The Best and Worst Mulch for Your Garden | Southern Living

welcome to mulch world this is where the

grumpy gardener is going to tell you

everything you need to know about the

mulch is for your garden the ones that

are really good and the ones that really

stink this first one that I like this is

called pine straw balls from pine trees

people pick this up they make it into

bales when you put it down it stays in

place it doesn't wash away it cools the

soil so if you've got a choice you got

lots of pine trees in your area pine

straw is a very good option for you

these right here are pine bark mini

nuggets what I like about this first of

all is it has a really dark brown color

and that makes it work very well in the

landscape it stays in place it doesn't

wash away it slowly decomposes putting

organic matter in the soil and I think

it's also the best mulch for using in

containers when you want to just top off

that container and keep all the potting

soil in there from splashing out this is

ground cypress mulch

it's another natural material and it's

perfectly good mulch but I got to

confess I don't like it as much as I

like to pine bark many Nuggets the main

reason is simply the color it just

stands out you look at the mulch first

and it just shouts hey I just planted

something this is red dyed mulch I'd

like to say something nice about this

but frankly that's impossible

and if you put it around your house

everybody's gonna know that you probably

got a truck up on blocks in the backyard

this stuff is just awful to use as much

for one thing it's not even really

natural wood like you would get from

bark from trees this stuff is ground up

junk with like from old pallets who

knows where it came from so please

whatever you do stop using red dyed

mulch it just makes you look foolish now

if you thought red dyed mulch was an

absolute worst thing you could put down

in your garden

you got another thing coming Kemosabe

this is rubber mulch yes it's made from

rubber where do they get the rubber from

ground-up rubber tires doesn't that

sound like something wonderful you'd

want to spread just all around your

house so promise me you're not going to

use rubber mulch leave that for the

Michelin Man