Best Moisturizers for Oily, Combination, Acne-Prone & Sensitive Skin Types!

hi guys welcome back to another episode

of PT within today you just got me flee

today we wanted to do a recap or like a

revamp over Al Holy Grail moisturizes

when it comes to moisturizers our skin

type really does affect you know the

different textures consistencies key

ingredients that we tend to focus on and

look for and for those of you who don't

know Rowena has dry dehydrated skin

while I have the oily combination and a

little bit of acne prone let's be real

the struggle is real so we thought we

would split it up into two different

episodes so that we can really go in

depth about a favorite Holy Grail

moisturizers that we found really helped

I have nine here and they go from

drugstore to you know K Beauty they're

all within the affordable range because

I think you guys really do enjoy that

and I think there's a lot of affordable

options that are great and so we're

gonna recap over how it works on our

skin what the importance is and

different ingredients that we can look

for to help balance and also rebalance a

production of sebum make it look nice

and glowy without leaving any sort of

like residue or be you know comedogenic

and block out pores because i think for

people with oily skin that's the last

thing we want right so i have a bunch of

different textures from like lightweight

gels to a little more like putting

texture and then we also have like more

creams so hopefully you guys will enjoy

this installment of my Holy Grail

moisturizers if you guys haven't

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with me and so first let's just recap

