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okay friends now in this video we are

going to talk about diabetic medicines

you need to take for a cute watery

diarrhea so diarrhea is a like it's a

very common problem in India so if your

diagnosis is diarrhea if your problem is

diarrhea that that is an indication of

some serious issue with your body but it

can be of different type it can be acute

or it can be chronic okay

so acute the idea is generally with the

one that I'm going to prescribe the

treatment for in this video in the

letter on video we are going to talk

about chronic diarrhea which is mostly

associated with other diseases like IBS

irritable bowel syndrome okay so we'll

be talking about the acute water did

idea so diarrhea means watery diarrhea

what kind of diarrhea when we call it

the idea normally if you're wild

movement pattern is twice a day twice a

day you go there and instead of that now

it's 10 times 8 times 7 times 12 times

20 times a day and the stool is

completely water okay so it's watery

there is no solid parts in the stool and

the smell is bad also

that means some kind of infection so the

idea is related to infection okay of

course it's in related to infection and

as the diarrhea is related to infection

we need to treat the infection so we

need to take antibiotics but at the same

time we need to manage the diarrheal

tendency because diarrhea also means

dehydration okay dehydration of your

body and due to dehydration your body

may face severe consequences so to

prevent that what we need to do here is

you know if you have acute diarrhea

watery diarrhea we obviously check for

stools so Stewie test is obviously

preferred along with blood tests okay so

this tests are needed CBC complete blood

count and CRP test we are going to check

that okay we take this tests if you have

a cute ID or chronic daddy it's always

prescribed to check for the stool but

now for for time being if you have the

diarrhea right now going on the first

thing is to reduce the frequency of

going into the stool which is normally


you know which is associated with a lot

of pain in the abdomen lower abdomen

particularly lower right abdomen and

then cramping so we need to take

medicine for that so the first medicine

that I'm going to tell you is to reduce

the frequency of the stool that is a

tablet lopa might okay tablet lopa might

you take that to 2 mg w Lupo might to

take two of this tablet immediately when

the diarrhea is onset when you go three

four times

it's totally liquid you take two tablet

and then take one after each bowel

movement okay after each time you pass

the stool take that okay so this is how

you should reduce the frequency now if

it's normal like two to three times you

go only and the frequency is one hour 2

hours gap like you go once then after 2

hours you go another time after three

hours you go another time did you should

not take that much of Phillipa might

because the power mind is going to slow

down your gastric motility that means

slowing down peristalsis that may be

associated with constipation later on

so in that case taking tulip amide at

the time of onset of the diarrhea will

suffice the problem so this is to stop

the diarrhea in India seconding is that

as the water is moving out so you need

to take o RS oral rehydration solution

you take a packet of RS and put it into

the water one liter or two later if you

don't have access to RS then take normal

salt that you have in your room and just

put it into water 1/2 liter of water 2

liter and I put adequate salt it should

not be that much of salty but moderate

and then take this little bit at a time

so that the water can be restored or

balanced it's also a Soyuz basis ok and

the third thing is the third mini

medicine that I'm going to put here to

treat the infection because obviously

diarrhea means is associated with

infection so what you should take now at

this point of time is an antibiotic and

normally we prescribe nor

flocks okay I take nor flocks 400 nor

flocks 400 take twice after food okay

after food for five days okay and also

take tablet T neva if the infection is

caused by protozoa then taniwha will

help WT neva 500 you take that again for

five days after food you take that okay

so tablet T neva 509 flux from 400 both

will suffice the problem T neva if it's

caused by any protozoa in that case the

stool we have mucus in it so you need to

look into your school stool that's why

stool test is going to help if you

cannot analyze it on your own stool test

is going to tell whether your stool

contains mucus or not if it contains

mucus then probably it's a protocell

infections we need to give tablet T neva

and will also will give other tablets

like tablet or knee or Tunisia or tablet

or any 500 we are going to again take

that tablet Ani

five days after food twice after food


we're going to D so four or five now

apart from that we also need to give you

something that can prevent the spasms

you know it's lot of cramping so

antispasmodic must be provided in this

case okay so I'll give tablet sorry

tablet and a 410 so tablet Ana 410 one

sorry tablet and a 410 one you take that

three times a day and a 410 one

antispasmodic before food three times a

day for three days that will suffice

okay two to three days it'll survive

okay and if you have any like metallic

taste in your mouth or something you can

take antacid like jello sill or die gene

okay you can take that after food okay

so these are the medicines that you can

take if you have acute watery diarrhea

now we need to analyze tool to check

whether it's caused by bacterial

infection or by proto's well if it's by

protozoa infection will take teeny

Barney if it's by bacterial infection

will take North phlox you can take North

fluffs or you can take tablet Oh too as

well same dosage same thing okay so you

can do that but if it is out of control

you know in some situations the da-rae's

so severe is that it's not stopping it's

always continuous movement of water is

tool in that case Unitec injection okay

you need to take injection injection for

one injection for enough water is an

important injection you also need to

take injection for Emma set okay

injection enough for ten and injection

Emma set take both IV or I am to reduce

the infection okay and the infection

will be reduced then and there it will

be it will be managed very very fast in

that occasion okay so that's all about

it so I believe it will help you if you

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