✅Massage Chair: Best Massage Chairs 2020 (Buying Guide)

it's hard to find anything they'll come

close to the calming effect of a good

massage after a long day at work however

not everyone has the time and energy to

visit a massage parlor after spending so

much time at work even worse

professional masseuse don't come cheap

and not everyone can afford to hire one

this is where a good massage chair can

come in massage chairs are able to

replicate massage techniques by working

out all kinds of muscle kinks and knots

leaving your body feel limber and

healthy again furthermore they can help

reduce stress lower your blood pressure

and prevent muscle injuries stay tuned

as we bring you the top 5 massage chairs

that are best fit for you whether you

need a reclining zero-gravity or full

body massage chair will lay down

everything for you if you want to find

more information or the best offer

prices about these products mentioned in

our video we've left links in the

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delay let's get going


at number one is the Titan osaki black

faux leather reclining massage chair

the first striking hallmark of the osaki

os-7075r and this singular feature is

what really sets the massage chair apart

the zero-g position firmly presses your

body against the rollers for an intense

deep muscle massage another great aspect

that you'll love about the osaki os-4000

massage chair is that it fuses the S

track and L track roller movement the S

track rollers move along the natural

curvature of your spine giving you back

pain relief as for the L track rollers

they follow a horizontal movement

starting from the neck area all the way

to the buttocks this wide massage

footprint helps unwind all tight muscles

leaving you relaxed with six auto

programs and five speed levels to choose

from you can customize your massage two

different modes such as relaxed health

care circulation therapy and demo and if

that's not enough that 24 airbags will

give your muscles the ultimate

relaxation thanks to different massage

techniques like kneading rolling

clapping combo Swedish and shiatsu did

we also mention the osaki os-4000 comes

with lumbar heat therapy inspired by

Chinese heat therapy it comes fitted

with two distinct heating elements

tucked beneath the lumbar region that

had a different dimension to the massage

protocol you're using overall the osaki

os-4000 massage chair is a unique and

compelling relaxation companion it

offers a splendid combination of

cutting-edge innovation and excellent

space-saving design

at number two on our list is the

Japanese maid sinka JP 1100 4d wellness

massage chair this is easily one of the

most advanced massage chairs currently

available for starters it comes equipped

with the advanced double detection body

scan that scans your entire body to

deliver optimal tailored performance

this together with the 4d massage robot

and near 180 degree flat recline ability

allows you to enjoy the right massage

depth and consistency right from the

shoulders all the way down to your

tailbone thanks to the lumbar heating

technology the sinkage ap 1100 massage

chair comes fitted with dual heat pads

located around the spine and feet area

once heated they bring blood closer to

the skin's surface where the massage

rollers can do their stimulating magic

resulting in enhanced blood circulation

the heaters also come in handy and

loosening stiff muscles which is

particularly important if you want an

effective massage to be achieved better

yet this massage chair utilizes the

exclusive flow adjustment technology

that works out your muscles under high

intense bursts and a low setting if you

want additional customization the chair

comes with 31 airbags 21 automatic

programs and more than 81 different

massage techniques simply choose the

right setting depending on your body

condition and you're good to go and with

the memory program feature you can

create a tailored program and save it

for future reference or use another

feature that will blow your mind is the

shiatsu reflexology foot massage seeking

inspiration from shiatsu massage

movements the sinkage AP 1100 massage

chair is equipped with foot rollers and

an air compression system which is

specially designed to fit the feet

arches for a more penetrating massage if

you can direct a professional masseur to

your sore muscles why shouldn't you be

able to do the same with your massage

chair with the JP 1100 massage chair you

have the ultimate control over


thanks to the handheld remote control

you can configure and control every

aspect of your entire massage experience

if you're looking for a massage chair

that gives you the total massage

experience the sinkage AP 1100 massage

chair will give you the most bang for

your buck it's an efficient workhorse

packed with great features and can even

fit in the smallest of apartments still

not impressed by our first two massage

chairs we'll keep watching because we

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and now let's continue at number 3 is

