Top 5 Best Modems of [2020]

regardless of whether you're a streamer

influencer youtuber a professional gamer

or a web designer a huge portion of jobs

today involve working from home over the


you might have a subscription to a

decent internet plan you might have a

killer PC rig but do you really feel

that you have a stable reliable internet

connection most people don't know that

they're only using a small portion of

their available internet and quickly

give up searching for a solution as it

sometimes might seem too complex to

grasp the reason why we recommend

upgrading your modem is that it's the

quickest simplest and possibly the

cheapest answer to all of your internet

related problems

let's take a look at some of the best

models you can find in 2020 for more

information on the products I've

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straight into it let's start off with

neck gears see m400 modem basically this

is the best model you can sport if

you're on a tighter budget but don't let

that get you to think that it's

performance is in any way inferior to

neck gears more recent releases it rocks

a high max speed of 340 Mbps and excels

in connectivity due to the fact that

it's outfitted with the gigabit ethernet

port as well as AWA n cable for coaxial

connection simply put it offers premium

performance at a very approachable price

considering that cm 400 is a modem that

belongs to the lower end of the budget

price point category most people who

have used it can agree that its

affordability is one of its biggest

advantages what we also liked about it

is that it offers fast and consistent

internet speeds capping at 340 Mbps at

peak hours what further complements its

performance in this field is 8x4 channel

bonding it rocks

eight downstream and four upstream

channels allowing you to game stream and

browse the web pretty fast in terms of

design it's a relatively small modem

with the petite footprint it's

dimensions are 9.46 inches by seven

point one seven inches by two point zero

five inches

and it weighs a mere 0.44 pounds

although there's no need to upgrade its

top speed - given the fact that all the

upgraded versions have already addressed

this issue we couldn't overlook the fact

that cm 400 is slow as a turtle in

comparison to C 60 250 for example truth

be told the speed of 320 Mbps is

completely fine if not even phenomenal

for single PC users it might not be a

perfect solution for use in an office or

gaming cafes in conclusion we can safely

say that this is one of the best modems

if you're on a tighter budget it sports

plenty of channels it supports decently

high internet speed plans it's small

light and it boasts decent network

coverage here we have neck gears C 60 to

50 Wi-Fi cable modem router model even

though it's a second place don't

consider it as a runner up as its

performance is several times stronger in

comparison to CM 400 this particular

router is perfect for streaming as it

offers nearly unparalleled internet

speed capping at 680 Mbps it's basically

a combo router and DOCSIS 3.0 platform

that was specifically built for

streaming videos in Full HD

high-speed competitive gaming and

obviously downloading pretty much

anything in mere moments in terms of

size it's bigger than an average Wi-Fi

router but it's still pretty compact and

portable due to the fact that it has a

huge Wi-Fi range space isn't really an


it weighs roughly a pound and it's

dimensions measure seven point six eight

inches by seven point seven nine inches

by two point five two inches

streaming from a single PC or laptop

typically doesn't require too many

channels and as a single user you

usually won't need more than a hundred

Mbps of the Internet to stream however

the situation drastically changes if you

earn your bread by streaming using it in

an office with coworkers owning a cafe

and such the main reason why this model

is so good for streaming is that it has

a total of 20 channels 16 down and 4 up

a whole office of influencers youtubers

gamers podcasters and internet

celebrities can separately stream their

own shows from one place while hooked on

to this standalone

unit what's more it also sports wife I

secured access via wpa wpa2 PSK and WEP

double firewall security spi and NIT and

do s cyber attack prevention software

the only thing that you might not like

about this particular modem is that it

features exceptionally bright indicators

and sure if you put it in your bedroom

you'll probably have a light show that

will most certainly not help you sleep

more soundly simply relocate it anywhere

else and you'll easily get rid of this

problem All Things Considered sees 6250

is a powerhouse Wi-Fi combo modem router

that promises quite a bit in terms of

performance and reliability it doesn't

cost much and it's definitely worth

