The Best Nintendo 64 (N64) Emulator Apps for Android

hey everyone mr sugi no here in today's

video we're gonna go over the best and

64 emulators on android let's get

started now the Nintendo 64 is not the

easiest system to emulate there are some

devices that do struggle trying to

emulate the n64 so for the purposes of

this video I'm using a samsung galaxy

note 9 to emulate the n64 the best part

about emulating the n64 on Android all

the emulators are free so the first

emulator I'm gonna go over it's been on

screen a while here it's called moopan

or moopan 64 + AE free it is the n64

emulator I would say mostly used if you

want minimal configuration so if you're

one of those people who just wants an

easy plug-and-play solution this is

probably the emulator you might want to

gravitate towards so you can see on my

screen here this is the main menu

there's really not a whole lot of

options you can go to the game set your

parent folder load whatever game you're

looking for if you head into settings

there's input for control settings video

for graphics settings so screen

orientation screen position and there is

a frame skip option in here so if you

are running into some performance issues

you can try to put frame skip on and see

if that helps out in the other menu with

course settings here are some real

changes you can make to try to improve

your gameplay so you can see what I'm

using right now is GL ES 2 collides 64

and feel free to play around to get the

best settings that work the best with

your phone one great feature about this

emulator if you do run into any issues

there's a reset button at the very

bottom where you can reset to default

settings this emulator also supports

cheats so I'm just gonna run Ocarina of

Time or Ocarina of Time depending on how

you want to pronounce it you can see

it's running pretty smoothly on my phone

now I do have the sound muted however

all is ok the the one thing that I will

critique with this is that I can't

really see the direction that my control

stick is pointing so that is one one

sort of issue with this emulator

there's a little bit of choppiness on

screen I am noticing and that is because

I'm streaming the game through a

chromecast in to the elgato so on my

actual phone it looks really smooth I'm

noticing some slowdowns and speed ups on

the captured video if you hit the back

button on your phone you can bring up a

menu change the game speed if you feel

like it

load slot save slot on top of that you

can change your controller pack adjust

the game speed manually here and load

your safe States so mutant 64 + AE is a

great app if you do want something very

simple with minimal setup now the best

overall app in terms of presentation is

mutant 64 + f set this app requires

slightly more configuration than the

mutant 64 + AE app however in my opinion

it's well worth the time to do and there

is a note here if you do have the clean

master app on your phone it might cause

issues with this app so when I open this

app here is the initial presentation I

have mapped where my game library is

already and the box art was added

automatically so this point you might be

able to see what I mean exactly by

better overall presentation this looks


in the main menu here there is a global

menu so this will affect the settings

for all games if you like there's also

profiles you can add texture packs there

are a lot of options in this emulator on

top of all that you can set settings for

each individual game and this is

especially handy if you do have games

that run better than others this you can

set them individually so you don't have

to worry about changing it each time you

load up a game so what I'll do right now

is just tilt my screen to kind of fill

up the screen a little better I'll hit

settings if I go to settings I can see

in the rendered resolution native

highest quality so I can change it to

whatever I feel like here one of my

favorite options with this emulator is I

can change the emulation profile so

right now it's at glide and 64 very

accurate so it says here Glide n64 video

with recommended settings for very

high-end devices and support for high

res texture packs if you're having

issues with speed you can always go to


example collide 64 fast glide 64 video

with recommended settings for speed you

can also go into glide and 64 fast with

video with recommended settings for

low-end devices and support for high res

texture packs or you can go to rice fast

rice video with recommended settings for

speed honestly there are a lot of

options here and a lot of configuration

that you can do so if you are running

into any issues whatsoever just try a

few out and see how they work on the top

left of my screen here you can see 20

FPS surprisingly this is the authentic

FPS from the n64 looking at the

on-screen controls unlike the other

emulator this one you can see where the

n64 control stick is positioned and in

my opinion this presentation overall

looks a lot nicer I also like displaying

the FPS to see if I'm getting any

slowdowns there's no screen tearing on

my end I do have the sound muted but the

sound isn't glitching at all either so

if you want an emulator that looks great

that performs great and gives you some

options in terms of core to help your

game speed out mute pin 64 plus F said

is probably your best bet this emulator

in my opinion is the best one for the

n64 on the Google Play Store and lastly

if you like to configure absolutely

everything you can then retroarch would

definitely be my recommendation for you

now this app is obviously not the

easiest to use and does require some

tinkering the presentation overall also

does not look as nice as moopan 64 + f

set however if you are I will say a

power user when it comes to emulators

then this is probably right up your

alley you can see there are three cores

here for the Nintendo 64 on retroarch

I am using mu pin 64 + GL e s3 so here

is Zelda up and running on retroarch

using mute pin 64 and overall it runs

very well it runs extremely similar to

the other two apps the configurations

menu is really where this emulator

shines now I'm not going to go into all

the different configurations because I

would be here

for a very long time explaining

everything however I will bring you to

the main options so from this menu I can

change things like the CPU core RSP mode

the four by three and 16.9 resolution on

top of that frame buffer emulation color

buffer Hardware per-pixel lighting and

the list keeps going on and on now one

of the things that I really like about

this emulator is how easy it is to use

texture filtering and texture

enhancements you can import custom

shaders you can also use high res

textures here so if you're looking to

get the most the absolute most out of

your n64 emulation experience and you're

a power user than retro arches where

it's at

so those are my top picks for emulators

overall I do recommend mutant 64 F said

this is usually my go-to app for

emulating the n64 if I'm in kind of a

tinkering mood I will use retro arch and

again the performance of these emulators

will vary depending on the device you

own so definitely try all three out and

see what works best for you anyways

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