The BEST Drugstore Face Moisturizers

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and I know some of you guys maybe think

you wait harm did you skip over serums

and don't worry [ __ ] I'm just taking my

time finding the best serums because

there's a lot of them and I'm pretty

picky but for moisturizers I managed to

find all of the best ones laid out here

in front of me for each skin type now

finding good drugstore moisturizers has

been a little bit of a struggle because

there are just so many out there and the

majority of them are formulated with a

lot of ingredients that I'm not a fan of

whether it be stripping alcohols or a

lot of fragrance or a lot of essential

oils it just kind of left me with a lot

of conflict but I'm happy to say that

all the products in this video are

fragrance free so you can count on there

not being essential oils or undisclosed

fragrance in these products I want to

give you guys the best of the best

recommendations and after finding many

moisturizers that I definitely don't

like from the drugstore in preparation

for this video thanks a lot no I'm

kidding I found the best of the best to

share with you guys

also I'll be linking all the products

that I'm talking about in today's video

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products please feel free to use those

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but no pressure whatsoever thanks guys I

found moisturizers for each skin type so

don't you worry I got you know all these

moisturizers I really try to make sure

that each of the brands were the most

accessible skin care brands out there

because I know a lot of you guys are

watching from other countries where you

don't have access to a lot of the

products that I recommend so I wanted to

make sure that this is as easy to access

as possible by only going to the main

drugstores like Walgreens Walmart Target

and other stores like that so let's

first start with dry

so I have two recommendations if you

find that you do have more you know

pretty severely dry skin you want

something that's really occlusive really

hydrating kind of forms a thicker layer

of moisture over your skin I recommend

of course and this will come as no

surprises a lot of you guys but the seer

of a moisturizing cream in terms of a

formula perspective this product is just

pretty much superior to every drugstore

moisturizer for dry skin that I've been

able to find glycerin is the second

ingredient is a humectant which means

it's gonna pull in moisture from the

environment deep into your skin to help

make sure that it stays hydrated

caprylic triglyceride is the third

ingredient which is gonna lock in that

hydration it's also formulated with

ceramides as well as sodium high all in

a rate which is the concentrated form of

hyaluronic acid that's gonna pull in

moisture from the environment similar to

glycerin it's fragrance free and another

reason I love this product is because

it's one of the most cheap as well you

can get one of those big tubs for like

seventeen dollars that'll last you a

good six months at least if not longer

it's probably gonna last you longer

honestly like a year for drugstore

skincare survey just has really superior

formulas all of which have non

sensitizing but powerful ingredients

that are gonna make sure you're

moisturized you're hydrated and taken

care of they may not be the most flashy

brand out there but they deliver the

best ingredients and the best formulas

without risking long-term damage and

then next a recent find which I'm so

excited to talk about it is the elf

happy hydration cream this one blew me

away because when I like to the

ingredient list I was like that can't be


elf usually doesn't have skincare this

good I'm seed oil is the second

ingredient yes the second ingredient in

this product which if you don't know

hemp seed oil is really good for

hydration it's been a really popular

ingredient recently but a lot of times

brands will formulate with a really low

concentration of hemp seed oil and then

just slap the name on the cover of the

product so that they can get away with a

lot of sales because it's trendy but the

fact that it's the second ingredient in

this shows that this is a pretty high

quality product in my opinion it's also

formulated with glycerin as a fourth

ingredient niacinamide as the sixth

ingredient oh one of my favorite

ingredients of all time that works to

reduce sensitivity and irritation it

regulates sebum production to make sure

that you're not too oily or too dry and

it brightens any dark spots or

pigmentation that you have across your

face and it has sodium hyaline area as

well as a soothing peptide complex and

it's fragrance free I honestly was so

impressed by this formula and after

using it I have to say this is a really

nice moisturizer I would say it's really

optimal for people who want a lot of

hydration but who don't want a really

thick layer of moisture on their skin

because we're a dry skin formula it's

relatively lightweight I noticed that it

soothes my skin and overall just had a

really nice feel and honestly it's one

of the best products in this entire

video that I've been able to find I'm

just really impressed and I think elf is

definitely stepping up the game for

