What Is the Best Monitor Size for Gaming? [Simple Guide]


we've talked a lot about monitors in

this channel so far we've covered

everything from resolution and aliasing

to refresh rates and response times but

the one thing we've always kind of

skimmed over is the size of these

monitors and while yes size isn't as

important and aspect to consider as all

the other ones it definitely deserves a

video of itself after all this other

aspects are important to know and keep

an eye out for but when you go into a

store and you say you want to buy a

monitor you're most likely to get asked

what size are we talking about so that's

why we've made this video to once and

for all brush up on what the best

monitor size is for gaming we'll also be

looking at the advantages and

disadvantages of smaller and larger

monitors and what size go best with

which resolution first things first

let's see what sizes you'll even be able

to find monitors and today if we're

talking about modern monitors you'll be

hard-pressed to find anything smaller

than 21 inches diagonal anything smaller

is usually reserved only for laptop

monitors that trade size for other

features like for example touchscreen

and for the most part monitor sizes cap

out at 27 inches and within this 21 to

27 inch range monitors between 21 and 24

inches are reserved for 1080p

resolutions monitors are made for

viewing from up close after all and any

display larger than 24 inches and 1080p

will suffer from noticeable aliasing

from that distance meaning you'll

actually be able to distinguish actual

individual pixels and you don't want

that however while these wider monitors

may be unfit for 1080p

they simply shine in 2k in 4k

resolutions cramming all of those pixels

into anything smaller would be a waste

but these resolutions don't tap out at

27 inches because they're close to

noticeable aliasing far from it actually

especially in 4k resolutions the reason

27 is as

monitors go is more pragmatic in nature

like we've said monitors are made for

viewing up close and it would be very

uncomfortable to view anything larger

than that from such a close proximity so

how close is too close obviously the

larger the monitor is the further away

it will have to be for optimal viewing

and to avoid eye fatigue but you may be

surprised to hear that this is actually

somewhat of a formula for determining

the optimal viewing distance it's not

really an exact science but the rule of

thumb is that the viewing distance

should be roughly proportional to the

monitors diagonal so for example if you

have a 24 inch screen then your eyes

should be somewhere between 24 and 48

inches away from the display of course

if you're still experiencing eye fatigue

even from this distance then you should

definitely move farther away but it's a

good place to start

so to reach any sort of conclusion for

this topic we have to look at how

different screen sizes resolutions and

viewing distances work in tandem first

and foremost let's get resolutions out

of the equation we advise with sticking

with 24 inches for 1080p monitors while

2k in 4k it's up to you whether you want

to go with 25 26 or 27 inches these

larger monitors will be able to take

full advantage of higher resolutions but

you should also consider the logistics

if you plan on getting one of these

namely how big is your desk

you'll definitely want to be sitting

further away from a 27-inch monitor than

you would from a 24 inch one and if you

have a small desk that moment allowed

this optional viewing distance then your

monitor will be more trouble than it's


and finally if you're planning and

getting anything larger than 30 inches

then we suggest giving monitors a pass

and instead turning your attention

towards TVs if you're even considering

this then you obviously have the setup

that will allow for a good viewing

distance and TVs will offer a better

image for multimedia just make sure to

buy a TV that has a good response time

and a game mode that will get rid of

input lag and there you have it the best

monitor size for gaming the large

majority of people agree that 24 inch

monitors are at the most comfortable

size but you can make any size work with

adequate room we'd like to know what

size your monitor is and how well it's

been treating you

easy to get swept up by the numbers so

it's always good to see some first-hand

experience comments for those insights

viewers also if you're in a market for a

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