TOP 5: Best Motherboard 2020

motherboards serve as the foundation

from which pcs are built but which

motherboard will allow you to build out

the PC of your dreams well in this video

we break down the top five gaming

motherboards on the market this year

based on price versus performance and

situations they will be used in we'll be

taking a look at products in every

budget range so regardless of whether

you're on a tighter budget and want the

best value or are looking for the best

of the best

we'll have an option for you so if

you're interested in finding out which

motherboard will be the best for you

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number 5 on our list is gigabyte B 450 M

for those seeking the absolute best

performance in the most frugal price

range the gigabyte B 450 M is a clear

winner this is one powerful little micro

ATX motherboard designed not only for

cost savings but space as well

it supports first second and third gen

AMD Rison AM 4 CPUs along with a maximum

of 64 gigabytes of dual channel ddr3

onboard integrated graphics at 4k 60

Hertz Realtek 7.1 high-definition audio

and 2 PCIe 16x slots for multiple GPUs

the DVID and HDMI 2.0 ports can be

paired with an AMD APU for entry level

gaming if one so chooses as well as

full-on GPU based performance there's a

single end point to storage slot as well

as USB 3.1 connectivity Realtek GBE lan

for high priority internet bandwidth

performance smart fan 5 software

monitoring 5 temperature sensors and 2

hybrid fan headers and AMD store mi

technology for accelerated boot times

and SSD performance the gigabyte B 450 M

is designed squarely for those who want

to build a solid and robust gaming PC on

a budget without sacrificing much

in the way of performance it sports an

attractive price tag that is sure to

complement the inherent cost savings of

building a micro-atx based gaming PC

number four on our list is gigabyte z3

90 UD we recommend the gigabyte z3 90 UD

for those who seek straight up

performance with no need for flashy

lighting built-in Wi-Fi or other

enthusiast class bells and whistles

it supports eighth and ninth gen Intel

CPUs as well as an unfathomable 128

gigabytes of dual channel ddr3

integrated Intel HD graphics at 4k 30

Hertz Realtek 7.1 high-definition audio

and three PCIe 16x slots designed for

multiple GPU support

you'll also find one endpoint two

storage slot USB 3.1 support and all the

necessary connectivity options for a

straightforward high powered gaming

build it even includes a thunderbolt

add-in card connector should you decide

to need it gigabytes smart fan 5

software monitor 6 temperature sensors

and for hybrid fan headers to make sure

your components are adequately cooled

and always ready for peak performance

the realtek 8118 high speed gigabit lan

ensures top bandwidth allocation for

your favorite online titles without any

hiccups to get in the way the board is

targeted towards consumers looking for

an excellent price point without having

to sacrifice a lot of performance but

aren't interested in luxury enthusiast

add-ons and high processing pipelines

nevertheless this is a budget

motherboard which means reduce

performance in return for cost savings

number 3 on our list is MSI mpg X 570

gaming plus the MP GX 570 gaming plus is

a solid mid-range contender that offers

a dedicated gaming experience at an

acceptable price point it's also geared

specifically towards gamers looking to

build an AMD rise in base gaming PC as

opposed to Intel the x5 70 gaming plus

supports second and third generation

rise and cpus making it an attractive

option for the latest cutting-edge

offerings from AMD it includes support

for a whopping 128 gigabytes of dual


ddr4 memory + Realtek 7.1

high-definition audio - endpoint -

storage slots USB 3.2 gen 1 connectivity

- PCIe 16x slots and a real tech 81 11h

gigabyte LAN controller MSI's penchant

for quality is obviously on everything

from frozer technology 4m point to

drives to prevent SSD throttling server

grade PCB support for high transfer

speeds core boost technology for top

level performance and the heat sink fan

with double ball bearing design for an

estimated 50,000 hours of non-stop

performance MSI designed the X 570

gaming + to offer robust tries and

support with a sprinkling of features

normally found in certain high-end

motherboards although the included MSI

software can sometimes be unreliable and

reports of annoying BIOS bugs do persist

here and there firmware updates are

immediately advisable if you decide to

purchase the board number 2 on our list

is gigabyte zee 390 or assault refute

your dollars to stretch as far as they

can go

the Auris ultra might be your best

choice gigabyte has never shied away

from boasting a more aggressive look to

their Oris boards and it shows in the Z

390 ultra its strikingly cool in

appearance but it also delivers on the

hardware front thanks to 3m point two

storage slots which also sports some

truly excellent thermal guards for

optimal performance 3 ultra fast PCIe

gen3 slots for multiple video cards zone

specific software controlled RGB

lighting USB C 3.1 connectivity and

Intel's Gigabit LAN with C Foss speed

technology the z3 90 horas ultra also

includes gigabytes phenomenal thermal

design technology comprised of a multi

cut CPU heatsink direct touch heat pipe

and a thermal pad designed to banish

heat and cool your components it's

married to gigabyte smart fan 5 software

which constantly monitors multiple

temperature sensors and fan readers for

peak cooling performance the z3 90 or

ultra is a fantastic choice for those

seeking a higher and gaming board but

the included app center suite can be


and we'll attempt to download

unnecessary third-party software when

updating its various apps we also advise

an immediate BIOS update to counter any

potential bugs number one on our list is

Asus raagh Maximus 11 hero

we recommend the raw Maximus 11 hero due

to its high-end build quality features

and massive overclocking potential

it supports eighth and ninth gen Intel

processors alongside all the bells and

whistles you'd come to expect from a

higher-end enthusiast board including

endpoint to drive support three PCIe x16

USB 3.1 RGB lighting and a robust

software suite designed for hassle-free

overclocking support for up to 64

gigabytes of ddr4 ram mean you can

tackle creative projects such as 3d

rendering and video editing with ease

until you're ready to switch back to

gaming and frag the competition with a

3d mark fire strike score of around

seventeen thousand seven hundred the

Maximus 11 can clearly hold its own in

the gaming field thanks to one truly

feature-packed Hardware set it's no

slouch on the wireless side either with

intel's speedy and robust AC 95/60 Wi-Fi

which has proven to be an amazing

connectivity option still it's more

expensive than competitor boards in its

class which means you'll have to decide

between the sticker price and Asus

reputation regardless if you're an

overclocking enthusiast looking to

squeeze every drop of power out of your

next gaming rig the Maximus 11 is

definitely the one we recommend alright

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