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skin yes the dreaded word moist your


pretty sure I've turned off like half of

you guys from watching this video but on

where do we go

moisturizing it's pretty important to

moisturize in order to take care of your

skin this is usually the step of the

skincare routine that most people know

about like cleansing and moisturizing

but there are a lot of misconceptions

around moisturizing and a lot of people

who think it's really not necessary and

I'm gonna explain in this video why it

is what you need to know and how you can

immerse Chur eyes to your skin so let's

get popping [ __ ] so step number one and

how to moisturize your skin you have to

know your skin type if you're going to

be able to moisturize your skin in the

best way possible so that it looks and

feels the best you have to know what

skin type you have lucky for you if you

don't know what your skin type is you

can go and watch the first episode of

this series where I tell you how you can

figure out your skin type this is

honestly really important because I have

a super super oily skin and my oily ass

thought that I don't need moisturizer

because I was already producing enough

hydration across my face wrong you

definitely need to moisturize if you

have oily skin it all depends on the

type of moisturizer you use and

inevitably your moisturizer is going to

help solve the problems that you're

facing with hydration in your skin which

basically means if you use the right

moisturizer you notice your skin's gonna

get less and less dry over time and if

you use a really good moisturizer for

oily skin your skin's gonna get less and

less oily over time

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you can find your skin type or just any

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number two find a good moisturizer now

as easy as that sounds there are a few

steps in finding your moisturizer and I

will break it down for you

break it down

awkward white dancing if you're new to

my channel hi I'm an ingredient [ __ ]

I'm very very picky about which

ingredients I want and my skincare and

which I don't want and when it comes to

moisturizer it is important that you

know which ingredients the product is

using however you do not need to know

what every single thing means on the

back of the label in my experience for

moisturizers there's really only a few

things that you need to avoid first of

all avoid alcohol which is labeled under

SD alcohol - natured alcohol or

isopropyl alcohol the reason why these

are gonna overly strip your skin of

hydration and can cause really bad

reactions or sensitivity of which I

personally experienced both alcohol

should not be in a moisturizer because

the moisturizer is there to make sure

that your skin is hydrated and

moisturize throughout the day

and how's it going to do that if alcohol

is stripping all the way to the

hydration huh where does that make sense

a lot of moisturizers aimed toward more

oily skin types tend to have a high

amount of alcohol so make sure you look

to try and find those in addition you

should avoid fragrance in a moisturizer

as well the reason why fragrance is

super irritating and can be damaging to

the skin especially in a levon treatment

that you keep on throughout the entire

day and contrary to popular belief a

product is not fragrance free just if it

doesn't have the word fragrance there

can be a lot of other ingredients that

are fragrance ingredients if you want to

know more about that feel free to check

out my video about fragrance and how you

can decode your ingredient list to find

it but yeah those are the two main

things in my experience you want to look

out for so let's talk about what a

moisturizer is for why do we need a

moisturizer there's a thing called trans

epidermal water loss now don't leave

don't exit I know that sounds very

science II and gross but stay with me

trans epidermal water loss or tool is

the process of water leaving our body

and often times water leaves our body

through our skin through this process we

tend to see dehydrated skin we will look

dry we'll see an increase in aging and

loss of firmness and start to see fine

lines and dark spots and other issues

like that

simply because of water escaping our

body so the purpose of a moisturizer is

to keep that water and hydration locked

into the skin so that you aren't

increasing the risks that come with

trans epidermal water loss as much as

companies and people want you to believe

that a moisturizer should have a bunch

of active ingredients and really

powerful things that are gotta fight

against aging in a reality you don't

need that that stuff can be done in the

treatment phase of a skincare routine

just where it's like exfoliation you can

also see my video on that but for a

moisturizer it really should just be

focused on keeping that hydration level

of the skin making sure the water

doesn't leave the body and that you are

good to go

now there are multiple types of

moisturizers out there and each type

works best for a certain skin type so if

you have oily skin like myself you will

benefit from a gel or water cream

moisturizer it's a very lightweight

liquid that absorbs into the skin really

quickly and really easily so it doesn't

feel heavy on your skin and so that you

won't sweat it out during the day my

personal favorite moisturizer for oily

skin is the first aid Beauty water cream

this stuff is magic it works every

single time on the most humid days here

in Hawaii where I know that as soon as I

walk out the door I'm already gonna

start sweating this one comes in so well

so lightweight absorbs so quickly highly

recommend it by the way all the products

I'm talking about in this video can be

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your purchases and I would really

