Why I Stopped Taking The Mini Pill

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hello everyone welcome back to my

channel today I'm here to talk to you

about contraception I made a video a few

weeks ago talking about like my journey

with contraception and I'm gonna link

that in case you haven't seen it also

let me address this is a top okay I'm

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okay okay so the very last time that we

spoke about my contraception journey I

told you that I had gone on the mini

pill and I was giving that a go for the

first like six months or so to see how I

would hold up that didn't really happen

I didn't do a six month course at all I

think I probably did about three months

two and a half before I actually gave

way up I went on the mini pill two weeks

before I took out the implants so when I

had that taken out it like I was still

protected um and those two weeks I felt

really good I don't know what it was I

think maybe because I had like double

the hormones and my body just like was

adjusting to that and I felt really good

and then when I took the implant out I

didn't really feel any change I really

got on with the mini pill for a while

but here's the thing one reason why I

went off the combined pill is because I

wasn't very good at remembering to take

it every day I wasn't very good at all

and I just thought okay now I'm gonna go

on the pill I'm gonna have to take it

every day like whatever I'm just gonna

have to get used to it I'm gonna have to

find like a method I'm gonna have to be

responsible and remember to take it

little problem is the mini pill you have

to take it at the same time and what I

found is that if that time like was

different over the space of like two or

three days if I took my pill at like 12

and then one day at one and then

day 11 and I would just spot I'd start

bleeding and I don't have the mental

capacity to remember to take a pill at

the same time every single day because

at the same time every single day I'm

doing different things I have a job

where my routine is very different every

single day I don't really have a routine

and so it just didn't work sometimes I

was in a meeting at the time where I had

to be taking a pill or I was like out

taking photos and doing photography

around London and I didn't have the

chance to like sit down or I would miss

my alarm or you know and any one of 12

thousand reasons I would always take my

pill but I wouldn't take it in exactly

the same time every day and that meant

that I was bleeding for most of like the

time that I was on the pill so that was

one thing that didn't really work out

for me and then and this is a kicker

right I was having really terrible

migraines and really like inconvenient

ones because they would always hit

around the same time at work and in this

sort of there's a pigeon that newly flew

into my window yikes I started having

these migraines around the same time

that I was spending a lot more time

looking at the screen every day and I

was taking the pill anywhere between 12

o'clock and 3 p.m. every day and it

meant that all my migraines were

starting around four or five o'clock so

towards the end of my work day but I

would just find it like towards the end

of the day I had these horrible

migraines where I couldn't even stare at

the screen like I live I live no I work

in an office that is all windows like

one wall is all the windows in the the

Sun shines through it and when you have

a migraine you can't even look at the

light and it's so bright in there and I

was just feeling miserable at the end of

every single workday I was coming home


I couldn't even film videos I didn't

have the energy to like cook real food

and to like feed myself

I didn't have the energy to go to the

gym like none of it because I was so

consumed by these migraines but I put it

down to everything I was like maybe I'm

not drinking enough water so I started

drinking more water didn't work maybe

it's because I'm spending too much time

staring at a screen

so I started shifting my day so that I

could have breaks I honestly tried

absolutely everything and then

one day it just kind of hit me and I

came home and I said to geo chill I'm

such a [ __ ] idiot honestly I've been

having these migraines since I started

this pill and the migraines hit a few

hours after I take the pill and I not

even sort of like thought that maybe

that was the problem so I put it down to

the test this was around the time that

mark went to Australia Mark's my

boyfriend he went into Australia for a

month and I took that as like my own

filming holiday because I was like okay

I can switch off from everything

including the pill and so I stopped

taking the pill guys the second the

second I stopped taking the mini pill I

never had migraines again never I I have

the day I stopped taking Sarah's at

which was the pillar I was on I stopped

taking it and I have never had another

migraine at work which has improved like

the way that I work at work and the way

that I feel about work because I was so

exhausted before I was like I'm having a

mental breakdown this has to be it these

migraines are hitting me because I'm too

stressed and I'm working too hard and

everything sucks and oh my god what am I

gonna do with my life I'm a grown adult

and I can't have a full-time job because

I get migraines and I was really

stressed out about it and actually it

was just a [ __ ] pill it was just the

[ __ ] pill oh my god I stopped taking

the mini pill and then I was at a

crossroads where I was like okay I've

run out of options the only things I

haven't tried are the things that I

refuse and will not try because I don't

want to I don't want to have an IUD I

don't want to have the injection I don't

want to have any patch I don't want to

have the ring which has to be like

