Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain and Sciatica 2020 - Our Top 6 Picks!

what's up everybody I'm looking from

sleep appleís and today I'll be talking

about the best mattresses for those

suffering from lower back pain or

sciatica now throughout the video I'm

gonna give you a little bit of

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for right now let's talk about the top

six mattresses for lower back pain and

sciatica now before I jump into the

mattresses I do want to define what is

sciatica and out it is a tingly or

numbing back pain caused by a problem

with sciatic nerve that's a large nerve

that runs from the lower back and down

the back of each leg if you are

suffering from sciatica it can be

helpful to keep pressure off of the

nerve so at this list I pick beds that I

believe will help those with sciatica or

lower back pain sleep comfortably

through the night the first step in the

list is the helix Lux it's my choice is

the best for hip and lower back pain hip

pain is a big problem for a lot of side

sleepers if you're on a bed that's too

firm the concentration of weight over a

smaller surface area can cause the

formation of pressure points this can

mean more discomfort for those that are

suffering from sciatica

now the helix Lux is a bed in a box

mattress that uses a pillow top build

and has soft foams on top for great

pressure leave now helix mattresses come

in a range of support levels so sleepers

of all styles can find the right fit if

you have lower back pain I'd probably

recommend the helix luxe and thanks to

the impressive edge support and motion

isolation I really like the helix luxe

is for couples so if you're suffering

from lower back pain and want to avoid

hip pain check out the helix luxe next

up is the level sleep my choice is the

best mattress for side sleepers with

lower back pain now every sleep position

has specific needs when it comes to the

feel of a mattress for side sleepers

that means enough space at the shoulders

to sink into bed and avoid pressure

build up the level sleep is an all foam

bed in a box with a zone support system

that means it's softer the shoulders but

firmer at the hips to promote side

sleeping spinal alignment that spinal

alignment is super important when trying

to avoid lower back pain overall the

level sleep has a medium firmness a nice

support level for comfort in multiple

positions this mattress was specifically

designed to fight

at Payne and I think they did a great

job so if you're a side sleeper

suffering from lower back pain try the

level sleep next up the avocado is the

best hybrid mattress for lower back pain

now if you're looking for a new bed and

want to get a good mix of support and

comfort a hybrid is a great choice

hybrid mattresses use foam comfort

layers so you can sink in a bit and are

supported by coil support for great

bounce the avocado is a Bennett Box

hybrid that uses dumb wah plain text for

a buoyant feel when combined with the

pocketed coils you get a really bouncy

and supportive bed I should note that

the standard version of the avocado is

pretty firm so I recommend those

suffering from sciatica or lower back

pain and go with the pillowtop version

now along with a great medium firmness

the avocado is a great organic option

using natural latex and organic cotton

if you're interested in avoiding

polyurethane foams in your bed so if

you're looking for a hybrid or organic

bed check out the avocado the purple

hybrid is the best cooling mattress for

lower back pain now along with lower

back pain one of the biggest concerns

our customers have is overheating at

night many bedding materials can

actually trap body heat causing the

mattress to sleep hot causing you to

suffer from night sweats now the purple

hybrid uses a comfort layer of hyper

elastic polymer instead of foam

now that's purple's proprietary material

and it's temperature neutral helping to

sleep cool through the night the polymer

is set up in a grid structure at the

walls of which strategically collapse to

provide pressure relief where it's

needed most any pocket coils provide

great support for nice spinal alignment

to combat back pain overall the

combination of polymer and pocketed

coils provide great balance of mobility

so you can adjust your position at night

without feeling stuck so if you have

lower back pain and want to sleep cool

and try the purple hybrid

the tough to needle is my choice as the

best affordable mattress for lower back

pain of course finding the right

mattress isn't just about feel a huge

factor in your decision will be how much

you can spend on the new bed the tough

to needle is an all foam bed in a box

mattress that has no frills design it

comes in an affordable price without

sacrificing support I was pleasantly

surprised by the tough Tomatoes firmer

feel supporting my hips well for great

spinal alignment because of the great

support I really liked it for the back

and stomach sleepers out there and along

with the price and support I also found

that they tucked in heel slept cool for

an all foam bed so if you have lower

back pain but don't want to break the

bank go with the tough to needle last

but not least the Safa is the best inner

spring mattress for lower back pain so

far this list has consisted solely of

benda box mattresses these are great

options and provide exceptional comfort

some people just prefer traditional

inner spring beds soften mattresses are

awesome inner spring beds that use quo

on coil structure for great bounce and

support they come in three firmness

levels but I think the luxury firm their

medium version will be best choice for

most types of sleepers I found this

often did a great job of spinal

alignment which as I've mentioned is

extremely important for avoiding back

pain the impressive mobility means it'll

be more on top of the bed and able to

adjust your position without feeling

stuck in the mattress and the great edge

support makes it a nice choice for the

couples out there as the beds feel a bit

bigger because you can sleep all the way

to the end without feeling like you're

going to collapse the side so if you

have low back pain and are looking for a

traditional feel and go with the Safa

before I end the review I do want to get

answer some frequently asked questions

that I get about mattresses specifically

for those suffering from lower back pain

or sciatica now the first one up is what

type of mattresses are best for sciatica

now that's gonna be a medium firmness

with a good mix of comfort and support

I'm also going to recommend a bit of

balance and mobility so you can easily

adjust your position to avoid pressure

point formation next up can sciatica be

caused by a bad mattress and old sagging

or bad mattress won't cause sciatica but

it can make the symptoms much worse and

finally how do I know if my mattress is

causing any back pain now it's all about

sleep position and preference here now

if you're a back or stomach sleeper if

you don't have enough support it can

cause misalignment leading the lower

back pain the side sleepers out there

you don't have proper space to sink into

the mattress can cause pressure point

formation also leading to misalignment

and discomfort so that's it for my list

of best mattresses for lower back pain

and sciatica if there's anything I

didn't cover just leave a comment below

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