THE MINI PILL - My story & side effects

hey guys hope you're doing well so today

I am going to be talking to you about my

experience with coming off the mini pill

I've mentioned this on Twitter and also

my weekly vlogs and a lot of you guys

have asked here my experience with not

only coming off the medication but also

what it was like on the medication as

well so quickly just really like

casually I want this video to be really

chilled gonna talk you through my

experience of yeah that so I was on the

mini pill the branding was Sarah's it I

was on that for thirteen years a really

really long time so pretty much my

entire adult life I was on this form of

birth control which I didn't realize but

affected my life in an awful of ways

over that kind of time I went on it when

I was about I must have been like 16 or

17 I can't quite remember but I remember

going and getting that in it bein option

for me because and I have a history of

migraines in my family I get migraines a

lot so does my mom and I also have a

history of stroke in the family and so

the mini pill was given to me as the

best suitable option because the other

ones can like cause those things I'm not

really too sure on the facts about it

and I was on it up until last June mid

last June so nearly like 13 years which

is an awful long time I decided to come

off it one because I wasn't having any

sex and I was like I don't know why I'm

doing this like I don't need to be on it

because I'm not having sex there's no

chance of me getting pregnant and reason

number two was because it was actually

what was causing my acne the whole time

apparently if you're not familiar with

my acne journey I will live my videos

down below but basically I had acne for

ten years and it pretty much started

around the same time that I started

taking the mini pill I remember every

time I went to my doctor's to repeat my

mini pill prescription

I'd say could that be the cause of my

acne and they were always like no no no

until I went to a dermatologist about

Roaccutane it wasn't until then that he

was like your birth control has been

causing your acne the entire time this

is a bit of a tricky subject I know it's

really different for everyone and I know

that a lot of girls when they go on the

pill it really clears their skin up but

for me it have the complete opposite


so this is just my story in my

experience on it so back in June I

started breaking out a little bit around

my chin area even though my acne was

under control at that point I was still

like you know what I'm just gonna come

off it so me my sister missus has also

been on it for a really long time we

both decided at the same time we were

gonna take our last pill and that was

that I tweeted about this I leave the

tweet that I posted here and I had so

many replies from you guys and I also

did an update it's been a month since I

stopped taking my mini pill at my skin

it's perfect one of my gramma shoes is

gone and my skin is smooth over the moon

will make for with video about this soon

hashtag Hackney who's that video now

basically I didn't think that I had many

side effects whilst I was on the mini

pill because I didn't know otherwise I

hope that makes sense so it wasn't until

I actually stopped taking it when I

realized how much it had been affecting

my life and that's what I want to talk

to you this bit about now so I guess the

first thing I really noticed coming off

the pill was how much it had suppressed

my sex drive over the past 13 years I

have never had a high sex drive and I

just thought that was normal I thought

that was me but it wasn't until what

I've stopped taking that that I I'm like

not to be crude or rude but I've been

horny a lot and I was like oh this is

like this is much more enjoyable than

this is what I actually should feel like

so now I enjoy sex a lot more I want it

a lot more and I never ever have ever

felt like that before so that's one

thing one way in which being on the mini

peel affected me the second is my mood I

didn't realize this but I am pretty sure

being on serozha caused me a lot of um

not mood swings but I actually think

quite a bit of depression I have been on

antidepressants before whilst I was on

the mini pill and and I always just

thought that I was prone to feeling

quite down and sad and depressed and I

thought that was again just me but no

ever since coming off the pill my mood

has been a lot more joyful except around

that time of month when I'm actually

experiencing PMS and all in all its


oh yeah I felt a lot more positive about

things and I feel like I can manage and


a lot more I definitely feel a lot less

anxious as well so that's another way in

which I didn't realize but it was

affecting me my skin since coming off

has been good now I should say that

around that time of the month my skin

does break out a lot around this area

which I think is the hormonal area but

because I know it's hormonal when it's

not acne and it's not all over my face

and that it will fade after a couple of

