what's going on guys this is my cue a

lunch break lunch calm today's video I

wanna show you the best direct sales

companies to work for in 2019 and beyond

now all of these have very high earning

potential but you know it's all gonna be

related to how good you're able to sell

stuff but what's cool about this you

don't have to go anywhere you can do all

of the cells from these businesses

directly at home you know do to Facebook

live YouTube live all the other

platforms that are available to you you

never even have to leave your house you

know you can actually start a Facebook

group you can start a YouTube channel

you can do like the Facebook live events

where you talk about the products and do

the sells you may have seen those

already on Facebook but I'm gonna jump

in here and show you guys all the ones

that I found all these legit half of

these you can be you know they're

they're good for male or female and some

of them they're mostly this could be for

me for females but they're for both I

have about 5 or 6 for each one and I

even have one so if you have like a

little kids between like 11 and 17 you

can get them started on their

entrepreneur journey as well as early as


you know if they get like a following

don't wanna be Facebook lives or things

like that they can do that and sell

products and actually make money before

they even leave high school even middle

school they can start their own little

business empire going forward now I'll

get to one of those here in to submit

but let's jump in here and show you all

these different businesses that you can

join that are direct sales companies and

show you some of the earning potential

with each one of them they're amazing so

let's jump in here alright the first one

is called Kaiser and Blair Kaiser and

Blair is where it's like promotional

products for businesses and there are

hundreds of millions of businesses

worldwide there are so many in the

United States alone and you can make a

lot of money helping those businesses

just advertise their business with

products like you know like little

keychains and things like that were

their names on them and things like that

and it's very CEO says Kaiser and Blair

it's like this right here you can sell

stuff like this they're promotional

products and you can actually sell those

to companies worldwide so you can start

your own business from here it's very

very cheap to get started now do you

know a lot of these businesses will you

know call us a little bit of startup to

go with them but usually almost all of

them are less than $100 way under

hundred bucks but the minimum startup

cost no big franchise fees ongoing fees

plus they will refund your business

package start a package which has all

your you know your sells material and

stuff in different of $85 after your

first $1500 in sells there's just

65% gross margin on the products which

is the highest in the industry and I

want to show you what your earning

potential would be with this here's the

2-pack because you got the standard in

the premium to get started with Kaiser

and Blair between 85 and $2.99 but let

me show you how you can actually how

much you can actually make with this

guys it's insane all right so annual

earnings for part-time business owners

part-time that means not working full

time this would be after your current

job is between seven and twenty thousand

dollars per year now for the full ties

full-time business owners we're talking

a whole lot more I mean we're talking in

the range of 60 to 180 five thousand

dollars right here is your average you

know earnings per week total sells it's

crazy what you can actually make in

twenty thousand twenty twelve Kaiser and

Blair awarded in excess of $350,000 and

Dylan Diller bonuses as well but here's

what your average can be as you guys can

see how many cells you have right you

can see full-time business owners at

between 16 185 grand think about that if

you were to go to college guys what

other business can you start between 85

and $300 that you can make between

sixteen hundred eighty-five thousand

dollars with its you're just not gonna

find one that's why I put this one here

is the first one that I you know for you

guys to go check out this is for both

women and men can both to do this very

easily because of the way the products

are set up now the next one up is going

to be what's called Amway Amway is very

very large companies been around for a

very long time they couldn't have liked

an Amway Stadium and things like that

but you can go and start your own

business by going to Amway as well click

right here to start your own business

and they have a very high earnings and

they have so many products and that you

guys can actually go out and promote and

you know start making money on there's

tons and tons of them on Amway to start

get here it's around ninety nine dollars

and you can kind of see what's gonna

come with and what I recommend to is

between any of these that you join you

gotta make sure some of all of them that

you're gonna be going and trying out or

you want to start with make sure they

have some type of education so yeah this

has like an education multiple language

that will help you and give you ideas

about how to get out there start selling

