Best Mortgage Program 2020 JUST Released

- Hi guys, Roger here.

So I have some really really exciting news to share

with you guys today.

So, as the economy starts opening up, the mortgage market

and interest rates are also heating up.

So, rates have been low the last few months.

They went up slightly during the pandemic, you know,

during the peak of the pandemic.

So now that things are cooling off and things are starting

to slowly get back to normal and open up.

Rates are gonna get even better.

So, today I'm going to talk about United Wholesale Mortgage

who just came out with a new program called, Conquest

and they're just offering way better pricing

than they have in the past

and basically beating everyone's interest rates.

So, the offer is a two and a half percent

to three percent interest rate on a purchase and a rate

and term of refinance.

So this program came out maybe like two weeks ago

and I've already helped five people close on this exact loan

and I got them into a three percent 30 year

fixed interest rate.

So, this bank, Unite Wholesale Mortgage

is one of the best banks that I like to work with.

They're really really fast.

They are tech savvy and it's very smooth.

We usually get loans approved within 24 hours

and conditions are reviewed within 24 hours.

So like I said, I basically was able to close these loans

in less than two weeks.

So that's what's happening and this branding program

does have some restrictions, so quickly, I'm gonna dive in

and tell you guys a little bit more about the details

of this program and then, I'm gonna talk to you guys

about the next program that's coming out

from a different bank who wants to compete

with this program.

Okay, Conquest loan, United Wholesale Mortgage.

Two and a half to three percent fixed on a 30-year mortgage.

This applies again, like I said, only if you're looking

to purchase a home or if you're doing you rate

and term refinance.

So this loan is only

for conventional loan.

So in Los Angeles County, the loan limit you 765,000.

So, also you can only use this program

for your primary residence or a second home.

You cannot use this program for an investment property

and the last thing that you gotta know about this program is

this is the one kind of,

I wouldn't say it's a catch necessarily,

but basically they only allow you to lock the interest rate

for 22 days.

So that means once you lock that interest rate,

you got to close within those 22 days.

So what I did was as soon as I got these clients signed up,

I lock the interest rate

and we just moved really really quickly

and we're gonna close in time, but you don't have

to do it that way.

What you could do is you could start the process

with UWM, while with a broker like me, you start the process

in maybe like a week in,

you could always lock the rate later, so that actually

will give you closer to 30 days to close on the loan.

So, that's really the only thing that you need

to know about this program.

It's really really great.

They're just trying to get real competitive

and try to top each other.

So basically, that's what's going on.

So, we have these banks, right?

So, we have like a Quicken, Home Point Financial,

United Wholesale Mortgage

and all of these lenders are competing against each other.

These are some of the top mortgage lenders in the country.

So, as soon as UWM came out with this Conquest program

that I just talked about, one of their biggest competitors,

Quicken, came out with their own program.

So their program is called Prime 29.

Prime 29 is basically,

when you get a regular 30 year mortgage,

they're setting it up in a way where it would be paid off

in 29 years.

So that means you pay less interest

and you save a one full year of mortgage payments.

So, the good news in all of this is

when there's competition, the consumer wins

and that's you guys.

So you guys can take advantage of these programs right now

and lock yourself into a three percent all the way down

to two and a half percent 30 year fixed rate.

If you already own a home, then it is great time.

If you're over three and a half percent,

this might be a great time to lock yourself in

at an even lower rate.

And the average savings for my clients, these five clients

that I'm working with is $432.00 every single month.

So, if you could use an extra $400,

you should definitely consider this program.

Do some Googling, check it out.

You can always contact me if you're in California

or looking to buy a house or you're looking to refinance,

you can schedule a call with me.

I'm gonna leave the link in the description.

Schedule call with me and I can see if I can help

you guys out with this program.

So, hope you guys enjoyed.

I wanted to make this quick video update, you guys,

on these great great programs that are available for you.

Really really low interest rate loans,

which make it really easy to buy.

So hope you guys enjoyed.

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