their formulas and I hope they come up

with more formula similar to this one

just because I don't know I think it's a

really good display of the potential

that brands have for good products at a

drugstore price point I know a lot of

you guys are probably like what I didn't

expect to see elf in this video neither

did I [ __ ] also let me know if you guys

want a review on elf skincare I've seen

some requests coming here in there I

think there's a lot of misses but also

some hits that they have that I've

definitely been surprised by recently I

have three moisturizers for combination

skin because I feel like combination

skin is the most common skin type that I

usually come across so first if you're

just looking for a basic moisturizer for

combination skin that's gonna work well

the sirve moisturizing lotion is a good

one to go with it's really similar to

the CR of a moisturizing cream but the

only difference is that it's not

formulated with petrolatum which

petrolatum is a thicker really occlusive

emollient ingredient that forms a thick

layer of moisture across your face and I

don't feel like that's optimal for

people with combination skin but all the

other ingredients in the moisturizing

cream are really good which is why I

would recommend the moisturizing lotion

if you're just looking for a good one

with good ingredients fragrance free

that's gonna deliver hydration and those

benefits now for anyone has more

combination to dry skin I personally

recommend the Shea Moisture skin rescue

moisturizer now I did not expect to put

a Shea Moisture product in this video

because the majority of their products

are formulated with a lot of essential

oils but this one is actually free of

essential oils in terms of the main

ingredients is formulated with glycerin

shea butter which is really gonna

moisturize and soften your skin as well

as hemp seed oil and then it does have a

low concentration of witch hazel now I

know I've talked about how I don't like

witch hazel in the past but I personally

just don't like it when it's in high

concentrations because witch hazel is uh

nostalgic and can perform similarly to

like a drying alcohol but in low

concentrations I think it can't have

soothing benefits because a lot of the

drugstore moisturizers that I was trying

to use to calm down my face after this

irritation we're not really working the

main claim of this one

is to soothe irritated skin but honestly

I find that the ingredients are really

just great ingredients that you would

want in a good moisturizer I also really

like that it comes in glass packaging I

think it's the one product of all of

these so it's more environmentally

sustainable and can be reused it's

lightweight but still delivers a lot of

moisture which is where I feel it's

better for combination to more dry skin

and then if you want moisturizer for

more combination oily skin where you do

have some dry areas but you also just

want to make sure that it's not too

heavy on the skin I recommend the Olay

hungarian water essence another product

that i did not expect to be in this

video coz Olay is usually a brand that i

kind of steer clear of but honestly

looking at these ingredients i was

really impressed it's fragrance free

formulated with glycerin panthenol

niacinamide is the fourth ingredient

which is gonna help to control that

oiliness that you're experiencing in

your skin and it's also formulated with

green tea extract and sodium hyaline

rates and cucumber which are gonna be

great for soothing any sensitivity or

redness the only thing I will say about

this product is that it is kind of

pricey I bought it for $19 which is

right on the edge of what I would

consider to be a drugstore but it is

really accessible because you can find

Olli in a lot of places and if you are

gonna get an old Leroy's razor I

recommend this one but overall yeah

great ingredient list I was really

impressed and I liked my experience with

it now moving on to oily skin which

honestly oh my god finding good

fragrance free moisturizers for oily

skin that [ __ ] is like next to

impossible because the usually drugstore

brands will only come out with fragrance

free products for people with really

sensitive skin and it's like hello

there's some people out there like me

who don't necessarily have sensitive

skin but we want to avoid fragrance and

we want something for oily skin and boy

it's difficult but I will say I found a

product that I absolutely love the other

top product in this video it is the

verse to do point moisturizing gel cream

you can find this product at Target and

the reason why I love it so much is

because it's the closest dupe I've been

able to find to the eye unique centella

calming gel cream this one is one of my

favorite moisturizers for oily skin but

it's really only available in Korea and

only shipped to certain countries and

while this doesn't have exactly the same

ingredient list I love it because it's

so lightweight but the ingredients are

glycerin it's formulated with squalene

which is usually a more heavy

moisturizing ingredient but it's very

lightweight with this product it has

green tea extract aloe vera juice and

jojoba oil and

it's fragrance free no seriously I was

just really impressed with how the

