Best Medium Firm Mattress Guide (TOP 6 BEDS)

hey everyone I'm Jeffrey the jet from my

slumber yard calm today we're talking

about the best a medium firm mattress

now this is one of the most popular

things people are looking for I think in

part because a lot of people realize a

bed always softens as you use it so

people in some cases are sort of like

leading their target okay I'm gonna get

a little firmer and it will soften as I

use it so we're gonna go over beds that

are in that medium firm range give or


of course firmness softness it's

subjective based on your weight and

other elements so this is about four

people that weigh in around maybe 170 to


it'll be about a medium firm for you

guys now if you want to learn anything

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okay so before we go into the list let's

talk about general policy items that

you'll see with all the beds I want to

talk about here that way I don't need to

mention it with each individual bed

because that will really bog us down and

we're gonna try and go a little bit

quicker like I said the full reviews are

in the description so free shipping

whether it's White Glove delivery which

is a more premium service or general

FedEx or UPS delivery you're not gonna

pay anything extra for shipping now once

the bed show up at your house you will

get some sort of in-home test window so

that's so like you know typically in the

past you would go to a mattress store

test enough for five minutes and then it

show up to your house in a couple of

days now you get to test out the bed at

home with whoever you want for at least

three months they all have at least a

100 night test window and it's risk-free

in five of the six cases so five out of

the six beds on our list come with a

hundred percent free returns inside that

test window what is free returns mean it

means that you don't have to do anything

you just say hey I want my money back

you know Dave forty six or whatever and

they send someone to your house to pick

it up and they give you all your money

back it takes a few weeks but free

returns in the one case where it's not

free returns I think they have a

legitimate reason why it's that's not

the case and we'll talk about that if

you keep the beds they at least come

with a ten year warranty if not longer

so that's the stuff you can expect don't

wanna have to go over it with each bed

let's go into the list let's start with

the dream cloud if you can only choose

one you can close your eyes and say I

want a really comfy medium firm mattress

dream cloud this is the one that Dillon

on our team sleeps on incredibly

comfortable super supportive bed it

combines coils memory foam latex foam

there's really nice cashmere cover it

just looks like a luxury bed feels like

a luxury bed and it's in that medium

firm range you know and then because it

has foams it will soften up for you a

little bit so it's gonna be good for all

sleeping positions from the get-go if

you're petite it's gonna be a little

probably too firm for you but remember

the bed will soften as you use it and

dream cloud

it comes with a 365 night trial so you

get to test it out for a full year at

your house to figure out whether or not

you want it to make up your mind and it

comes with free returns

just a really nice mattress it's hard to

poke holes in dream cloud and then we

have the ELISA hybrid mattress by the

way this is in no particular order but

we really like the Lisa hybrid mattress

this one previously was called Sapiro

but who cares what the name is right I

mean it's just a nice bed so it has six

inch pocketed coils it has a little bit

of transition foam a little bit of

memory foam for pressure relief and then

more of a neutral foam I think they're

calling it premium foam but it kind of

feels like a general soft foam and so

this bed doesn't really feel like a

pillowtop mattress it doesn't have a

pillow top on it but it's so comfortable

it's the type of bed you just lay on

it's got that super soft cover you sort

of float on top of the bed and it is

indeed in that medium firm range maybe a

hair softer than a dream cloud but

really nice best for back stomach and

combination sleepers we should have a

discount for the Lisa hybrid down below

in the description I think it's 10 or

15% off something like that you can

check that out but uh yeah another bed

that's really hard to poke holes in it's

really supportive really comfortable has

more of a neutral feel to it so if you

don't really like memory foam it has

just that soft foam feel and it's from a

big big name brand next is nectar so if

you do like memory foam nectar is a

really good solution because nectars we

kind of consider it between a medium and

a medium firm but remember that memory

foam will change its appearance in terms

of firmness based on the temperature of

your room so if you have a really cold

room the bed's gonna feel firmer too if

it's a really warm room it's gonna feel

softer to you and that is in addition to

you know your weight impacting how soft

or firm a bed feels but nectar comes

with a full year trial window comes with

free returns it has that deep viscous

memory foam feel that dense memory foam

so if you like memory foam you'll

probably really like nectar and I think

everybody will appreciate the price tag

the MSRP after discount usually is

around 700 bucks for a queen-size so

that's pretty affordable and at the end

of the day the reason that's on here is

because it checks the box in terms of

firmness and it's a really nice memory

foam option now if you want a more

luxury memory foam option that's a lumen

leaf so lumen leaf is the one bed that


come with free returns but it does come

with white glove delivery which is a

more premium delivery service and so if

you do end up wanting to return it they

charge of $99 which isn't the end of the

world considering they incur more costs

associated with shipping the bed and if

you just take one look at it you're like

dang this is a really really nice luxury

memory foam bed there aren't that many

high-end true luxury memory foam beds

and one thing that's nice about lumen

leaf is that it comes in two firmness

levels I think that what do they call it

the relaxed firm will be the one that

most people get it's in and around a

medium firm and as a center strip that's

a like a gel material you can't really

feel it but it will actively work to

cool you down throughout the night so

it's one of the better memory foam beds

for warmer or hotter sleepers and it has

that organic cotton cover that's really

really nice from a very reputable brand

satva so I don't know we kind of decided

to look past the fact that they didn't

offer free returns and realize like if

you know what you're getting into lumen

leaf is a heck of a mattress

now another memory film option and one

that's built specifically for hot

sleepers is the ghost bed luxe mattress

so this bed has all sorts of different

cooling materials built in gel memory

foams gel strips an active cooling cover

so it's designed for hot sleepers it's

not the coolest bed in the world but

it's one of the coolest memory foam beds

out there it has that medium firm

firmness profile you can lay on it and

pretty much any sleeping position but

remember it's in that medium firm range

they call it the cool I think they call

it the coolest bed in the world now

rounding out our list is perhaps the

cheapest bed in the world that's

actually worth your consideration this

is the all's well mattress and let me

tell you this for how nice the bed is I

would expect the price to be double if

not triple what it is but it's so low

that I wonder if they're gonna be able

to keep prices this low forever and they

offer discounts from time to time to so

you can check that out in the

description all's well is owned by

Walmart which explains the prices but

the bed is made in the United States it

has coils it's really supportive and

it's right in that medium firm range it

has more of a neutral feel though the

top layers are

memory foam in the price points here's

the here's the best part right for the

queen-size is under $500 in many cases

is under $400 and if you get a discounts

gonna be even more affordable than that

like I somewhere I expect them to raise

prices on it it's great for people that

want a supportive bed that has more of a

neutral feel that's that's really

responsive and it's not gonna break the

bank you look at the bedding you would

expect it to cost a lot more than it

does but it you know it's not crazy so

that's our list of course there are so

many other beds we really like like wink

that has great beds Safa has great beds

they're so bare it makes great beds but

we tried to really hone in on a medium

firm who's right in that range if you

enjoyed the video and you want to help

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have a great day