those products you want that especially

if you're brand new you're gonna want

some training to get you going to start

making money and you know how to market

your new business because that's what

it's gonna be coming down to his

marketing those online videos you're

gonna be making and things like that

same way over here Kaiser and Blair they

actually have an online training thing

for you as well that you can do at home

everything is like step by step when you

start your own business


way you're gonna be able to get out

there you know what to do so introducing

like your business owner manual and

these are like the two things you're

gonna get like I said this is the

standard which is 85 it's gonna give you

guys a bunch of uh samples and like the

product itself to go out there and help

you know small businesses help them

promote their products so make sure

there's some training okay that you come

with that now the next one up guys now

that Amway is for male or female as well

now the Herbalife nutrition especially

if you were like your if you know your

to fitness or health or something like

that this is a great place that you can

go it's called Herbalife nutrition and

you can go there and start your own

business they have a business

opportunity just the same as well you

can go out there take the gold standard

you can read about their success stories

but the earning potential here is

extremely high as well God's very very

high all these ones that I'm showing you

even mm-my has a potential to earn over

six figures as well and that gets very

low cost there's very little risk in

these guys you know I'm saying so

definitely jump on one of these

opportunities if you're ready to start

your own online business or direct sales

business so you can check out on

Herbalife and they have a lot of

products you can go out there and start

promoting this would be very easy

especially you have like a healthy

channel or if you start like a Facebook

group about you know getting healthy or

maybe you've lost like 30 or 40 pounds

you can you know with tire block into

that weight loss tell people to go check

out these products and things like that

to start living healthier and may be a

great opportunity for you guys to sell

these products now the next one up is

called world global network it's

definitely one of those ones that you

can do this for male or female as well

you start a business up here you'll go

to build your business without anxiety

and you can actually go here and just

join this one for the opportunity to

come to home and you come over to

opportunities and then click on

opportunity and you can actually join

them as well and they are very good

business been around for a long time all

these four that I showed you right now

I've been around for a very very long

time but definitely check those up and

now the next one up that I want to show

you something especially if you guys are

wine lovers now if you're a wine lover

and there's that cop showing you some

clicked I'm not 21 yes I am so if you

guys are a wine lover you can actually

come over here to direct sellers and you

can actually promote this this is the

same sauce another MLM it's a

multi-level marketing one or it is a

direct sales marketing they usually

interchangeable but you come down to the

bottom here and click on opportunity and

then you

can actually go in here and read about

the opportunities that you have

available to you now they do have down

here at the bottom you have the

opportunity sell enough you can get

what's called a DC car club so basically

if you you know depending on how much

sale you'll be able to get a car paid

for you up to $750 per month through the

thing they have an ambassador program

and financial rewards and over here is

where you will learn once you click on

one of those that I showed you you'll

learn about the information here so to

become a cellular director plus at one

time cash you get a cash bonus of over

fifteen hundred dollars down here's the

different compensation plans that you

would get depending on you know how much

you sell and it goes down six levels

deep so when you build out your you know

your actual your your multilevel

marketing your the company could people

that's gonna be underneath you when they

sell stuff to you're still gonna get

paid even if you're not selling anything

and then right here is where you see if

you get to level two and you're able to

get a BMW a tesla cadillac and all the

or a mercedes and if you get paid a $750

per month to go towards that monthly

payment on one of those cars it's a very

good opportunity for you guys especially

if you are a wine lover and you'd like

tasting new wines you can actually get

out there and hold on post wine parties

and you know and introduce new people

into wine and then they can sell on

silver sell the wine themselves as well

so definitely check out that if you are

a wine lover you can learn all about

that and the information they got the

different packages and get started plus

you know you're gonna get your wine and

stuff like that as well for testing now

and the next one up is something called

it's essential oils there's a couple

bigger big companies Young Living is one

of the bigger ones they have a great

