decent

performance with a single gigabit

connection it's unlikely that you would

see or feel much of a performance

difference for most day-to-day

operations the nos 3 to 6 new user

interface is a step forward keeping a

competitive of the big boys such as sin

ology and Kuna the new version provides

a desktop interface downloadable

packages as well as salted cloud

features for the least expensive entry

level to bonus the nos 486 offers a lot

of bang for the buck you'd have to spend

more than double to move up in the

charts to a higher performing more fully

featured nuts we can really recommend

this device if you're looking for a very

cheap system have your own HD DS and

just want a raid 0 or raid one backup

solution we have been using it with the

Toshiba and 300 drives and dual 4

terabyte config and it was working

really reliable alright guys so we're

now locked in into the nuts again and

the storage is up and running so if we

check out the storage manager right over

here as you can see we have volume on

raid basically we have three point six

terabytes and it's raid zero so while

you have a second hard disk which

basically stores the same data as the

first hard drive as you can see I have

my external SSD connected with the rear

USB that also in USB Drive and on the

front you can also connect the USB Drive

and also copy the data to the nafs' so

this is pretty pretty easy to use so um

- what looks like it would have a lot of

features but actually it doesn't have

too many features so we have a Stata

Center which displays status about your

nas as you can see CPU memory and all

stuff you have an app center who can

download additional apps but it's kind

of limited download and upload

a backup planner we can do scheduled

backups file browser photo music and

video so basically as you can see the

file browser here looks like an FTP so

it's also very very basic and it's a

little bit slow music video right over

here then here we have the cloud as you

can see you can access you can do cloud

access we can also use an app for that

there are also some video tutorials and

a knowledgebase included just in case if

you don't know how to use to us and then

there is still some space for other

additional apps you may want to install

here once again as you can see

everything healthy one user locked in

CPU and RAM so it's a pretty basic

dashboard but offers you all the options

you want to have from a very basic nurse

system now once again one step further

you can have a big system here like the

Western Digital my cloud PR 4100 this

one here is a pretty big system it also

has two power ports two Ethernet ports

so just in case something is wrong like

a PSU phase it's still up so it's a

solution that always works

we have also cloud storage and this one

is very easy to use so if you want to

have a kind of professional cloud but

you don't want to configure a lot then

Western Digital has made a really good

solution and I'll now show you how it

looks like the Western digital PR 4100

is an incredibly solid nurse it's

powerful and upgradable for professional

use while at the same time it's simple

enough for non-techies it just works and

beat for home or office or a little bit

of both the PR 4100 is based on a quad

core pentium and 3710 processor with 4

gigabytes of ddr3 el RAM which is

upgradeable to 16 gigabytes of RAM if

you decided 4 gigabyte is insufficient

for your needs the unit comes with free

USB 3.0 ports for connecting other

devices to the PR 4100 and it supports

four hard drives in various rate

configurations all that comes with dual

Ethernet and dual power ports for extra

safety it also features a front USB port

with a copy backup button which can be

really convenient the Western digital PR

4100 has a really simple setup and ease

of use on its side if you are a creative

pro you want

that requires no fastened works out of

the box and the pr 4100 is the perfect

fit for you

the dashboard is really simple at home

you can see your total capacity right

now we have six terabytes in there we

have four two terabyte drives so we can

quickly check out a rate set up here

under storage so here on the storage you

can see your rate profile currently

we're running the new storage in raid 5

so he could most of your storage but you

also I'm still have the security of your

data you can see the disk status right

over here so we have all the two

terabyte drives at 30 degrees with good

health here you can also create a SCSI

targets and we have volume

virtualization so well on the backups

this is really easy you can do automatic

USB backups when you connect something

you can do remote backups you can do

internal backups from a system you can

do cloud backups and you can also do

camera backups the cloud access is also

very easy to use so you can connect to

the cloud from all kinds of devices from

a tablet from your smartphone from a

computer and here can configure the

access accounts and the shares you can

