Top 5 World Best Camera Phones

the Samsung Galaxy instant plus is the

best smartphone available right now it's

the big phone that's designed for big

hands and it takes the very best efforts

on the smartphone market and puts it

together in a compelling package that we

have loved testing the Super AMOLED 6

point 4 inch display has been listed as

the very best around

with super colors great dynamic range

and essentially the very best viewing

experience you can have on a mobile

phone the default resolution is Full HD

plus but you can crank it to qhd+ and

it's very sharp with is gr 10 plus for

superior contrast and color that's a

very important feature if you are a

movie watcher on your phone plus there's

the fingerprint scanner embedded in the

display the battery life on the galaxy s

10 plus is an improvement over the

insuline plus thanks to the larger 4100

milliampere battery inside it will

easily reach bedtime with double digits

still left in the tank the iStent plus

also offers Samsung new wireless power

share allowing you to wirelessly charge

other devices on the rear of the handset

the back has a triple lens camera that

takes normal telephoto and new ultra

white photos you can capture more of

what's in front of you without having to

take few steps back the Galaxy S 10 plus

is packed full of the best Samsung has

to offer and it comes together to give

you the best smartphone experience

around right now the Huawei P 30 pro is

the best smartphone hunt comes to

photography the Huawei P 30 pro is so

close to being the best smartphone right

now and for some people it's already in

the top spot it's the best fun way of

use 200 comes to photography with 5x and

10x zoom capabilities and fantastic

low-light performance the large 6 1/4 of

an inch screen on the p30 pro may only

have a full HD plus resolution but it's

bright clear and colorful providing an

excellent canvas for your apps and games

the Huawei p30 Pro X at 4200 milliampere

battery which is larger than those in

pretty much all of its rival the YP 30

pro packs in a killing 9 8 0 chipset and

8gb of ram using the handset plenty of

power under the hood this means the p30

pro is capable of handling any app you

throw at it with fast load times and the

ability to render graphically demanding

games such as pop

the highest settings without skipping a

bit there's no Orion it comes to p30 Pro

potentially running out of juice the

battery life here is excellent the

huawei p30 Pro standard feature is its

camera setup is the feature Huawei is

marketing the phone around and for good

reason as a camera phone it's excellent

on the rear you will find a quad camera

array comprising of 40 megabits the main

sensor it may have resulted for the

camera 20 megapixel ultra wide-angle

lens and time on flight depth-sensing

camera the cameras RP 30 pros sets the

new standard for the entire mobile

industry it's for air cameras are quite

simply astonishing the design is

eye-catching and powerful it is

providing good 5x and 10x zoom and it is

gel 50x zoom which gets you instantly

close to the objects far off in the


this low-light capabilities are also

top-notch the p30 pro not only sets a

new standard for a huawei it sets the

new standard for the entire mobile

industry it's the true flagship

smartphone the Google pixel 3 XL is the

best biggie screen camera phone you can

buy today one that's able to capture

stunning photos that your friends own

believe gained from a smartphone if you

are looking for one of the best camera

phone on the market loop no further the

single rear snapper on the Google pixel

3 XL is the best we have come across you

also get a big screen descent battery

life and plenty of power under the hood

making the Google pixel 3xl all-around

flagship smartphone it's hard to ignore

the 6.3 inch display which dominates the

front of the Google Books in 3 XL but it

is still offers the cheatin bezel

providing space for one of the two

stereo front-facing speakers the qHD

resolution and HD support ensure

everything looks great but the notch is

a little ugly the battery life on the

Google pixel 3xl exits many of its

rivals comfortably lasting a day on a

single charge and sometimes getting

halfway through the next one - depending

on your uses you may only be getting a

single camera on the rear of the pixel 3

XL but do not underestimate it the

camera here is capable of producing some

simply staggering results making

shooting great photos easy and fun the

Google pistol 3 XL marries the best

camera phone we have ever tested with a

sizable OLEDs screen

is the right food for people who don't

mind a notch cut out at the top and have

already adjusted their lip for bigger

smartphones in the past

the war where mid-2000 is still one of

the best phone from the Chinese firm to

date offering up a heavy mix of design

power and performance with a few Bharti

pieces thrown into it builds on the p20

appeal to the probe offering up even

more screen enhanced jewelry cameras and

then Industry fingerprint scanner this

phone have given 90 to the processor and

it's the first as an avenue to achieve

on any Android phone the may 20 pro have

6 GB of RAM and 8gb of storage you can

expand the storage to a maximum of 256

GB you'd have a six point three nine

inch display using a huge amount of

space for gaming and movies and it's you

HD resolution and a stay attend support

ensures everything looks great you will

get great battery life from A to G pro

and we regularly achieves a day and a

half of uses from a single charge during

our a new time this phone comes with

three cameras on the rear adding less

than 40 mega pixel wide angle and 8

megapixel telephoto lenses from the p20

pro but the third sensor is new it's an

alder wide 16 megapixels clapping

allowing you to capture even more of

your surroundings into each shop the

mid-20 pro is a full-featured phone for

a future price the best phone for

productivity minded power users the

Samsung Galaxy Note line is one of the

best phones we have ever tested and also

one of the most expensive however for

that money you are getting an external

spec list including the first mainstream

phone to offer wanted a bit of storage

and an incredible screen let's get right

to the screen it's beautiful it's a bit

narrow if you are coming from the node 5

or similar but the way it wraps around

the frame the smaller bristles and the

impressive color reproduction and

brightness make it a real favorite with

4,000 milliampere battery under the hood

the note line has one of the biggest

batteries Samsung has ever thrust into a

device meaning it can easily last

through the day you can also charge over

wireless easily the cameras and Samsung

phones are part of the reason the ranks

were highly in our list the sheer

capability and low-light performance is


photos are definitely more on the

colorful side the secondary rear camera

allows for 2 X optical zoom giving new

shaft telephoto snapshots for when

you're standing too far away the

aperture here is always set at 2.4 and

like the main length it has optical

image stabilization to make up for your

shaky hands the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

does so much and we have not even

touched on the new camera remote enabled

bluetooth else pin the expensive quality

screen the battery life and the camera

all combined to make this a stunning

smartphone only if you can afford it