Best MIG Welder in 2019 - Top 5 MIG Welders Review

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with Lincoln Electric get the right tool

for the job

every time the Handy mig welders

portable design and compatibility with

household outlets give you the

flexibility to weld virtually anywhere

making it exceptionally useful for

around the house DIY jobs with four

output ranges it has the versatility for

home repair and hobby projects on mild

gauge steel found around the house from

24 gauge to one eighths of an inch thick

we've even thrown in a handy reference

guide to help you match the power output

to the metal you're working on so even

if you're new to welding or just need a

cheat sheet you're always ready to go

this baby's fan cooled for a long life

of welding by your side and it's built

to handle both MIG and gas list flux for

jobs right out of the box you'll find

just about everything you need to get

welding this kit includes a welding gun

with a cold contactor safety feature

that keeps the wire electrically cold

until you pull the trigger other

accessories include sample wire spools a

flux cored nozzle a MIG nozzle and

regulator a chipping hammer and brush

and a hand shield for face protection

for the best in versatility for your

at-home welding projects and repairs

trust the Handy MIG



hi I'm Shane with Hobart welding

products today we're going to take a

look at the Hobart handler 140 this is a

115 volt 140 amp while your feed welder

features a 10-foot MIG gun also comes

with a heavy-duty ground clamp and

ten-foot cable this unit comes with a

roll of flux core wire so you can weld

right out of the box or it also includes

the regulator gas hose so you can switch

over to make if you desire taking a look

inside the handler 140 you'll notice the

welding setup chart that make setting

your machine up properly very easy and

if we look at the industrial grade cast

aluminum drive system with quick release

that also makes changeovers very quick

it also has the polarity with easy

access so you can change from flux core

to MIG very easily also this machine we

have the small of 2 pound roll-on but

you can also run the 8 inch spool and it

also comes with this adapter taking a

look at the front of the handler 1:40

you'll notice the slope control panel

for easy visibility also features

infinite control on your wire feed speed

and 5 tap settings allowing you to go

down to 24 gauge steel and up to quarter

inch steel this machine also features a

thermal overload protection light in

case this machine gets too hot it will

shut down and save the machine from any

damage you will experience excellent art

performance from the handler 140 with a

smooth stable arc on all thicknesses

designed and assembled in Troy Ohio USA

and backed by a 531 industrial warranty

to protect your investment for more

product information visit our website or

our welders calm



welcome to another edition of the

Everlast our video series in this

edition we are going to take another

look at the power mts 250s a make TIG

and stick welder from everlasting

it's the latest addition to the Everlast

multi-process line today we will

demonstrate the setup and connection of

the welder and its accessories the

Everlast mts comes with about everything

you need to weld and includes the

following 25 series MIG gun your a Quick

Connect for the MIG gun 26:10 torch with

torch remote switch stick torch foot

pedal a ball type regulator and a

consumable starter kit for MIG antique

the welder comes with a NEMA 650 plug

already installed this is the standard

weather plug in North America notice the

three-prong design now let's get the

unit ready to weld first locate the ball

type regulator the unit includes tubing

to connect your welder to the regulator

take the tubing and install the clamp as

shown onto the regulator slide the

tubing all the way onto the barbed

fitting and firmly seated

now fully tighten the clamp with a

screwdriver and check the tubing for a

good fit next install the regulator onto

the cylinder using your fingers to

prevent cross threading then take a

wrench to Snug the fitting be careful

not to over-tighten the video

now install the tubing and clamp on to

the barbed fitting located on the rear

of the unit again fully seat the tubing

and then tighten the clown


the hero quick-connect fitting makes the

MiG gun easy to install simply line up

the pins push in and then tighten the

plastic nut with your fingers there not

use any hand tools to tighten the nut

now we're ready to install the MIG

welding wire open the side of the welder

to access the spool carrier unscrew the

hand nut from the spool carrier by

turning counterclockwise now adjust the

tension on the spool carrier with a

socket wrench some resistance is

desirable to prevent the spooling of the

MIG wire for most MIG operations make

sure the copper bus bar is connected to

the positive terminal some flux core

applications require negative polarity

before installing the welding wire make

sure the correct drive roll size is

selected unscrew the thumb screw

retained the lower drive roller slide

the lower roller off the shaft to

identify the correct groove point eight

millimeter will work for both point oh

three oh and point zero three five

diameter wires one millimeter will work

for 0.040 and point zero four five

diameter wires only eighty inch diameter

rolls will fit the MTS 250 s for steel

this would be equivalent to a 1012 pound

roll of wire an adapter can be made to

fit the four inch rolls as well install

the welding wire with wire rolling off

from the bottom on the spool carrier

there's a locating pin which corresponds

to a hole or slot located in the wire

spool line them up and slide the spool

onto the shaft