see which folders you have shared so we

have a tech magnet folder for the tech

magnet account we have a public account

where we can share some public stuff we

have Time Machine backups and all that

can be configured right over here and

you can configure as many folders as you

want and the users you can configure

your users so right now we have the

admin account at detect magnetic count

and here on the home you have an

overview over your NAS device so here

you can check the health the current

storage network activity users which are

locked in and also which are apps are

currently running so regarding the apps

it's very limited so we have HTTP

downloads FTP downloads p2p downloads

and iWeb File Viewer so well that's

basically it here under apps we can once

again see the details for all the apps

so you can put in here on the

configuration and it's very limited you

cannot install any additional apps but

also it's very easy to use so if you're

looking for a new storage that should be

at it should have cloud access should be

very easy to use then this is the right

now storage for you last but not least

here in settings on the media you can

switch on the DLN

a media server or you can also run an

iTunes server so if you switch that to

on you have to configure everything and

then it's up and running really easy to

use now if you're a professional

photographer I would recommend getting

something like this analogy it is still

affordable but packs a quad-core


upgradable RAM nvm II slots so we can

put in two SSDs you have two Ethernet

ports eSATA on the back

so basically there are a lot of things

you want to have as a professional also

you can install various applications on

it and it's a really really powerful


I'll now walk you through the features

and show you how it looks like the sine

Allah GDS 918 plus is the newest

addition of Scientology's for beta plus

seriousness this model offers for 3.5

inch base in addition to 2m door 2 nvme

slots on the bottom for caching network

connectivity is provided through to one

gigabyte Ethernet ports the ds9

18 plus is designed for small and

medium-sized businesses looking up for

an us that provides impressive

performance this nurse comes equipped

with the intel celeron shave 34 55 quad

core Celeron processor and 4 gigabytes

of ram expandable up to 8 gigabytes and

it's quoted to deliver up to 225

megabytes of read and 221 megabytes of

write speeds for encrypted files via the

aes and i hardware encryption engine

additionally the ds9 18 plus can

concurrently transcode two channels of

h.265 and h of 264 4k videos making it

an ideal solution for creative

professionals taking up most of the

space on the back of the NAS at 292 x 92

millimeter fans and below the fans on

the left side there are two one gigabyte

Ethernet ports and eSATA port and a

power port along with the reset button

on the right side you will find a

Kensington security slot and another USB

3.0 port we have even tested it with the

14 terabyte Aaron wolf drives from

Seagate and the speeds have been really

good overall this analogy ds9 18 plus

would make a great addition for any

small business environment or creative

like me and on top of that sine ology

also offers great and easy to use apps

to access your nas from any

mobile device alright guys so now let me

show you the Scientology interface now

you can login by just putting in the IP

of your nas into the browser or just use

any of these technology applications and

this also works on your mobile phone

then first of all when you login to the

dashboard you will get a system health

monitor which is that everything you've

announced is okay your IP CPU and memory

consumption and if there are any issues

you will get a notification then there

is the main menu which offers access to

the most used features like fire station

storage manager and also the control

panel then there's the package center

which is really cool because here you

can actually install new applications to

bring new features to your nas and this

ranges from a TeamViewer server to

plastic media server cloud services mail

servers proxy servers so really a lot of

stuff you can run VPN services way this

is a basic standalone system that can

run and do a lot of things and there are

some links down below in the description

where you can check out what

applications are supported and if you

actually need all the things that is the

control panel which basically gives you

options over the NAS like he can define

users and groups

there's connectivity you can configure

external access and also update and

restore so if there any updates you can

do all that here over the interface the

fire station is basically just like an

FTP where can upload download create

delete stuff and very easy to use you

can also do that from a mobile phone in

the main menu you will also find a lot

of apps to easily configure and manage

in us also if your non techie person