over what moisturizers are what they do

and what we should be looking for


so it boils down to two main functions

that it helps with on our skin which is

skin barrier and tool trans epidermal

water loss so the skin barrier is the

outermost layer of our skin and it's

called the stratum corneum it's also

made up of different layers as well and

it's comprised of dead skin which is all

stuck together with a sort of glue that

we naturally produce from our sebaceous

glands and this glue helps to you know

lock in each of the skin cells to make

sure there's almost like a protective

wall the wall is the skin barrier and

what the skin barrier is trying to do is

basically defend us from external

aggresses things like dust and bacteria

free radicals from things like pollution

and just anything outside that's like

foreign and not good for the health of

our skin and what glues it all together

are things like lipids vitamin E and all

of that is within our sebum so then you

know on a good day it's doing its job

it's protecting us and we naturally have

this like built up defense but on a not

so good day when the skin barrier is

compromised we always use the word

compromised it just means that it's kind

of like broken down like if you feel

itchy scratchy it's irritated or like

even red there's a signs that the skin

barrier is compromised and what happens

then is that it kind of like cracks open

to then allow these external aggresses

to be able to enter into the deeper

layers of our skin which causes

breakouts inflammation but also it can

really speed up the aging process

because there's not enough moisture

being held into the skin which is then

known as trans epidermal water loss as

the name suggests it's when our skin

experiences water loss or our skin cells

hold hydration they hold water content

and you know things like toners serums

those are what actually replenish our

skin cells and then the moisturizer

locks it in the reason why we use

moisturizers and things like facial oils

is because moisturizers and oils have a

higher fat content makeup compared to

things like a turnout serum which is

more water-based like back in the days

of when I was a little less educated on

skincare I'd be like oh my god

oily skin I don't want to use a

moisturizer because I just feel like

it's oily well one is because it's

probably the wrong moisturizer but two

that's probably the worst thing you

could do as an oily skin person because

then it's signals to the sebaceous

glands and the pores and it needs to go

into basically overdrive to produce more

oils to then naturally like lubricate

and protect the skin again so that was a

big no-no and a complete

misunderstanding for the longest time

and I learned my lesson so we're sharing

it with you guys and the reason why we

want to focus on trans epidural water

loss is because when we lose the water

content it speeds up the look of you

know premature aging dull looking skin

it can also create like a crusty layer

that kind of stops our skincare products

from being able to penetrate through

that dead skin layer so we really want

to emphasize hydration and I think Rowe

and I have been talking to death about

it recently in the latest videos as you

know hydration being the number one kind

of problem solver for most skin concerns

and issues so now going into the

different types of moisturizers as a lot

but I'm only gonna focus on the ones

that are suitable for combination oily

and acne prone so generally I like to

stick to you know non comedogenic gel

types and just very kind of like

lightweight and you'll see that I still

use moisturizers that are a little bit

thicker as well because it's not that

you can't use like a thick consistency

but it all depends on the texture and

the way it plays into your skin okay so

I'm just going to jump into my favorites

because I think this is what you all

signed on here for so this is a pure gel

game I think my love for gel and

moisturizers is pretty apparent on this

channel it's very fast absorbing it

doesn't leave an oily film I feel like

it doesn't leave my skin greasy and

feeling stickier than it normally was

and it just like sits and sinks

really quickly so that's what I tend to

look for in a moisturizer so this one

Lumi away I mentioned it in my new and

exciting finds video but what it is is

like this beautiful deep sea water gel

moisturizer that has encapsulated oils

in it so this one has all the

ingredients that you know like I rape on

and on about for soothing for calming

for hydrating for nourishing it's got a

saline which is so called the blue milk

mushroom and the pictures of so strange

it's like you just died a mushroom blue

but it's there for strengthening the

skin barrier as well as soothing the

skin and then this until se Attica which

also helps with being soothing and

calming unit things for like redness or

irritation that is my go-to ingredient

and then it's also got an ingredient

called Penta VIN it's kind of like

hyaluronic acid it helps to lock in that

hydration and lock in that moisture and

so when all of these are combined in

this moisturizer I'm like holy crap and

you know that like kind of water

bursting effect this glides over the

skin like a dream like if I was an ice

skating fittest skater and it's just

like and then it just like became this

wave on the butt like a surfing on a

beach I don't know but even it just

looks so beautiful and I think because

of the encapsulation of the little beads

of oil it's the perfect balance it's not

overly greasy and it keeps your skin

hydrated for the entire day this is one

that I would definitely nobly recommend

one thing to also note is that the deep

sea water is different from just like

water because there's a different kind

of culmination of minerals and potassium

and calcium of when water is extracted

from you know the depths when light

doesn't touch so it's actually pretty


and I love it if you want that truly

like glass skin glowing look highly

recommend the next I really enjoy is the

verse dew point moisturizing gel cream

it's got green tea leaf extract as well

as ally literatures so vast is a really

great simple ewg approved ingredient

formulation listed ran it was kind of

born from the fact that you know people

don't want to have a bunch of these like

questionable ingredients they want it to

be simple but effective

as well and also at a very affordable

price point so that's what versed stands

for as a brand so what's great about

this is that it's very simple it's got

the green tea extract le leaf juice as

well as jojoba seed oil and sodium

hyaluronic just comparing these two off

the badness is definitely more hydrating

and probably last longer but for this in

the depths of like the summer months I

