Best Miter Saws in 2020 - Top 6 Miter Saw Picks

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this is hitachi's 12 inch sliding dual

compound miter saw with laser marker

model c12 rsh2 whether it's in the

workshop or out on the job site

this powerful cutting machine combines

strength and accuracy for even the most

complicated miter and bevel cuts

the compact slide system allows the saw

head to slide along fixed rails

eliminating the need for rear clearance

that's a big deal when you are working

in tight areas or on a shallow bench

if it's accuracy you're looking for the

adjustable laser never misses its mark

you can easily set it to the left right

or center of the blade

it's never been easier to get a precise

cut the first time

the powerful 15 amp motor cuts through

the toughest lumber with ease

these large sliding fences raised to

five and an eighth

inches which means you can finally cut

up to seven and a half inch crown

molding nested

up against the fences you get a zero to

57 degree miter angle to the right

and a 0 to 45 degree angle to the left

at the same time you also get a 0 to 45

degree bevel angle range

to the right and left allowing users to

quickly and easily flip the saw blade

while leaving the material in place

positive stops and indications on the

miter and bevel scale give you easy to

read measurements and quick

settings carbon brush access allows the

user to easily inspect and replace the

brushes as needed to greatly prolong

tool life

a vertical handle with soft vibration

reducing elastomer grip

adds comfort and control the included 60

tooth 12 inch blade produces fine finish


you also get a dust bag vice assembly 17

millimeter box wrench

and hitachi's five-year warranty for

peace of mind

the hitachi 12-inch sliding dual

compound miter saw

is the perfect tool for making compound

miter and bevel cuts with confidence


miter saws are ideal for trimming wood

at a variety of different angles

applications include framing skirting

boards and nogging pieces

types of cut include straight cutting at

90 degrees

bevel cutting and compound cutting the

laser guide

allows you to make extremely accurate

cuts in wood

you can even make use of the

pre-selected miter angles

at 0 15 22.5

31.6 and 45 degrees and

adjust your bevel from 0 to 45 degrees

the premium thin kerf blade has 24

carbide tipped teeth

which increases the performance and run

time and with

one 5 amp power lithium plus battery you

can make 189 cross cuts

in 38 by 108 millimeter wood on a single


this miter saw is sold as a bare tool

allowing you to build on your oneplus


without the need to pay for additional

batteries and charges

as part of the oneplus system of over 50

great tools for your home and garden

this cordless miter saw will work with

any oneplus battery


dewalt's new 12-inch double bevel

sliding compound miter saw

the 780 is our best yet

delivering our largest capacity improved

accuracy with the built-in xps system

and the durability portability and ease

of use features

that our end users demand on the job


ease of use the dws 780

has a number of features designed to

make cutting and cleanup

easy including an oversized dust shoot

and deflector

optimized to direct dust in any cut


that collects over 75 percent of the

dust created

a high visibility bevel scale with an

easy to adjust system to make bevel cuts

easy and fast a quick and accurate

cam lock miter locking system for cuts a

range of accessories including clamps

material sports for larger materials and


to assist with repetitive cuts

capacity in addition to being a light

and compact

12-inch compound sliding miter saw the

dws-780 provides

13 and three-quarter inch horizontal


to cut two by 14 lumber and up to a

stunning 16-inch horizontal capacity

when using the back fence feature its

capacity is a whopping six and three

quarter inches when cutting base molding

vertically combined with its seven and a

half inch nested crown capacity

this 12 inch 56 pound miter saw has the

largest total capacity

of any miter saw on the market

portability weighing in at a slim

56 pounds this saw is lighter than the


the saw folds down to make carrying and

storage easy

handles on both sides of the base and

the top of the saw

help to give the user a firm grip during



accuracy dws 780

features a stainless steel miter detent

plate durable enough to remain accurate

for tens of thousands of cuts

the machine based fence provides perfect

fence alignment

and the accuracy the engineers demand

from their miter saw

offering laser-like precision without

the need to recalibrate

the xps high-intensity led light casts a

shadow of the blade

which can be used to indicate cut



unrivaled durable precision unparalleled


unquestionable breakthrough introducing

the 12-inch dual bevel axial glide miter

saw from bosch

another game-changing innovation from

the leader in professional tools

the new axial glide miter saw is more

than a new way to cross-cut

bevel and miter it's an engineering


that delivers significant advantages

over traditional miter saws

the innovation begins with our patented

axial glide system

which incorporates a robust cast

aluminum arm