anxiety at all times like guys I don't

want to do that every time I talk about

contraception people tell me I should go

and IUD or I should try natural cycles

or I should like get the ring or the

Patra the injection even after I say I

don't want it so we have that out there

now okay and so my only real option was

to go back on the combined pill and I

honestly honestly when I made that video

the last video about contraception I had

no idea no idea that I would actually

end up going back on the combined pill

which is like the very first thing that

I was on that I was a massive [ __ ] on

I've gone on

yasmin Yasmin is an interesting pill for

me it definitely helps with my acne I've

been on it twice now this is my twelfth

this is my third time now I was on it

twice before the first time I was on it

I was on I was actually on Yasmin Elle

and I was a massive [ __ ] on that we

don't talk about the few months I was

like Jasmine l4 because oh my god I

ruined almost ruined a lot of

friendships that way I was on Yasmin L

and I hated it and then I was put on

Yasmine a few months later and I went

off it because my family has a history

of heart disease and there's like a lot

of concerns with Yasmin because it's a

stronger pill and like it can there's

like a risk of blood clots and it's like

an increased risk which is something I'm

very afraid of and I have to be very

careful about because of my family

history and so I went off it actually

because I was a little afraid of it and

I just felt like I didn't want to take

that risk but actually I before I went

on this I went and I saw my GP and I was

like look the only pill the only

combined pill that actually worked for

me was Yasmin but I have all of these

concerns and I've read so many horrible

things about it and I'm just a little


just a little scared and my GP actually

really reassured me she was like look

you come in every six months for like

blood tests and I have likes like taking

your blood pressure more times in the

last year than probably anyone I know

like you're so careful with these things

and you're so careful with your diet and

you really monitor yourself and so I

don't see any reason why this pill would

like have any increased risk for you I

feel like yes you have that family

history but you're already doing

everything that you can to stay on top

of it and to make sure that you're okay

and so going on this pill is actually

fine for you so long as you continue to

monitor yourself which is something that

I would do anyway so I've gone back on

it and I actually feel really good on it

I've been on it for a solid month now so

I just had my first cycle and I cannot

tell you after almost two years of being

really irregular and bleeding all the

time and

like not knowing when I'm gonna spot or

when my periods gonna come I feel so

good because on the combined pill I am

the world's most regular person I take

the full cycle of the pills and then

four days after I stop at 11 a.m. sharp

I get my period and I was really

interested to see if that would happen

again because obviously I was on nothing

for two weeks and then I took a full

cycle so I've had a longer cycle this

month but it still happened the exact

way that I expected it to four days

after I stopped taking my pill at 11


slight cramp oh-hoh got my pill pill my

period but anyway I feel really good my

acne has mostly cleared up which is so

good my periods are regular and I don't

get cramps or sore boobs on this pill

which is unknown to me it's unknown to

me because in the last two years I've

been sore all the time and like just

miserable and full of spots and right

now I just feel really good I feel

really good and I kind of feel a little

bit like I've wasted a bunch of time

trying all these different methods of

contraception when maybe I should have

just stayed with [ __ ] Yasmine and so

I just wanted to update you because I

feel like I talked so much about

contraception in my journey and and in

the end that journeys just led me right

back to square one so umm I don't really

have a conclusion for you I think that

contraception is so personal and it's

such a complicated journey for everyone

like we all have our own paths to follow

when it comes to contraception because

we have different priorities and so

whatever you're doing be confident in

what you're doing that is the only thing

that I feel I can say to you in terms of

giving you advice is whatever decision

you make do so in an informed manner but

also be confident in it because there's

gonna be so many people especially if

you talk about it online or you talk

about it with your friends in your

family there's gonna be so many people

everyone has an opinion about everything

and everyone is gonna try and tell you

that their way is the right way so

whatever you do just be confident in

your decision be confident that what

you're doing is what's right for you and


open to change also I know that's a

little contradictory but be open to

different ideas be open to trying

something if what you're doing right now

isn't a hundred percent working for you

be open to try new things even if it

means that like you struggle for a

little bit you might find an answer that

being said that was a really long story

but I hope it was helpful I hope it was

informative I hope that you took

something away from it and let me know

down below what your experiences are on

different pills or are you on the

implant are you on the coil like tell me

what what is it that you have because I

would love to know thank you guys so

much for watching give this video a

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to my channel if you haven't yet then I

will see you next Sunday for a brand new

video and I don't know what it is yet

but I'm about to film it so if my face

looks the same now you know why I love

you so much bye