Skin care tips- facial moisturisers

hey guys stop the Davin Limbaugh to the

five laser dermatologists today we'll be

talking about skin moisturizers but in

specific moisturizers for your face and

what I'll be doing is I'll be talking

about three different types the cheap

the medium and they're very expensive or

the super expensive and I'll tell you

the difference about why these are the

case so let's go for the cheap one so

everyone has their own favorite

moisturizer and a cheap one which is

good I'm not saying it's bad it's good

is soda fill now the big thing about

moisturizers this everyone thinks it's

putting more moisture and putting

ingredients back into your skin it's not

okay so what moisturizers do is it helps

reduce trans epidermal water loss or te

WL so what it does it creates this

barrier on your skin and it stops or

reduces the amount of water loss

throughout the day and it also creates

this barrier so that it protects your

skin from antioxidants or it can have

active ingredients that's all the

moisturizer does nothing else it doesn't

infuse your skin it doesn't actually

hydrate your skin it prevents water loss

so that's something you've got to

actually understand it's all marketing

getting marketing marketing can't stand


but anyway so that is your low end

moisturizer so if we talk about a medium

and moisturizer what do I like I like

this I like a Barger hydrate a bi jahi

Drake is one of them another one we're

just this is my own personal one which I

actually buy yes we do get given as

dermatologists we've given lots of stuff

lots of very expensive moisturizers but

I choose definitely yes my patient that

I actually another tie this but I

actually do buy my moisturizers so free

plug for LA roche-posay guys because I

actually buy your moisturizers even

though I get given moisturizers so why

is AB IG and

Hydra face more expensive well the

reason why I barges a little bit more

expensive you're looking about 40 odd

dollars for this moisturizer it's

because it contains happening it's

happening supplant extract and this

plant extract can be found in things

like seaweed in various plants when they

get injury you know what happens with

this is that it holds water a little bit

better so decreases the amount of trans

epidermal loss and it's also more like a

filling lipophilic means it actually

likes the fatty areas in between your

kragnes sites so basically it is it

prevents water loss better because it's

more like the filling so that's what

you're paying for the other thing is

well it's more cosmetically elegant it

smells better it goes on a little bit

better and like I said if you like

something like that

hide your face right if you want

something more inclusive a budget

hydrate so let's talk about the

higher-end moisturizers so there are

really high in moisturizer stuff like

provide or even Lamia I won't even go

there do we get given those yes we do

how do we endorse those we don't the

reason being is because it's marketing

if you like la Mer if you've got that

kind of money to spend on four five six

hundred dollar moisturizer fine do that

if you like if you like it because it

feels good do it but if you want to buy

because it does something for your skin

don't because it doesn't yeah so any

moisturizer which contains things like

hyaluronic acid it doesn't work you've

got some Ajay's but it can't penetrate

down to your basement membrane so it

will not change your collagen so if

we're talking about a higher-end one

like aspect doctor you're looking at

something called reverse it roll right

reverse a troll once again is applied to

extract so seems like plants are pretty

good for you so yes it's a plant extract

in one of these plant extracts can

actually reverse or help reduce aging so

it's got anti-aging properties we don't

exactly know how it works there are two

studies out there that shows that this

particular chemical called reverse a

drop can actually reduce the rate of

melanoma so once again I'm not endorsing

saying that this will reduce skin cancer

but studies are underway showing that

there are certain chemicals for example

like reverse roll vitamin b3 lots of

other chemicals can actually reduce the

rate of skin cancer including vitamin A

as well so this is a very very simple

I guess review on moisturizers it's all

about I guess the touch and feel and

what you like the final tip and the

final tip I think is pretty important is

that you get yourself a really cheap

nasty greasy moisturizer something like

derma bean border Me's or white soft

paraffin or Vaseline and the reason why

you have this is because it can actually

help for skin conditions where your

skin's extremely dry so for example you

may have had a chemical peel a laser

procedure a high dose vitamin A or yeah

for example like a laser procedure which

I've just had you can see I'm still

healing up from the laser I'll show you

more on that in the next video but yeah

I'm healing up from a laser so what do i

do I use I use do move in order Me's for

three days in a row I put a old t-shirt

on top of my pillowcase I lather it on

that night and I use this as an

inclusive moisturizer at night and use

one of the lighter ones during the day

because it's more cosmetically elegant

so a tub of this will cost you about

seriously ten dollars and it will last

you seriously about a decade because you

only use a tiny amount unless you have


so guys I hope that clarifies facial

moisturizers for you in regards to how

they work

low and high end it's all about

marketing and at the end of the day it's

what you like so test it smell it use it

feel it whatever goes for you buy it but

like I said if you can actually have

something to reverse aging or actually

reverse lines and all mooster eyes is

not going to do that for you it's all

marketing guys marketing okay that's a

trade secret so don't believe the BS out

there guys hope you like this video it's

a very quick one and it's a very

specific one I do one video every

Saturday morning Brisbane time and

everything covering from DIY tips to

laser procedures to hire procedures like

facelifts I live surgery all that's all

the stuff but today is a simple one on

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