The Best Messaging Apps on Android Still Can't Top iMessage

messaging on Android is a mess if you're

an iPhone user in the u.s. you're almost

definitely using iMessage you have no

reason not to it's secure

it has SMS support it's got a ton of

features I mean I could go on and on

iMessage just works but where is

androids perfect messaging app let's get

this out of the way the perfect

messaging app on Android does not exist

in an ideal world Apple would just bring

iMessage to Android in fact deer bone

executive editor for The Verge makes a

strong moral case for why Apple should

do just that

but I'll let him explain if there's any

company planet that's basically willing

to stick their middle finger in the air

and say we're gonna do the right thing

for users it might be Apple and so if

Apple wants to get on a high horse and

talk about defending privacy and we

believe deeply that everyone has a right

to privacy and security they need to

actually back that up to be fair döner

made it clear to me that he doesn't

think Apple would actually do it so if

there's no iMessage on Android and there

isn't going to be what do Android users

do what you have to do on Android is

have a folder of apps and the people

that watched you just have to use

whatever the people that talk to you

want to use and remember which happens

which and that's sort of it and that's

the reality of messaging on Android it's

not great even trying to decide which

apps go in that folder can be tough

because there are so many options I've

been testing some of the more popular

messaging apps on Android and while

there are apps that excel in one or two

key areas there are none that do

everything right of the apps I tested

there were two that I always came back

to Android messages and texture they're

both fully featured and can do things

like share your locations and gifts not

Chiss and they both handle group

messaging well while texture is way more

customizable it doesn't have a web

client like Android messages does but in

the end there's a little difference in

their core functionality and they're

both great options now here's the

problem both apps drop the ball on

security they can only send and receive


which are unencrypted if you care at all

about the security and privacy of your

data you signal or whatsapp both of

these apps send end-to-end encrypted

messages by default just like iMessage

that means that no one except you and

the person you're messaging can access

your texts now here's the problem these

apps aren't exactly the most convenient

whatsapp can't send or receive SMS

messages and while signal can it defeats

the purpose because now you're just

sending unencrypted messages again for

these apps to be useful and for their

security features to work as intended

you have to convince everyone you know

to download and use them including those

iPhone friends who are never going to

leave iMessage which leads me to my

final app Facebook Messenger is just so

convenient almost everyone you know has

probably already downloaded it and the

app can send and receive SMS it's

bloated with nonsense like Facebook

stories and games but they're easily

ignored the trade-off here is privacy

Facebook scans all messages images and

links sent through messenger the company

says it only does it to stop

inappropriate content and that the data

is never used for advertising purposes

but I can't help but think of Facebook's

privacy scandals so there you have it

the Android messaging apps that belong

in that folder on your phone each one

will bring you joy and sorrow in its own

unique way it's not exactly the solution

Marie Kondo would want but for now it's

the only one Android has if you missed

the last episode of app directory be

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made the case for why you podcast

listeners should ditch the Apple podcast

app and Android users let me know in the

comments what messaging apps you're

using I already have half a dozen what's

a few more thanks for watching