days or weeks then it's so much more

manageable to deal with so that's

another thing and I guess the fourth way

in which it's affected me coming off it

is having a period again now being once

I was there I never had periods for

pretty much 13 years I probably had like

two periods a year those periods did

last a lot longer than normal ones I

remember having a period which lasted

like three weeks once and they were

really heavy when I did have them but

yeah for 13 years I never had PMS and I

never had periods which was amazing so

I've really been experiencing what it's

actually like to be women since coming

off I've experienced the real anger and

frustration in the days of running up to

having a period and then the joyfulness

afterwards I am like riding the wave of

my cycle and it feels great to be in

control of it in terms of coming off it

my periods went back to normal really

quickly sorry if this is TMI and I'm I'm

just talking about this really honestly

I've always been really honest about

everything I talked about on my channel

whether it be acne or dating and stuff

like that or even when I had a

colonoscopy where they stick a camera up

your bum

I've logged all of that as well and I

know that those videos have helped so

many people so this is kind of why I'm

making this video so I came out on my

period five days after stopping taking

the pills so my cycle went back into

like motion really really quickly and

ever since then and my periods have been

a bit weird but they're definitely like

happening I've been tracking them all on

the clew app this is not sponsored so

I've never been able to do this before

so I I'm just like loved it

nice little gadget my cycles aren't

normal see it's coming off but I have

heard that it takes like six months to a

year for it to actually get back into

more slow my cycle has been like from 20

days to 24 days I think that average

it's like 28 so I'm quite a lot under

that it means but I have quite a few

more periods than my friends and but I'm

like aware that that's gonna be a thing

for a while what whilst my body kind of

my hormones I guess kind of settle down

I also wrote a couple of notes in the

days like the first week after coming

off the pill just to track if I felt any

differently because I know that some

people can get like fountain pregnancy

symptoms in the days after stopping

taking the pill and they can feel really

nauseous they can actually feel like

their body's a little bit pregnant I

have written day one and he was

absolutely fine didn't feel anything

different day 3 I had stabbing pains in

ovaries written and started bleeding

also I started ok so I came appeared

three days after day four and five on

period occasional strong pains but

manageable feeling happy but also overly

emotional I guess that's another thing I

have been feeling and very sensitive in

the days leading up to my period I think

like any girl does around that time of

the month so yeah that's just a brief

quick overview of how it's affected my

life over the past 13 years and how it's

been since dropping I have got a

question for you guys now what birth

control are you on because I went to a

sexual health clinic a couple of days

ago to talk about different options not

reception because I started having

regular sex again hooray um but I am a

little bit fed up with using condoms to

be honest but I'm also petrified of

getting pregnant not ready for that at

all yet and I left that appointment

feeling really frustrated at the lack of

options available for me because I don't

want to take hormones I don't want to be

putting more hormones into my body

especially because I know that that can

cause acne and I am petrified of getting

bad skin again like I just don't think I

would want to risk it

the only option that was non hormones

was the coil but again I'm really scared

of having that because one of my best

friends had it and it was horrendous for

her so yeah I would like to know your

experiences on birth control and I was


to the injection which i think is really

interesting I hadn't heard about for I

know that a lot of people have gotten

really wealth implant but basically I

want to know what birth control you are

on and if it is caused acne in you I

think that will help me kind of way up

my options and decide a lot easier I

hope this has helped some of you who

also going through the same thing and

are thinking of coming off the pill or

thinking of going on Sara set all in all

like it I like didn't have one pregnancy

scare so it definitely did the job often

not getting me pregnant which is always

a good thing I guess if you don't have

those major side effects I think that

acne one was definitely the one that

interfered with my life the most and

also leave me a comment down below let

me know if there are any other types of

videos you would like to see because I'm

a dive like I've got a bit of a brain

freeze about it and I don't know what to

film yeah that'd be really helpful again

and if you look by