Best Mattress For Kids & Children (DETAILED GUIDE)

hey everyone I'm Jeff Rizzo from my

slumber yard calm today we're talking

about the best mattresses for kids now I

personally don't have kids I have two

nieces and a nephew and they are the

best thing in my life I love them so

much and one day I hope to have kids but

for today at least I'm helping out a

bunch of kids because we're talking

about beds for kids so obviously if

you're getting a mattress for your child

you want a few things right you want to

be affordable because eventually they're

gonna grow out of it you want a good

value as is what I'm saying

you also want it to be safe not only to

be kept in your house but to be around

your kids and all of these beds have the

proper certifications to be able to be

sold in the United States you also want

them to be accommodating because you

never really know what your kiddos are

gonna do in the middle of the night they

kick around they swirl around and they

do all sorts of funny things so you want

a bed that can be able to accommodate

all these different sleeping positions

and most of the time this isn't really

an issue for kids because they don't

they just don't really care they can

sleep anywhere and they're so malleable

that that any sleeping service will be

good and then sometimes you want

something that's either compatible with

a mattress protector to keep it clean or

has a washable cover so we have a few of

those on the list today so if you enjoy

the video and you think we deserve it

give us a thumbs up we spend a lot of

time in this stuff we've tested over a

hundred different beds and by the way

the individual reviews of all of these

beds are in the description because I go

a little faster through our videos and

so if there's one that piques your

interest make sure to check out the for

review because there's even more details

down below in the description including

probably coupons and just a lot of stuff

in the text below the video screen that

you want to check out okay let's get to



all right so just before we get into the

meat potatoes of the video I want to

talk about something because it applies

to all the beds right so you get free

shipping with all of them these are

online mattresses so you're not gonna

pay anything extra for shipping and once

you get them to your house you have at

least 100 nights to try them out because

when you're buying a bed for someone

else you want a little time to to make

your mind up for your children and then

also get their input so you have at

least three months to have them sleep on

the bed maybe you sleep on the bed and

come to a conclusion as to whether or

not you want to keep it I think that's

pretty fair actually one of the beds on

this list I believe has a full year

trial period something like that so you

have at least three months to give them

a go and see if they're they're right

for you and your family and your kiddos

and if you don't want them all of them

come with 100% free returns inside that

trial period all you do is call them out

say it didn't work for us and I think in

most cases you don't even need a reason

and they'll issue you a full refund

which is great because there's no

downside to trying it bad for your kids

because you can always just get your

money back and they will have at least a

10-year warranty which is pretty great

so that applies to all of them I just

don't want to mention it in every single

section okay so let's get into the list

we just have a few beds because we

thought it'd be you know better to

narrow your search so that way you just

pick one and you're done so the easiest

to clean mattress out there is probably

the puffy mattress so puffy has an

accommodating feel it's a pretty

affordable bed we should have a discount

in the description for this one in

particular they set prices a little high

but I think we have in a I think it

takes off an additional $50 off the

price in the mattress something like

that so check that out but the they kind

of pitched this as more of a memory foam

bed but it feels more like a mixed foam

and that's one of the reasons it made

the list because it has that neutral

kind of accommodating feel where you get

some of the pressure relief from the

memory foam but it doesn't have that

overwhelming memory foam feel and that's

good right because when kids go to

rotate between positions you don't want

them feeling stuck in the bed or at

least some parents might not wanting

them feeling stuck in the bed so it has

such a comfortable accommodating feel I

just see it as one of the beds where

it's just like oh yeah get puffy in and

you're done and it has a quote unquote


resistant cover and you can actually see

how the liquid sort of beads off of the

cover so you can double up and get a

mattress protector for it if you want

but this cover is actually removable and

it's machine washable now I will warn

you it's not a favorite cover in the

world omit remove like it will be a

little bit more involved in removing the

cover of the yoga mat mattress or some

of these other guys but it is

