How To Treat A Cold | How To Cure Common Cold | Best Medicine For A Cold And Fever And Sore Throat

It's winter again and that means colds in fact adults average two to three a year

you may even know someone that has a cold right now

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okay so the common cold is a mild viral infection of the nose, throat, sinuses and upper airways

the main symptoms include sore throat, blocked or runny nose

a slight temperature, coughing and sneezing it usually goes on its own within a week or two

the bad news is there's no cure for a cold

so definitely don't go to your GP for antibiotics because they're not going to work

but the good news is, it is self-limiting so it will go on its own

with plenty of rest, fluids and eating healthy

but here are some options that I recommend to help you feel better

for sore throats I always recommend gargling warm salty water

It's really effective at soothing the throat and it also helps reduce inflammation

It's reasonably inexpensive and everyone can do it at home

just dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a glass part-cooled boiled water

and gargle, it's important not to swallow the salt water so it may not be suitable for children

for headaches temperatures and even sore throats you can take over the counter painkillers like

paracetamol and ibuprofen and these can both be taken together

lastly for adults with a blocked nose decongestant nasal sprays are effective but remember

if you use it for more than three consecutive days it can cause something called "rebound congestion"

and that means your blocked nose will basically get worse

when buying any medicines please always run it by your pharmacist so they can make sure it's ok for you to take

hopefully you won't need to see a GP but here's when you need to make an appointment

when your symptoms persist for more than 3 weeks

you have breathing difficulties

your symptoms suddenly get worse

you develop complications of a cold like chest pains or coughing blood stained mucus

it may also be a good idea to speak to your GP or someone if it

concerns your baby an elderly person or someone with long-term medical conditions

we've run out of time again but please see the link below in the description

about how to stop the cold from spreading taking a few simple steps can make a big difference

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