think it's perfect for combo oily skin

types it gives you enough hydration to

kind of balance out sebum production but

it won't leave the skin feeling sticky

or suffocated

so how her bottle is actually one of

those really great beneficial oils

especially for oily or acne-prone skin

because it is a little more fast

absorbing and it's not comedogenic so

obviously this depends on each person

but as you can see it's just like your

typical Jill so lightweight so

lightweight blends like a dream and I

honestly can't see like why anyone

wouldn't enjoy this if you had oily skin

so next to I want to mention first I was

like thinking hmm I really obviously

love the dr. John taya grass coming gel

cream bro and I have mentioned this for

a really long time now it's been one of

our favorites but I also threw this in

because as I was like you know getting

ready for this video I realized this

good old fortunia cortada calming

moisture cream is almost exactly the

same in terms of the way it feels in

terms of what it does to the skin and

it's a little bit more affordable so

I'll first start off with the kind of

like fave og so if you guys haven't

heard about dr. jotte or any of the

skincare products they have something

caught the job iron which helps to

strengthen to balance and improve the

skin texture as well as the skin barrier

against things like irritation and

external pollutants which is kind of

what like all the moisturizers do but

the focus of their ingredients is to

really like help facilitate and

complement that so this whole range the

Seco pair obviously has the centella

like family which means it's really

great for sensitive skin is really great

for calming and soothing redness and

then there's the cecum bond which helps

to repair and rebuild damaged areas of

the skin so I feel like if you have

inconsistencies of texture maybe you use

too much chemical exfoliants and it's

totally dried it out and is stripped

and it's tight and taut and irritated

this is definitely something that you

can look for to kind of heal it back to

life so definitely a great contender for

combo oily skin okay so moving on to

poodle and it's actually a brand that's

like not very commonly mentioned it is a

k-beauty brand and I just feel like it's

such a great dupe for the doctor job

because it's essentially the same it

feels the same it almost does the same

thing in terms of soothing calming like

revitalizing the skin back to health but

the only difference is instead of like

concentrating on the centella asiatica

as much as this it concentrates on the

hor tunia cortada which is a very

similar ingredient to the centella

asiatica and apparently the Fortuno

katana is sourced from jeju island in

korea between April and June seasons

because the levels of the way the plant

like works on the skin is highest at

that time so that's super interesting it

also has turmeric root extract like this

one as well as centella asiatica it

specifically got the medical side which

is like under the family of centella and

this one's just got a little bit more

like oils in it but in terms of this

scent you really don't get the sense

that this comes through as being overly

obnoxious in terms of like the scent it

gives I honestly enjoy it now going into

another gel which is drugstore which

I've used for a really long time like on

and off because it's just one of those

like handy things to have when all goes

wrong in life so servi is just one of

those brands that to me is just very

dependable it's very affordable and just

because it's affordable it doesn't mean

that it doesn't work because it has

saved me on many occasions when I've

totally like stripped my skin and

accidentally like done too much so this

is the facial moisturizing lotion ultra

lightweight PM lotion and what servi is

known for is obviously the ceramides or

the ceramide np2 ceramides are actually

naturally made by our skin in that

brick-and-mortar you know the lipid skin

barrier layer of our skin so when it's

compromised what we want to do is feed

it more ceramides and it's also got

niacin amide as well as hyaluronic acid

so in terms of restoring skin Barrio

this is like a go-to no fuss I even use

this during the day you know with a

sunscreen it's kind of like not as gel

like it's in between like a gel and a

lotion but as it says it's super super

lightweight I just feel comfortable

using it you only need a little bit that

spreads all over the face you can even

like layer on because it's very fast

absorbing doesn't smell like anything

and this is great if you're gonna be

using like Turner's or serums that are a

little bit more heavy duty like if they

have acids in them or even vitamin C

this just plays really well into like

being able to mix without being too much

next we have the glue recipe

banana souffle moisture cream and this

is it's for calming and hydrating you

can see this theme scattered throughout

all my favorite moisturizers because

that's really what I look for once again

because I use a lot of like active

ingredients in the earliest stages and

with the moisturizer to really calm and

not affect everything else that's kind

of like working on the skin before hand

this is one of my faves because it's

super cute

it smells like banana so this is a very

soothing lightweight moisturize up with

a very unique consistency and I think

souffle is like the best way to put it

because it's kind of it's not like a gel

it's not a lotion it's not a cream it's

like a little bit of every thing of that

so the key ingredient is of course the

banana extract and banana is rich in

magnesium as well as potassium it has

turmeric extract as well as seco to help

restore the skins hydration and then one

thing that kind of sets this one apart

from the others is that it does have a

little bit more strong of anniver

like fragrance but to me that doesn't

really make it like a deal breakup

because I actually really enjoy when the

aroma is there as the sensorial

experienced but if fragrance is

something that you don't like then

that's something to take note of so yes

that is that one okay now moving on to

like the more heavier weights and when I

say heavier weight it's still like

nowhere near as heavy weight is like

what a dry skinned person would be these

are just heavier in the spectrum of an

oily skin person right so I have two

here one is the made seer cream return

from skin Eric's lab and then there's

the peach and Lily much of putting

antioxidant cream both you have heard me

talk about to death already so this one

I mentioned in that like updated

skincare routine when my skin especially

around the nose and the jaw line had

like these weird imbalances of being

like really dry and irritated and kind

of like uncomfortable and it says it is

