What are the side effects of the mini pill?

You wanted to know what side effects are associated with the mini pill,

or one that has progestin only.

When someone thinks of birth control pills, they may generally think of birth control pills that

you take when you’re not breastfeeding, and these have 2 different hormones in them.

But the mini pill only has 1, and it’s progestin, and this works in harmony with the hormones

that a woman’s body produces while nursing to prevent ovulation from happening.

The mini pill doesn’t cause headaches and it also doesn’t contribute to weight-gain,

which is a really good thing after having a baby, because you’re trying to lose the weight.

Users of the mini pill are slightly more likely to have ovarian cysts,

acne breakouts are more common while using it, and the most

common side effect is unscheduled vaginal bleeding and spotting.

This, by far, is the most common side effect and the reason

why most women end up discontinuing its use.

Some women actually experience shorter cycles or shorter periods in between times when they’re

having periods and the periods may be longer, and it’s normal also to have breakthrough

bleeding or bleeding between periods, and so if you’re experiencing this, talk with

your doctor and they can help you determine if the birth control is the likely underlying

cause, and if so, if another type of birth control would be better for your circumstances.

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