TOP 5: Best Metal Detector 2020

metal detectors are fun devices that let

you set off on an adventure to find all

kinds of buried treasures minerals and

materials in this video we're going to

break down the top five best metal

detectors on the market today we'll be

taking a look at features functionality

ease of use and quality of detection to

determine which is the best for a

particular kind of user so if you're

interested in finding out which metal

detector is best suited to you keep

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don't miss anything first we have the

Bounty Hunter tracker for metal detector

our pick for the best budget metal

detector for a great budget metal

detector to get you started on your

adventure the Bounty Hunter tracker 4 is

an excellent model it isn't the most

feature packed or powerful on our list

but it's a stepping stone into the metal

detector marketplace and a great one at

that the tracker 4 features a six point

seven kilohertz VLF detector with three

modes including all metal mode

discrimination mode and two-tone audio

mode to find your intended targets its

eight inch coil is waterproof for

finding submerged items and the stem is

adjustable for different user heights

the easy-to-use panel features

sensitivity control target strength

meter discrimination control mode switch

low battery indicator and a quarter inch

headphone jack it's multiple search

modes allow you to hone in on exactly

the kind of materials you want to find

while ignoring items like trash which

can read as false positives it's a metal

detector aimed towards beginners or even

kids who want to take up the hobby of

metal detecting without investing much

money upfront however it's still a

feature packed metal detector that can

pick up iron coins and even precious

metals priced under $70 it's a low cost

device that can help get you started

next on our list is the Fisher f-22

weatherproof metal detector our choice

for the best entry-level metal detector

the Fisher f-22 is unique in the fact

that it includes features normally found

in higher price metal detectors such as

numerical target ID 10 levels of

sensitivity iron audio and adjustable

volume for consideration when around

other people this is a great option for

those who want something a bit more than

what the Bounty Hunter tracker 4 has to

offer in terms of scope and performance

the Fisher f-22 weighs 2.3 pounds for

ease of use and its search coil is

waterproof for submerged scanning the

control panel features a large numerical

readout and includes a mode switcher

target ID read out an iron identifier

icon and the ability to customize and

save settings the unit is weatherproof

for rainy days and it offers the ability

to swap out the search coils for ones

that produce different results the f-22

is an entry level metal detector with a

lot of advanced level features for a

price under 250 dollars giving it great

balance when it comes to cost

versatility and functionality it can be

taken almost everywhere and can quickly

locate the materials you want to find

it's great for anyone who feels a little

more confident in getting to know the

ins and outs of metal detectors up next

on the list is the Garrett ace 400 our

choice for the best mid-range metal

detector the Garrett ace 400 represents

a fantastic mid-range metal detector

that seats both beginners and

experienced users alike it's a bit more

advanced than the previous two on our

list but it's also much more versatile

this metal detector is the best

mid-range model on our list thanks to

its eight and a half by 11 inch

waterproof search coil electronic

pinpointing with notch discrimination

functionality and adjustable frequency

if you happen to be searching with

another person by your side it also

features iron audio which creates

variations in audio tones to help you

identify potentially unwanted

items and avoid them digital target ID

lets you identify potential targets

through the use of an ID scale that can

further help distinguish between

materials it also lets you detach the

search coil in favour of a super sniper

four-and-a-half inches or nine by 12

inches proformance search coil for a

little more precision its control panel

is well laid out intuitive and easy to


priced under three hundred and fifty

dollars the Garrett ace 400 is a great

mid-range metal detector for hunting

down metals and treasures making it

great for enthusiasts as well as novices

who want a device with more to offer if

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list is the Garrett 80 pearl metal

detector our pick for the best value per

dollar metal detector the Garrett 80 pro

is a 15 kilohertz frequency metal

detector with a great set of functions

for enthusiast users it's easily the

best value per dollar option on our list

catering to those who already know

what's involved in metal detecting and

want a great mid-range tool for their

next excursion the device is waterproof

up to 10 feet for more search

versatility which is great for those who

live near a beach or riverbed it

features multiple audio modes such as

proportional mode and iron audio mode

for greater precision and search

accuracy so you can narrow down what

you're trying to find the Garrett 80 pro

also includes adjustable ground balance

where the previous models on our list do

not which is great for detecting targets

at different depths it also includes

support for different Garrett coils that

can search a wider radius or offer more

precise and narrow field results finally

this metal detector can also pick up

gold which is a plus for a device at

this level this is a metal 2

Hector designed for maximum value per

dollar at a price point under five

hundred and fifty dollars its feature

set is great for enthusiasts and

hobbyists alike and its advanced

features will be appreciated by both

finally we have the mine lab equinox 800

our choice for the best overall metal

detector the mine lab equinox 800

represents an advanced level metal

detector that is loaded with premium

features making it our best overall

metal detector on this list that being

said it's also best suited to the

experienced user who knows how to take

advantage of everything it has to offer

this detector sports five frequencies

ranging from five Hertz to 40 kilohertz

making it the most versatile on our list

as well as adjustable ground balance a

gold search mode wireless headphone

compatibility and six individual search

modes there's no shortage of versatility

for the discerning user multi IQ

technology lets the user survey an area

with multiple frequencies running at the

same time which is highly advantageous

for covering more ground at a faster

rate without having to switch

frequencies and comb the same area

several times the unit is fully

waterproof and can be completely

submerged in water vastly extending its

search capabilities the LCD display is

informative and detailed letting you

create your own selection presets change

frequencies switch search modes and

adjust things like ground balance and

volume control priced under $900 the

mine lab equinox 800 is best suited for

enthusiasts who are looking for a

tremendously powerful metal detector and

don't mind paying a higher cost for

advanced functionality what it offers in

return is a staggeringly powerful set of

functions that go beyond the other

detectors on our list alright guys that

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