Firm vs Soft Mattress - Which One Should You Get?

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covered now today instead of reviewing

just one mattress I'm going to answer

ten frequently asked questions that I

received from readers wondering whether

they should buy a firm or soft mattress

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bliss but for right now let's talk about

whether you should buy a firm or soft

mattress now first and possibly most

importantly what is the best firmness

for a mattress so this is something of

interest to pretty much everyone looking

for a new mattress and the truth is is

that it depends on what type of sleeper

you are now throughout the rest of the

video I'll get into more specifics about

how firm a mattress should be for back

sleepers or side sleepers stomach

sleepers and everything in between but

to start I just want to give you a quick

idea of what those firmness is mean now

I'm talking about medium mattress

firmness you'll generally see companies

say that it's in the six to six and a

half out of ten range with 10 being the

firmest I'm just going to give you a

nice balance of support and comfort in

multiple positions if you don't have any

specific sleeping preferences or

requirements this might actually be the

best range for you now anything above

that six and a half out of ten threshold

starts to be a bit on the firmer side

and will generally mean you're gonna

feel more on top of the mattress not

pushing into the layers of the bed so

much anything below that six out of ten

will start to give you more of a plush

feel sinking into soft materials now

firmness levels won't be the same for

everybody because of different weights

and sleeping positions of the sleepers

and mattresses of similar firmness won't

feel identical because of the different

materials used in the mattress

construction but those are general

ratings when discussing mattress

firmness now who should use a firm

mattress and remember this the most

important thing a mattress can promote

for healthy sleep posture is spinal

alignment that can mean different things

for different types of sleepers but for

back and stomach sleepers it means

ensuring that your hips don't sink too

far into the bed

a back sleepers tend to have a bit of

leeway in terms of what firmness is good

for them ranging anywhere from a six on

up based on their preference that medium

range from six and six and a half out of

ten it's going to be a good option for

those that spend most of the time on

their back or adjust from their back to

their side throughout the night and when

it comes to stomach sleepers I have

talked to a few specialists who say no

matter what kind of mattress you get it

isn't healthy to sleep on your stomach

but if you just can't help it I

recommend these strict stomach sleepers

out there go with a firm mattress to

avoid lower back pain so for a firm

mattress that's gonna be more in line

with what stomach sleepers or back

sleepers need on the other end of the

spectrum who should sleep on a soft

mattress to be honest a lot of people

think they want these super plush cloud

feeling they get on hotel mattresses

that the reality is that for many the

comfort doesn't really translate

long-term soft mattresses can be great

for those that sleep primarily on their

side the reason for that is because side

sleeping can cause greater pressure

points to form at your shoulders and

your hips because of a higher weight

concentration over lower surface area

now if a mattress is softer you're going

to be able to sink in a bit more for

some nice comforting relief I should

note that if you are looking for

examples of great options for your new

bed you can check out sleep topless for

our list of best firm mattress and best

soft mattress which I've linked to in

the description below now a really

popular question I get is should side

sleepers have a soft or for a mattress

and I did answer this a bit in the last

question but I'll get a bit more

specific here with the types of soft

mattress that I think side sleepers

should go with one thing I should note

is that just grabbing these softest

mattress you can find is not a great

idea that it's too soft you'll push

straight through the comfort layers and

end up interacting with these support

layers of the construction or even the

boxspring or bed frame below which kind

of defeats the purpose now a great way

you can get a nice balance of soft

comfort with good support is by sleeping

on a pillow top mattress so have a few

inches of material on top of the bed to

sink into for pressure relief with coil

support below for some bounce and to

keep you from pushing straight through

the bed now as a soft or firm mattress

better for back pain and be honest there

is no right answer here again it depends

on what position you sleep in the most

important thing is proper spinal

alignment so for back sleepers I

recommend something in the medium range

stomach sleepers something much firm

and side sleepers should go for a

plusher feel one thing I should mention

is that a zone support system can be a

great option for those that shift from

their back to their side throughout the

night basically a zone support system is

firmer at the hips and softer at the

shoulders promote healthy alignment

while sleeping on your back or side now

all this talk of firmness and you may be

wondering how do I know if my mattress

is too firm now for some people that

have slept on one mattress for a while

it can be tough to know if their new

mattress is too firm or if they're just

not used to it yet now the number one

way you're going to be able to tell this

is if you have pressure points forming

and that pain is following you

throughout the rest of the day if you're

a side sleeper and get you end up

feeling at the shoulders or pain at the

hips your mattress is probably too firm

along those same lines can you get used

to a firm or soft mattress and that's a

great question and the answer is yes to

an extent now can take a month or two to

get used to a new mattress even if the

firmness is at the right level for your

sleep preferences that's part of the

reason why so many online mattress

brands offer trial periods of three

months or more so you can fully test out

your new bed before deciding whether or

not you want to send it back now if at

that time the mattress is causing you

pain or soreness that isn't getting any

better it's safe to say you gave it a

shot and move on to another option now

will a firm mattress get any softer

absolutely will sleeping on your

mattress and night after new night will

break down the materials using this

construction and soften it up now after

a while if it gets too soft that's

actually how you'll know it's time to

buy a new mattress the rate at which the

mattress softens up will vary quite a

bit and that is going to be based on the

materials used in the mattress the

weight of the sleeper what position you

sleep in and how often you rotate your

mattress now most mattresses these days

are not designed to be flipped but if

you are trying to extend the life of

your mattress you can rotate it 180

degrees every six months if your

mattress is too firm how do you soft in

a firm mattress the best way is going to

be by adding a mattress topper I don't

normally recommend using a mattress

topper right off the bat with a new

mattress because I think you should just

find a mattress that fits your needs

before you start trying to adjust it if

your trial period is over or you're

trying to prolong the life of your

existing mattress and topper is a great

way to add some comfort and pressure

relief without purchasing a whole new

mattress now if you are interested in a

new mattress topper you can check out

our favorites again

below if you're looking go the other way

and ordinary how to firm up a soft

mattress this can be a bit tougher than

softening up your mattress because most

toppers are designed to provide a softer

feel the issue you're facing is a lack

of support and you don't want to replace

your mattress I would start with looking

at what your mattress is on top of come

true through the support your mattress

is providing you you can add a box

spring or I've even heard from some

readers that have said they've placed

firm wooden boards under specific

portions of their mattresses that have

begun to sag to firm them up a bit

that's it for the firmer versus soft

mattress debate I hope that clears it up

a little bit for you but if there's

anything I didn't cover you can leave a

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