every single cent in all fairness

Netgear sees 700 nighthawk is a

relatively old model even so it is still

relevant even today mainly due to the

fact that it's performance is so high

that there weren't many things that

could have been upgraded in the first

place it supports internet speeds up to

approximately 400 Mbps and boasts

network coverage of above 1,800 square

feet in terms of connectivity it sports

for Gigabit Ethernet connection ports

and two USB ports 24 by a channel

bonding and of course DOCSIS 3.0

compatibility modem and router combos

are fairly popular on the market but the

reason why Nighthawk is so good is that

it offers no compromise between

supported internet plans network

coverage and security from cyberattacks

do s prevention firewall etc what keeps

C 700 Nighthawk relevant and present on

the shelves all across the globe even

today is the fact that it's one of the

most balanced combo Wi-Fi router modems

out there it has the speed and the

coverage to cater to pretty much

anyone's needs on top of that at both

superior connectivity and dozens of

channels atop all the features we're all

familiar with

DOCSIS compatibility w.a and

connectivity and such and truth the

brand already took care of all the

potential improvements which leads us to

the only thing that you could like

perhaps a bit more Netgear offers newer

more advanced models from the same

series that provide bigger internet

speed caps more

and a bit more reliable security

software even though it's true that

Nighthawks see 700 isn't the latest

letter in technology it's still one of

the best modem router combos you can

find on the market it offers great

connectivity and internet speeds in a

relatively small package so it's hard to

imagine what you couldn't do with it

we're moving on to RS surfboard SB 8200

this is a neat little modem that casts a

long shadow over everything we've

covered so far it sports 40 channels

several after net ports and is

compatible with internet plans up to 10

Gbps frightening isn't it it's

remarkably easy to install through the

ISPs self activation site which

basically means that you don't need to

worry about finding that CD you've

misplaced a couple of weeks back if you

have subscribed to the fastest internet

in your country we can guarantee that

only a handful of modems will be able to

give you what you need to squeeze out

every bit of it and surfboard SB 8200 is

one of them that aside at sports 32 by 8

channel bonding and support stocks is 3

which means that it's pretty much a

regular high performance modem on

steroids if you didn't want to pay those

extra $50 for a 1 Gbps download speed

you don't really need the surfboard it's

the best modem for high-speed Internet

but it won't really give you the edge

you're looking for if you don't have a

subscription to a high-speed plan

however that's pretty much its only

drawback it costs slightly more simply

because it was specifically made for

high-speed net users as far as its

performance goes into other spheres it's

technically flawless though it's true

that faster modems exist the surfboard

has everything a larger office needs to

cater to the Internet needs of

approximately 50 workers this modem has

plenty of channels it's great in terms

of connectivity and it comes in a small

light and durable casing let's wrap it

up with Motorola's mg 7700 modem

basically this is a schoolbook example

of all the great things and features

that top-quality modems need to have in

order to qualify to be on the best of


first of all it sports 24 by 8 channel

bonding and

compatible with DOCSIS 3 it sports 2

Gigabit Ethernet connection ports

firewall security power boost amp

feature and is compatible with internet

plans up to 1 Gbps it's not that this is

the strongest and fastest modem out

there it's that it's the most balanced

and reliable one Motorola's mg 7700

provides 4 at the net ports features a

built in AC 199 3x3 dual band router and

supports 1 Gbps download speeds the only

thing that we didn't particularly like

about this model is that the settings

indicators are a bit too bright at the

end of the day the reason why Motorola's

mg 7700 is the best router overall is

that it excels in every single field of

performance while lacking in none again

it's not the strongest and it doesn't

support heavy plans like our previous

pic but it doesn't bring its drawbacks

to the table either different jobs and

intentions call for a different approach

when it comes to picking a suitable

modem those are just some of the many

reasons why we've picked only the best

models from different categories rest

assured all 5 modem models we are

recommending to you are of tremendous

quality and are made by reliable brands

that being said you technically can't

pick a wrong one