and sealed ball bearings working in

tandem with the soft fence

base and controls to achieve

unprecedented durability and precision

by eliminating the rails the axial glide

system does away with rail deterioration

from repeat use and abuse so time

recalibration is a thing of the past and

accuracy is never in doubt the

glidesaw's innovative rail-less design

also dramatically reduces the tool's

depth to achieve an amazingly compact


up to 12 inches smaller than competitive

saws so it works easily in tight spaces

or even right against a workspace wall

best of all no other miter saw feels

like the axial glide

delivering the ultimate in smooth glide

action and control

at all angles especially on compound


and its distinctive design assures that

same smooth precision

cut after cuts year after year for the

life of the tool

the new glide saw also delivers a major

advantage in cutting capacity

up to 14 inches for cross cuts and six

and a half inches for molding

so whether cutting base or crown molding

dimensional lumber or four by fours

its expanded capacity means more work

in less time with single cut precision

another award-winning innovation up

front bevel controls

located on the front of the saw

eliminates the awkward reach to the rear

of the saw

and makes bevel adjustments quick and


just lift the bevel lock lever and tilt

the head

adjust for right bevel it's that simple

the glidesaw square lock quick release

sliding fences

also allow one touch adjustment for

extra support on bevel cuts

while it's cast in scales provide at a

glance reference for repeat cuts

and removal is just as easy

the axial glide is also the only saw on

the market with integrated

expanding base extensions that provide

up to 40 inches of added support

for long pieces 60 more than competitive


a large easy to read bevel scale


quick reference indicators for all

common crown and roof angles

while the stainless steel miter scales

and 10 positive miter detents

allow speedy adjustment for the most

common miter cuts

and a push button miter detent override

makes it simple to precisely set

any neighboring angle the glide saw also

automatically adapts to one and one

quarter inch and 35 millimeter vacuum


so both the work and the work space stay


the new axial glide miter saw from bosch

for general carpenters and remodelers

for finished carpenters

for cabinet and furniture makers for

anyone who values

accuracy durability and unparalleled

smooth precision for the life of the saw

evolutionary performance revolutionary


by bosch


built for professional contractors who

rely on their miter saws

day in and day out introducing the new


ls1018 it's the latest in makita's

expanding lineup

of best in class miter saws the ls1018

weighs only 43.7 pounds for added job

site portability

pros demand accuracy and the linear ball

bearing system

is engineered to deliver smooth dead-on


cut after cut at 90 degrees

the ls 1018 has a full 12 inches of

cross cutting capacity

with eight and a half inch capacity at

45 degrees

the saw miter zero to 47 degrees left

and zero to 60 degrees right and bevel

cuts from zero degrees to 45

degrees left and right the ergonomic

rubberized handle design with larger


has a better fit for added comfort

it's powered by a direct drive 13 amp

motor with soft start

so you'll get smoother startups and

constant power

with no belts to slip or replace

get the cutting performance and accuracy

for the most demanding jobs

get the ls1018 10 inch dual slide

compound miter saw


the new milwaukee 12-inch dual bevel

compound miter saws feature a single

lever bevel adjustment with nine

positive stops

the large paddle can be placed in three


in the top position the saw head bevels

freely with no detent stops

in the middle position the sawhead can

bevel left and right but will stop at

bevel detents

in the bottom position the sawhead is

solidly locked into the desired angle

quick easy accurate that's why

milwaukee's single lever bevel

adjustment system

is the best in the industry

professionals demand accuracy from their

saws whether installing crown molding or

casing a door or window frame

even the slightest imperfection can be

the difference between perfect

or sloppy work only the new milwaukee 12

inch dual bevel compound miter saws

offer miter angle digital readout to a

tenth of a degree

with miter angle fine adjust

to operate just lift the red lever push

in the fine adjust collar

dial in the miter angle to a tenth of a


and lock the angle in place the miter

angle digital readout and miter angle

fine adjust make it simple to dial in

precise miter angles and helps make

milwaukee miter saws

the most accurate 12-inch miter saws on

the market

dust collection has long been a concern

to miter saw users

only the new milwaukee 12-inch miter

saws feature an integral dust channel

that captures up to 75 of dust and


by gathering dust near the cut on both

sides of the blade

and directing it to the back of the saw

the integral dust channel is designed to

maximize airflow

and direct dust and debris towards the

back of the saw

and into the dust bag or waste container

the result is the best dust collection

system in the industry