there's easy internet to basically

configure access from the outside there

is storage manager for managing your

drives there's an iSCSI manager and also

an easy tool to set up a media server

you can also connect external devices

over USB like we use a USB Drive to copy

pictures but you can also connect USB

SSDs or USB hard drives and sometimes

it's not really easy to configure your

nas for external access but if the tools

provided it really works like a charm

you also have plenty of more tools if

you want to dig a little bit deeper like

a lock Center where you can check out

what's going on on your nas

and in general the user interface is

very customizable easy to use and it's

lightweight that means it's really fast

there are no lags in there and this is

something that is really important for

me so in my opinion if you're not a

really technical person but you want to

have an ass with plenty of features then

Scientology offers here a really great

package so as a high end user and

videographer I can really recommend to

qnet so this one here is really quality

over quantity we have lots of fun about

ports we have PCI slot so you can

upgrade it there's a really CPU inside

it's upgradeable RAM up to 32 gigabytes

to SSD slots so this is a real real big

monster there plenty of connectors even

an HDMI connector to connect it to your

TV you can do streaming you can add it

straight from it so it's a really

powerful machine and I'll now show you

how it looks like if you want to go the

extra mile you can get a cue nap which

I'm using with my huawei mate bug X Pro

the TBS 472 xt is a 4 bonus that can

also be equipped of 2 mTOR 2 nvme SSDs

for faster transfer speeds a PCIe slot

is available for a graphics card faster

media transcoding or Ethernet adapters

with up to 40 gigabit speeds the other

PCIe slot is occupied by an expansion

card with a pair of Thunderbolt free

ports beside TB free ports business also

comes with a 10 gigabit and to one

gigabit ports all of which can be teamed

if you have a compatible switch there's

also an HDMI 2.0 port for 4k media

playback with a refresh rate of up to 60

Hertz the TV has 472 xt costs a lot but

it's so much more than just an us

featuring a couple of TB free ports it

can be really a fully featured

multimedia and surveillance station

takes a graphics card for faster media

encoding or can be used as a standalone

device if necessary because of the

integrated hdmi port and the feature

list doesn't stop here as me the editor

and need a lot of fast and affordable

storage space and also with my mate book

having found a pole free it's just

amazing as I get really good speeds and

I can even add

directly on the nuns I personally don't

believe that a normal user will ever

need all the features of this nuts which

is why it mostly addresses small and

moderately sized businesses anyhow if

you're looking for an AA system that can

do literally everything

the qnap is the way to go it runs really

reliable but also has a long boot time I

also tried hosting my wordpress site on

it and it even gets that job done same

for my mail server so if your personal

business owner but also want a media

server or much more the QNAP is simply

perfect and works perfectly

by using it with the kuna apps but also

sine ology is offering really good apps

for the nose alright guys so now let me

show you the Qun of Nos so this is the

desktop on my hallway mate bug acts Pro

and it's always filled with projects and

currently editing whenever a project is

finished I just put it on - which is

linked to as a network drive so here we

have the QNAP as you can see plenty of

projects in there some I still have to

add it some are already finished and for

instance an last project right over here

includes tons of footage and benchmarks

and everything so we have been working

on this project for months and that's

why we store all the 100 gigabyte here

on the nas so I could also easily edit

from the NAS because it has found a bolt

free and I can access it all the old

accusing client cusing applications but

every nice manufacturer like also sign

ologies offering really great apps to

access their nuts so well usually when I

go into the interface I have your

shortcut fit it locks me directly into

the IP I just log in and this is how it

looks like as you can see the loading

time sometimes takes a little bit but

does not has plenty of features so

that's okay well first of all we have

here the control panel and in there you

can do plenty of settings your network

settings firmware updates

I usually don't look into it quite often

because everything is set up and it's

running fine

you have notifications so you can see

what has changed if there any errors

warnings I have some other MSSD attached

to it like my Western Digital one the

SanDisk Extreme SSD our Thunderbolt free

so this is really great if you have a

lot of Thunderbolt 3 devices so also you

have an epicenter right over here where