opportunity this is for men or women as

well and it's all about using essential

oils in your home and replacing the

harsh chemicals that are normally used

for cleaning and things like that you

can use the diffuser or things like that

that you would normally use get rid of

any of those bad chemicals basically

inside your house replacing those with

essential oils essential oils has all

kinds of different properties form that

you can use for different things and

I'll show you what you can actually make

with one of those now down here this is

the Young Living statement depending on

where you get to and how your

distribution sells because they go

levels deep as well I'm not sure exactly

how many they go level deep but down

here is the different estimated earnings

depending on what level you distributor

like here's the average monthly incomes

between seven

25 and the and the Loess right and then

once you get down to a royal crown

diamond a rule crown diamond is making

around between $50,000 monthly this is

monthly guys and up to 300 $26,000 per

month this is the monthly income for

these different levels depending on how

many of these you sell so this has the

earning potential to go up to 326

million but you see here this is like it

looks like the average is about 41

percent of the people that sign up and

gets to a star and you can see here

they're averaging you know between zero

and nine hundred thirty two dollars per

month which is still good that's twelve

thousand dollars you know if you just

gotta get up to that senior diamond and

get up to that $5,000 per month that's a

$60,000 per year income just from Young

Living so both can do that now the next

one up is something called perfectly

posh you can come here and start you

know doing direct sales for them as well

and then down here you can come down

here become what's called an influencer

or at the bottom you can't find the

links using your scroll to the bottom

and you can find it this way you know

you'll be your own posh boss as are

they're calling in but basically it's

the products are gonna be selling them

through direct sellers usually you'll

see people doing this with like the

makeup tutorials and all those types of

things on Facebook or on YouTube lot and

places like that or on Twitter and any

other live place they do it they'll come

there and use like the pasta and then

they'll sell the products or send links

to the products and they'll get paid you

know every time someone purchasing now

the next one up is called origami out

now this is the one I was talking about

that you can use if you have teenagers

okay they're inviting young men and

women between the ages of 11 and 17 to

join the outlet program which means

you'll be growing your skills and

understanding business and feeling

confident being organizer Daffron so

you'll be able to one of those if you

between 11 is 17 so if you have a

teenage girl or you know teenage son

they get out there and start promoting

these types of products online

especially to their followers online and

then people will purchase them they're

gonna started getting money okay which

is great so definitely check that out

you guys can go and check out it's

called um owl origami owl calm now the

next one up that you guys can do is

called a new skin new skin is basically

what is it's all kinds of skin products

and it's getting rid of those harsh

chemicals well it's like a teeth

whitening fluoride age lock youth free

to you know you can see what they have

they all kinds of skin based products

and stuff like

nutrition's bodycare face care and

basically you're in promoting these

products like I said that you know

locally or you can go on and do like the

Facebook groups and get a you know a

following or you can host the live

events online without ever leaving your

home and promote these products by

showing how they work talking about them

and then next up definitely for the

ladies over here I guess you could be a

guy if you want but you can over here

it's called

gel momentum so it's basically it is all

about the different types of fingernail

paint colors and things like that and

they have a business opportunity that

you can join you get all kinds of

different figuring out polishes and all

that types of stuff that does with your

fingernails and you can start promoting

that selling in Canada UK and Australia

there's no auto-ship get paid right away

for instant earnings and all kinds of

good stuff like that but you can check

them out I haven't really looked much

into these these last few that I'm

showing you guys but I just wanted to

give you guys some different choices to

use to uh you know start making money

with and down here's where you can see

right here is host reward chart United

States okay so basically you host party

sales of you at a thousand plus hostess

Jill earned cash at twenty percent of

the cells two hundred bucks so you can

see how much you're gonna be getting

like for each time each one of the

parties that you're hosting or the

people that's so and you can see here

they got these little tiny things and

they're kind of showing you guys how

that stuff works and here is what the

different monthly ranking rank

requirements are so if you got down here