check to make sure this pool will roll

in turn but it's not free will

now spend the hand nut down onto the

spool carrier and hand-tighten take a

small wire cutter and snip the welding

wire loose from the side of the school

why are you doing this

be sure to keep your hand on the

backside of the spool to prevent D

spooling in uncoiling of the wire next

make sure the wire tensioner is released

and begin to feed the wire into the wire

feed assembly feed first into the metal

pick up to then guide it down onto the

lower drive roller feed it several

inches into the brass power maker then

lower the top drive roller onto the

bottom making sure that wire is still in

the groove raised to spring-loaded

tensioner and retighten attention

according to the amount required

typically more tension is required for

steel and stainless than for aluminum

turn the welder on and select the MIG

process then press the trigger on the

MIG gun to feed the wire through the gun

remove the shielding nozzle and the tip

if necessary for big instict processes

the work clamp should always be

installed in the negative connector line

up the tab and groove on the connectors

slide the connector in twist clockwise

about one-quarter turn to secure it

Koel din stigma connect the torch to the

positive connector again slide the

connector in and twist about quarter

turn clockwise to secure it

to weld in tig mode the work clamp

should be installed into the positive

connector next take the TIG torch and

install it into the negative connector

pratik the torch will always be

installed as electrode negative connect

to TIG torch gas line to the quick

connect mounted above the make

connection during MIG welding do not

leave the TIG torch installer finally

connected there's a torch remote switch

or the foot pedal to the seven pin

connector tighten the coupling finger

tight holy


this completes our set up tutorial if

you have any questions please give us a

call at the number listed at the end of

the video


we understand you have a job to do we

are here to help you do it right

I'm Jason made you from Forney

industries I'm the senior manager of

welding product development and

engineering I'd like to show you the 140

MIG welding machine and the 198 MIG

welding machine they're very similar

machines to each other so let's take a

look at those similarities they both

have a integrated torch wrap system

they both come standard with a regulator

and a 10 foot gas hose they come with a

euro style disconnect torch they are

multi stepped transformer based machines

in the case of the 140 machine it has

four steps on the transformer and the

190 machine has six steps on the

transformer I want to take a closer look

at the Euro style disconnect gun it's

very easy to remove from the machine if

I have some type of wire feeding problem

with this machine it's very easy to

troubleshoot or if I need to replace the

liner I can undo this and easily replace

the liner very nice and convenient so

let's take a look at the voltage tap

settings here this again has four

settings that equates to roughly

sixteenths of an inch between the

voltage tap settings so the 140 meagan

welding machine will weld anywhere from

a sixteenth of an inch up to four

sixteenths of an inch which is a quarter

of an inch if you look over at the 190

machine it has six tap settings so that

means it'll weld up to three eighths of

an inch let's take a look on the inside

where the similarities continue as we

look inside the MIG welding machines all

of the Forney MIG welding machines share

some common characteristics they all

have a very premium wire feeding system

as you know in MIG welding you want to

clean crisp stable arc and the wire

feeding system is key to that so let's

look at the components of the Forney

wire feeding system you look back here

at the D spooler it's easy to adjust on

the tension the wire pays off of the

Despoiler goes through the inlet guide

if you look at the driver and the either


they're both geared both of those gear

rolls working together improve the wire

feeding through the

gun and then with that all working

together nice and smoothly you get a

smooth stable arc on our machines it's

easy to adjust the polarity and that's

the adjustment right here and then

you'll notice that we also have a box

included for storing your tips diffusers

nozzles and things like that we've been

looking at some of the similarities on

the 140 and the 190 big machines let's

take a look at some of the differences

you'll notice on the 140 machine it

operates off of 115 volts for standard

household use

it's very nice convenient as an 8 foot

long power cord the working envelope

however can be extended by the use of an

extension cord I would recommend a 10

gauge no longer than a 25-foot extension

cord if you want to extend the envelope

okay let's look at the 190 machine it

has a higher input voltage so it

operates off of 220 or 230 volts that

allows you to have a higher maximum

output of about 190 amps it also comes

with a longer power cord it comes with a

15 foot long power cord

these machines are both very good for

farm and ranch automotive uses or just

general repair welding the machines also

are covered by the standard 531 Forney

warranty if you have questions about the

machines or questions about the warranty

I'd recommend you going to Forney ind

comm or ask for any com




hello everyone this is Scott from Lotus

technology today I'd like to introduce

you to the low dose mid 140 a 140 amp

MIG welder used to create industrial

results at an affordable price its

Portability and lightweight makes it

perfect for the home user now I'm going

to set it up and then we'll run some

test wells

that's it for today thanks for watching