technically a machine washable cover and

and it has that you know stain resistant

fighting properties so I think it's a

good bet for kids all around because it

checks a lot of boxes affordable

accommodating feel not a medium on the

soft affirm scale has the washable cover

made in the United States comes with a

full lifetime warranty it's a pretty

good bed I think it's a really good bet

for kids and then we have the Brooklyn

bedding Bowery mattress so Brooklyn

bedding is one of the largest

manufacturers of beds in the United

States they make all of their beds in

their facility in Phoenix Arizona and

the bed will be shipped straight to your

house and we like the Bowery for a

couple of reasons number one it's

unbelievably affordable they typically

offer something like 15-20 percent off

the beds if you check in the description

we should have a discount on this one

and it becomes very very affordable the

second thing is it has a really

accommodating feel it's even a hair

softer probably than puffy and it has

that Airy fluffy quality to it it's one

of the beds that a lot of people really

find comfortable it's great for side

sleepers they have a 120 night trial

period and I think it's gonna be a bed

where you get it and your kid just says

hey mom I like it and that's all you

want to hear right cuz your kids not

gonna say you know oh it feels like this

it feels like that they're just gonna

say hey I like my new bed it's

comfortable and I think the Bowery is a

safe pick it doesn't have a removable

cover and you can get a mattress

protector for it but it's just a really

nice mattress and by the way if any of

these beds have like a new mattress

smell to them kind of like a new car


that will go away over time and I know

some parents have complained about that

but you know it's it's really common

with online mattresses it's just they've

been made in a clean factory and wrapped

in plastic for a while they will

eventually shed that new mattress smell

and I don't see it as an

now for any parents out there that are

on a really really limited budget and

you just want like hey just get me a

good bet there's comfortable it's from a

big name-brand tough to needle nod is

the way to go and this is great for

Amazon shoppers as well because this is

an Amazon exclusive mattress it is

shockingly affordable it's a two layer

foam bed that I think everybody will

find comfortable it reminds me pretty

much of the feel of the Bowery and of

the puffy but it's just unbelievably

affordable it's a little bit thinner

which is fine because you're having kids

sleep on it and I don't think that's

gonna be an issue the brand is a really

reputable brand tough to needles owned

by sort of Simmons Serta Simmons I know

you've heard of them and look there's

not a whole lot of things that you can

rave about with this mattress it's just

comfortable it's a safe pick and the

price point is really really low and

it's sold on Amazon and we'll put the

link in the description they do run

promotions on the bed from time to time

but I think that's possibly at the whim

of Amazon so you may just check back

frequently for that but it does come

with that 100 night test period despite

the fact that it's sold on Amazon and a

10-year warranty which is that's pretty

awesome now our last pick is our

all-natural pick this is the spindle

mattress so spindle is one of the most

affordable latex beds it's a

high-quality bed but it retails for a

really affordable price point it's one

of the more affordable latex beds now

the reason it made the list is that

we've just gotten some feedback from

some parents saying that they want a

natural bed a bed that's made out of the

actual foam the latex foam is made from

the sap of a rubber tree it has you know

organic cotton cover and like I said at

the intro of the video you're looking

for a bed that your kid will find

comfortable they're not gonna notice

probably the difference between a latex

foam that's really bouncy and responsive

and more of a neutral foam like a tough

to needle nod but it made the list

because it's affordable it has a lot of

natural and organic properties it's

really comfortable has certifications up

the ying-yang and it's a cool bed

because this might be good this might be

bad but you actually assemble it

yourself I could see that being kind of

fun with your kids you know it ships in

a couple of boxes to keep the price

point down and then what you do is you

assemble it layer by layer and you get

the option of making

softer or firmer which is it's pretty

cool it comes with a full 365 night

trial period which is about three times

as long as a lot of other beds and it's

nice and we should have a discount for

it in the description so that's our list

you know if we've tested over a hundred

beds so clearly there are a lot of other

great options out there and if you check

our website out my slumber yard comm you

can find more and there's just so much

more in the description down below so

hope you enjoyed the video and I was

able to help out have a great day