you can install

plenty of applications I have a press

media server running I can even host

websites on it I can have my mail server

on the same as technology basically but

this one has all been dedicated hdmi

port to connect it to your TV or


to really use it as a standalone device

and the functionality of it is basically

unlimited you have so many things you

can do as you can see even dolphin in

here Google Drive so many things and

video GPU drivers if you I want to add a

cheapy user this is really crazy so

first of all you have here like some

kind of advisor you have a bin where you

can see your delete data we have here

your own account where you can basically

do some options on your nas you can

locate your nas and you have a health

monitor like a little dashboard which

shows you that the system temperatures

UK fans are running that the RAM is not

overloaded and you as you can see and we

have the iron wolf in here so the 14 and

2 terabyte because need to get some more

disks to really fill it up the rest is

in this analogy and so far the QNAP is a

really really powerful nurse but you

really need to know what you're doing

because the possibility is unlimited so

you can for instance having basic ftp

file station get access make your own

cloud or you can even run it as a

standalone device so really really great

alright guys so we're now here at the

end of this video and just a very quick

summary and my personal feedback so if

you just want to share a little bit of

data in your network there is no need to

buy an a storage you can just pick up a

good modem like the fritz box connect a

few USB hard drives and then give access

to your family members or even to your

friends if you configure it properly so

this is one of the cheapest solutions

but also if you have enough storage Yuri

need to have a modem which you can trust

and I only trust the fritz box it's

really stable I know it's it's way more

expensive usually than other modems

because well it's made in Germany

there's a lot of R&D behind it and

really if you're looking for an a

storage then I can recommend the fritz

box so let's switch over to the NOS

storages if you just want to have you

know a rate system where you can backup

your data and for backup safety then

makes sense to get an entry-level last

year like the 600 it's very easy to use

you can back up your data one-to-one but

you cannot do some advanced rate system

so streaming then if you want to have

something which has more cloud features

is more at the professional use then I

would recommend the Western Digital my

cloud so you can get this one in

different configurations with also lots

more spaces you have two Ethernet ports

two power ports so just in case if

something breaks down you always have a

backup it's a very good cloud solution

very easy to use and you can get access

to all the family members on your

smartphone and it's a very advancement

but also more expensive if you're a

content creator like a photographer like

my friend mo then this analogy is a

really good fit it offers you all the

features you want to have as content

creator it's not probably the best for

media streaming but still really good if

you want to backup your data if you want

to access your data fast and also if you

want to have professional features

that's still at an affordable price

level if you want to go the extra mile

and have the total overkill then you can

go for the QNAP right over here so it

has an HDMI port you have lots of

funderbolt ports which is for me

personally really important because of a

lot of funderbolt devices external

Thunderbolt SSDs I connect to my

notebook over thunderbolt and found the

boat really is replacing all my

connectors in my life so then it really

makes sense to have an advanced system

like that one the QNAP also like this

analogy has SSD cache so you can put in

nvme SSDs also both you can upgrade the

RAM so you can really install a lot of

applications from different mail servers

to streaming services so there's really

a lot of stuff you can do in this nice

services so the qnap is really high-end

but if you want to have the best of the

best but also spend a lot of money then

I can really recommend it I use all

together of the fritz box just to have

always up guarantee and that the network

is working fast and so far I'm really

happy with that and soon we'll bring an

update video I'm currently working on my

new PC setup for the Blackmagic editing

station so that will use also the NOS

storages and i will keep you updated

also on us on a few speed tests so big

thanks for watching guys let me know

down below in the comments what nice

storage you are using if you have

questions then just let me know for what

you're using it and what your price

range is and I will try to reply as soon

as possible so as always guys big thanks

for watching I'm Steven from tech magnet

and I'll catch you in the next one have

a nice day and bye