looks like they pay around between up to

like ten levels deep depending on other

people that sign up underneath you it's

like I said all these are multi-level

marketing and you have up to what are

these four divas are but this is the

total team host wholesale sells they do

about eighty five thousand dollars

you're gonna get let's see branch sales

nine thousand and then potential retail

sales of seven hundred so if you get up

to that that's what you'll have right

there and then like you said you're

gonna be getting the retail Commission's

of fifty percent of these you're gonna

be getting the first level so all these

that you sell is you're gonna be getting

fifty percent of everything that you

sell then you're getting seven percent

of everything on the next level and then

three percent three percent three

percent so the more people you sign up

the more money you're gonna make them to

as well to have a sense of bonuses that

you can you know get a car with so a lot

of these do have things like that but

they have an enrollment package you can

get the different gel stuffed coats and

then they have this little thing that it

looks like it's gonna make

do some stuff on your fingernails no

clue but if you like doing nails that's

a great opportunity for you and that's

what you can do is you may have seen

this before it's a host legging party so

basically you're gonna go onto Facebook

you're gonna host a live event showing

people different leggings and then you

can sell the leggings direct and ship

them to them well it's cool about this

you can actually go over to something

called leggings wholesale I'll put links

for all these down in descriptions and

they have a start your own business as

well and basically you can order however

many leggings you want and then ship

them out I did happen to get my talk my

wife into doing this just to see how it

would do because I was just curious so

our first package that she bought she

bought like three hundred forty one

dollars worth of leggings cuz that's

just what she bought I don't know why

but then on her very first live event

she sold like $500 worth of leggings

which I thought was crazy but evidently

people like to purchase leggings without

ever seeing them on Facebook so she did

that she just did it for two or three

live events because we don't actually

need the money I'll just wanted to see

I'm one those persons like to test

things out see if it works so I got I

talked her into it she held two or three

of them and got rid of all the leggings

she smell like 300 bucks and made like

800 or 900 bucks so if you guys want to

do that but it is kind of a pain because

you are gonna have to ship them out sell

them you had to send people invoices

through PayPal so it's not a great

system that's gonna be like hands-off

really it's a lot of hands-on stuff with

that but you can go here sign up is

completely free you can purchase the

leggings I'll actually show you my

account she did buy like leggings I

think maybe she did two orders I can't

remember but I'll show you what she did

right here this was the one three

hundred forty one dollars and she bought

this this was for someone else it wasn't

her leggings it was someone else that

she bought before that I told people

about this last year and they signed up

and they got a bunch of products and

they're still doing this today they're

still doing leggings they ladies parties

two or three days per week on Facebook

live and they just sell like and ship

them out I tell my wife to give it a

shot she did it she's like I don't want

to do it too much work so I look cool no

problems covered all the links but

there's also another was called legging

arming that you can join as well and

basically this isn't like an MLM but is

a direct sells so you're not gonna get

any 108th you but you know for every

pair of leggings that you sell you're

gonna get the full profit and the

legging is I think we're around $3 a

piece or maybe they're like 480 to 4

dollars and 80 cents a piece and she

sells them for 20 bucks but with the

shipping so and you make like seven or

eight bucks

for each pair of leggings that you sell

but that's all the business

opportunities that I have for you guys

for today these are great they're all

direct sells they are the best direct

sales companies that I found to work for

in 2019 so hopefully you guys could take

one of these go join them I think the

two best for me for would probably be or

the ones I say would be the best for the

opportunities online are probably gonna

be the Kaiser and Blair if you're a guy

for sure if you're into fitness

definitely the Herbalife and if you're a

grill I definitely recommend like they

probably like the Young Living and

probably like the leggings between those

four probably at all these are probably

my best I don't have any experience in

all the any of the other ones but the

ones that I've researched in-depth those

four are I'm gonna say you're gonna be

your best bet so hopefully you guys

enjoyed this video if you like videos

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trying to figure out some way to produce

either side income or replace your

income make sure you do you know

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