formula performed it's super lightweight

soaks into the skin really easily but

does offer good ingredients that are

gonna hydrate your skin and make sure to

really protect it from any damage

throughout the day this one of my

favorite finds from this video and I'm

actually really excited to continue

using it because I've just I've loved

the results so far and then finally for

someone who's just looking for good oil


I recommend the Neutrogena oil-free

moisture coming in some of you guys are

gonna be watching this being like Hyrum

you trashed Neutrogena in your video

about them I'll link it below why would

you recommend a product from them well I

actually somehow overlooked this product

from them because it actually is

fragrance free and has a relatively good

butt basing ingredient list the primary

ingredient they use is called

cyclomethicone which is actually similar

to dimethicone but it provides a drier

finish because the thing about

dimethicone which is a common really

good silicone that prevents any trans

epidermal water loss which is the

process by which we lose water through

our skin which results in dryness

irritation sensitivity while dimethicone

is really good it sometimes can leave

behind like a greasy thick layer on the

skin and cyclomethicone is a good

alternative that's gonna just make sure

you're a little bit less oily greasy a

drier finish while still providing those

good benefits now I have to say the very

first time I use this product I hated it

as soon as I put it on my skin I was

like this feels disgusting I want to

take this off but I gave it a chance and

after about an hour I noticed that this

worked really well to reduce oiliness

throughout the day I'd say it takes

about a good hour for it to just kind of

like not feel like it's suffocating your

skin coz that first hour it definitely

feels like you just have a thick layer

on that as I continue using this product

for a week I noticed that I experienced

no oiliness no excess sebum and

shininess throughout the day and worked

really good to control it but my skin

always felt hydrated and protected isn't

the most fancy flashy amazing ingredient

list no it's really simple but it's

gonna deliver you hydration without

making you look like a Greece Factory

throughout the day which honestly when

it comes to drugstore moisturizers is

good enough for me now I know some of

you guys are watching saying hi erm what

about the moisturizers with sunscreens

you know moisturizers are in sunscreen

and one and I'm just gonna have to be

honest guys I have searched far and wide

for a moisturizer with sunscreen that I

actually think

is really really good and I have yet to

find one I just have not found one that

really like impressed me with the

ingredient list because it's either a

moisturizer that's chock full of

chemical sunscreens that can be really

irritating to the face and have

debatable evidence as to whether or not

they negatively affect reef life and

with those chemical sunscreens I usually

just want to avoid them where possible

or you have mineral sunscreen

moisturizers that leave behind a really

thick white coating that's really hard

to rub into your skin and overall just a

negative experience and a few more shows

that I found that weren't like that were

just chock-full of fragrance so honestly

I just haven't found a product yet if

you do know of any good ones that are

fragrance free mineral and don't leave

behind a severe white cast let me know

in the comment section down below I

would love to know but overall in my

opinion I always think it's just better

to go in with a good moisturizer any of

these moisturizers will be great because

you're getting the really good benefit

of all those amazing ingredients and

then following up with a separate

sunscreen after not only are you gonna

get the best ingredients but you're also

gonna make sure that you're getting the

most protection when it comes to

sunscreen because usually people who use

moisturizers with sunscreens in them

don't apply enough moisturizer to be

able to get the full protection that you

need throughout the day but not to worry

I'm currently working on the best

drugstore sunscreens video it will be

coming out very soon and I'll be able to

share the best ones I've been able to

find or if you're a little bit inpatient

go to link in my description box below I

have a video all about sunscreens how to

apply it and the best ones I've been

able to find you can find some of my

recommendations there oh yeah I got

through that kind of fast I'm a little

impressed I mean it's about [ __ ] time

I'm literally drip sweating down my back

because it's so freakin hot and I'm

ready to end this video like that that's

super sexy but what do you guys think of

this list let me know in the comment

section down below if you have any more

drugstore moisturizers that you

recommend because I would love to hear

them these are the ones that after

scouring for hours and hours and hours

online I've been able to find the best

of but who knows I may have missed a few

that you guys would recommend and I'd

love to hear your thoughts like I said

before if you are interested in

purchasing any other products feel free

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