the westinghouse w es 40 168 massage

chair with five massage modes thanks to

large surface areas the westinghouse w

es 41 680 is one of the few massage

chairs designed to deliver a wholesome

massage experience

it's equipped with a commendable

forehead rotating massage system that

stimulates smooth wrist movements which

is a rare feature in most massage chairs

along with the head rotating system it's

designed in a unique L shape which

incorporates the assistant roller motion

technology and lumbar heat therapy not

only does this enhance the massages

realism but also facilitates deep neck

massage all the way down to the tailbone

and with five high performance massage

variations you can tailor your massage

experience by customizing the speed

intensity and target specific massage

notes the sixteen airbags running along

the sides legs and feet are inflatable

to apply the healing compression massage

for a full shiatsu reflexology

experience the chair has moving pressure

point balls at the bottom foot section

to administer a concentrated but

carefully calibrated massage a massage

chair would be incomplete without a zero

gravity feature within the westinghouse

w es 41 you can enjoy the full benefits

of zero gravity including the floating

sensation reduced pressure points and

spinal stress all of which can affect

the effectiveness of your massage space

efficiency is another area that this

massage chair exceeds is designed with

convenience and your living space in

mind so it only needs to be about five

centimeters off the wall to fully

recline the easy to use remote control

is a valuable feature it allows you to

find your favorite settings without

having to leave the chair if you're

looking for a massage capable of getting

rid of muscle spasms stubborn knots and

tight joints the Westinghouse w es 41

680 is an excellent Buy it comes with

multiple massage variations inflatable

airbags and give me customized for a

more effective massage experience at

number four is the Infiniti Genesis full

body 3d massage chair with zero gravity

the concept of infinity all boils down

to perceived boundlessness and the

Infinity genesis massage chair befits

this tag being one of the pricier models

out there it's of the premium quality

that comes with all the perks you'd

expect from any massage chair of its

stature in line with this it's

appropriate to mention that the Infinity

Genesis is equipped with body scanning

technology it helps detect natural

pressure points in your body and deliver

a more concentrated massage to those


moreover the optical body scanning

technology is inversely connected to the

height adjustable shoulder airbags to

deliver a conclusive stretch massage

even for taller than average users

experienced six different massage

techniques including meeting knocking

tapping shiatsu sync and rhythm all of

which have been incorporated into the

massage programs in addition to that you

have the freedom to adjust the speed

depth and intensity of the quad rollers

for a perfect massage every time you sit

in the chair if you're a frequent

massage chair user you probably know

that the size and design of a massage

chair can be a challenge especially when

living in a small apartment this massage

chair boasts a unique is zero wall

space-saving design that requires no

clearance in both reclining mode or zero

gravity position sometimes massages can

be unsettling which is why you need

something to calm you down as you slide

into relaxation mode the Infinity

Genesis is equipped with a headrest

Bluetooth speakers so you can connect

your favorite mobile device alternately

you can select your choice of music from

iTunes or any other music streaming

service just in case you want to charge

your phone or tablet there's an

easy-to-reach USB charging port

available and located on the chair side

to sum it up the Infiniti Genesis is one

of the best massage chairs currently

available on the market it offers

multiple massage techniques a sleek

space-saving design and a comfortable

relaxing massage experience check out

the link in the description box to get

it at its best offer at number five is

the relaxed Zen long street massage

recliner and face value the relaxing

massage recliner and heat massage

facility appears like an ordinary

luxurious chair but as soon as you start

exploring it in more detail you discover

a host of other amazing features and

attributes that this chair possesses the

first striking thing you'll notice about

the relaxing massage recliner is its

contemporary design and appearance you

can simply place it in any living room

dining room or even bedroom and it will

perfectly gel into the spaces theme

although it doesn't offer shiatsu

massage the relaxed end rocker recliner

with heat and massage chair is fitted

with eight powerful vibration motors for

auto zone settings nine massage modes

and five intensity levels all intended

to massage and relax your upper back and

thigh area over and above that the

lumbar heat therapy offers satisfactory

lower back relaxation and improved blood

flow and with a simple to use remote you

get to tailor the massages intensity

breast position as well as the heat

another highly convenient thing about

this massage recliner is its practical

dimensions measuring in at 38 by 30 and

a half by 26 and a half inch

and boasting a total weight of 98 pounds

moving it from one room to another won't

be a problem at all

also it's spacious enough to accommodate

almost all body sizes Heights and leg

lengths without compromising on comfort

to wrap up this review the relaxing

massage recliner with heat and massage

facility offers technologically advanced

features and provides comfort to the


moreover the contemporary appearance of

the chair exudes luxury and will enhance

the theme of its surrounding space

modern life has essentially reduced us

to being mechanical robots at times we

spend long working hours hunched in our

offices trying to earn an extra buck and

our evenings are often consumed with

attending to family matters or

occasionally scrolling through boring

Netflix movie suggestions a sedentary

lifestyle also invites potential health

complications so unless you have a

partner who's nice enough to give you a

massage anytime you want or you have the

time and money to go to a massage

therapist investing in a good massage

chair is a worthwhile decision

thankfully with our list of the top five

massage chairs you shouldn't have a

problem choosing the right one for you

whichever one you choose based on your

budget or functionality we hope you

found our list useful in finding the

perfect massage chair that offers you

total relaxation if you found a product

that ticks off all of your boxes click

the link in the description box to catch

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