for all skin types and I think the

reason for that is because it has a lot

of like comfortable and nourishing

ingredients for example it's got the

ceramide and P which as we said is a

natural substance that our bodies

produce on our skin and this helps to

really replenish and nourish and restore

a broken skin barrier and then it's also

got the adenosine which is for skin

smoothing and anti-aging just as like

that blanket over the skin then it's got

the scent Ella az attica components my

best friend so all of these together

make a very strong contender of being a

really great moisturizer the only thing

is this one compared to the other ones

that I've mentioned previously does

leave a little bit more of that like

oily kind of feeling on the skin but

it's not sticky and it's still very

lightweight and sinks really quickly

into the skin which is why I like it so

in terms of like a I think a

transitional moisturizer or if you're

more combo rather than oily then this is

a really great moisturizer but if you're

like super oily oily I don't think I

would recommend this this

also has a little bit of fragrance in it

and once again I really enjoy the

fragrance or the aroma of it it's kind

of like this floral sweet smell so if

that's something that you don't like

then that's also something to look out

for and yes it's like a really pretty

pink so then moving on to another one

this is also a very different

consistence and compared to everything

else that we've mentioned this is the

Fijian Lily much of putting antioxidant

cream the key ingredients of this one is

matcha and nice and amide two of my

absolute favorites don't have to keep

mentioning so much' is really high as an

antioxidant which helps you know

anti-aging it helps fight off free

radicals so the first time I use this I

remember thinking like oh my god it just

left my skin looking and feeling like

skin that didn't feel like there was

anything on it it left this like

beautiful kind of glowing but semi matte

feel and look on the skin so it wasn't

like glowing and shiny and it's just so

lightweight so silky or this skin it

feels more like a lightweight lotion

like a pudding lotion and on top of that

there's also other botanical extracts

like the China berry flower and leaf

there's also the Moringa seed and the

lotus flower extract and all of these

together are very subtly brightening

it's not like vitamin C where it's going

to brighten instantly like over the

course of two to three weeks I think

these are all very classic ingredients I

will just nourish the skin aid it back

to health and keep it consistently

glowing and smooth and I think this is

actually one of the best all rounded

moisturizes year round it's fine to use

during hotter month because it's not

thick but it's also good enough to use

during the depths of winter when you

need a little bit more nourishment so

it's it's kind of like that porridge

right in the middle the last one that I

kind of just threw in last minute and

it's not exactly a moisturizer but it's

the different gel it's adapt lean 0.1

acne treatment so why threw this in here

is because I would actually use this

before any of the moisturizers but it

just plays hand-in-hand to help manage

things like breakouts especially my

hormonal ones and you don't even have to


this way when you have a break out you

can use it like leading up to you know

your cycle or when you know you tend to

break out during the month so what this

contains is a form of retinoid known as

the adapt lean and if the first

over-the-counter formulation that they

actually released it's great to use all

over the face or even as a spot

treatment or even you know just like

over the patches where you feel like you

are breaking out or you will break out

so what that dappling does because it is

a retinoid it does help with that cell

renewal to really speed up and regulate

the cell renewal so it doesn't get

trapped in the pause which is why we get

breakouts in the first place so this one

is also really affordable it's like

under $15 and honestly just like a

game-changer because it is very

affordable and available but for those

of you with a little bit more like

sensitive skin you might feel a little

bit of dryness or irritation in which

case just make sure you are combining it

with something that's very nourishing

and moisturizing making sure it's still

nourished even though there is rapid

cell renewal I think I also read that

some of you who have used that or in the

comments and reviews that there is like

a purging process for me I didn't really

go through anything like that but I

think that is definitely possible if you

are using retinol and retinol so I think

just a tip just stick it out see if it

like consistently happens because if it

is purging it should go away in a couple

of days it shouldn't be like

consistently over a week and if that's

the case I would just kind of like stop

using it if there's any sort of other

irritation where it's like a little bit

more painful I would also say maybe

retinoid isn't for you even though this

is like only 0.1 it is very effective

okay so that is the roundup of my

favorite moisturizers and these are ones

that I've used for years like two to

three years had them on hand I think the

most recent one is probably the peach

and lily and the blue Sica but I love

them so much it's like you know when you

meet a friend and you feel like you've

known them forever that's how I feel

like with most of these it just like

clicks I don't think there's anything

here that I wouldn't recommend for you

guys we have like combination oily and

sensitive because I'm very sensitive as

well like if there's something that

you that my skin doesn't like you know

you will see it and feel it instantly

I'll start like getting a rash almost so

these are all very suitable for

sensitive skin just keep an eye out for

the difference because that is a

retinoid so yes on top of that make sure

you're drinking a lot of water you're

getting a lot of your cruciferous

vegetables which are just like your

healthy greens things like sweet potato

which is like vitamin A you know because

a healthy nutritious diet is actually

the first step in to truly of the

glowing skin and anti-aging like food as

medicine food as skin care so I hope

this off is at least a little bit of a

helping hand if you guys are looking for

something from you to try out I highly

recommend all of them and they're my

crowning winners forever and always make

sure you keep a lookout for Rowena's

holy grails because they are definitely

very different to mine although you know

there are some crossovers like this she

also uses and yes thank you so much for

watching and we'll see you in the next


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