appreciate it thank you guys then

there's gel to cream moisturizers which

these are suited best for people with

combination skin people who have

oiliness in certain areas or dryness in

other areas and I'm not gonna lie I

usually have combination skin when not

in the summer then with that [ __ ] is

rough because it's not fun trying to

address different hydration levels in

different areas of the skin so that's

why I recommend two different

moisturizers for people with combination

skin if you have combination to more

oily prone skin I personally recommend

the even prime daily moisturizer this

stuff was a very unexpected find from me

but I absolutely love the ingredients

it's very lightweight

it moisturizes well so you never feel

any type of dryness but it's not overly

greasy or oily on the face and then if

you have combination to dry skin where

you feel in maybe a little bit more dry

but you still have some oiliness I

recommend the youth to the people

adapted in cream I've always loved this

one because it delivers a lot of

hydration a lot of moisture but it feels

so thin on the skin it feels like

nothing and it looks great under makeup

and then there are heavy cream

moisturizers which are best for people

who are dry as the Sahara Desert honey

heavy creams are the most intense

hydrators for the skin and for dry skin

I personally recommend the seer of a

moisturizing cream this one is just a

staple it's super cheap you can find it

everywhere and it works so well just to

just deliver deep hydration to the face

with really clean and effective

now if you want to get extra fancy like

I do there is a difference between the

daytime cream and a nighttime cream

daytime creams tend to be a little bit

of a more lightweight formula that focus

on protecting your skin and ensuring the

hydration while nighttime creams tend to

be a little bit heavier to really

prevent that tool because when we're

sleeping is when we experience tool than

most I personally have to say if you

struggle with oily skin something that

changed my life is using a bit of a

heavier moisturizer at night nothing too

crazy but enough to really hydrate your

skin you will notice over time that your

skin will stop being as oily as it

normally is it's a great trick alright

now that you found your perfect

moisturizer let's go on to step 3 which

is applying the moisturizer to your face

now let's just cut the [ __ ] out

right now a lot of people who work at

cosmetic counters will say that you have

to apply your moisturizer in a very

particular way only sweeping upwards

only doing certain things across the

face because if you move your face the

wrong way it's going to increase aging

honestly it's really not gonna increase

aging but you know what will increase

aging is having bad ingredients in your

skincare which a lot of people who work

at counters do not even realize it's

more important to use the right products

and sunscreen than it is to like apply

your moisturizer in a certain way now

saying what I said about how you apply

when you're applying the moisturizer you

want to make sure you take a small

amount on your fingers rub it between

your hands and gently work it into the

skin make sure you're pressing firm

enough so that the skin can soak it up

but don't be too harsh or abrasive or

fast when applying it to your skin

remember skincare is self-care so think

of it as a moment to just have like a

relaxing facial I like to say imagine if

someone else was touching your face put

that same amount of gentleness and care

into applying your moisturizer on your

own face now saying what I said about

how you apply a moisturizer yes while

this doesn't really impact aging at the

same time you don't want to be overly

rough with your face so don't do this

and don't do that just work the cream in

softly now a huge tip that a lot of

people forget make sure you moisturize

your neck and your chest area a lot of

people don't realize that the chest and

the neck are the places that we

experience it's like Daddy position

especially with our neck the amount of

times that we're like looking down at

our phones we will see a lot of aging so

it's best to moisturize those areas to

prevent aging as much as possible and

then a huge tip especially for people

with oily skin Pat the moisturizer into

the skin afterwards I noticed a huge

result when I started doing this I

noticed that my products absorbed wave

my skin looked more even it didn't look

more greasy and in places where it is

humid my skin didn't sweat out the

product easily now step number four I

want you guys to remember this none of

this will matter if you are not using

sunscreen it doesn't matter if you

moisturize doesn't matter if you cleanse

doesn't matter if you exfoliate if you

do not use sunscreen your gonna age no

matter what 90% of premature aging is

due to sun exposure so in addition to

the skincare routine you want to really

make sure that you are using sunscreen

and if you want to see my thoughts about

sunscreen make sure you subscribe to my

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where I talk about how to apply

sunscreen but I just wanted to say that

because a lot of people think they can

just stop with a moisturizer and go on

with a day and that is not the case

honey and that's it you figured out how

to moisturize your face congratulations

woo now if you have any questions feel

free to subscribe to my channel or go

over to the skincare junkie family where

you can ask any questions there and we

will answer them either way I hope this

really helped you in learning how to

moisturize your face and I can't wait

for you to see the last part of the

series where I talk about sunscreen next

week thank you so much guys