Best Martin Guitar Series for Beginner & Intermediate Players

greetings and salutations everyone out

there on YouTube this is Christopher

McKee with alum of Music Center in San

Antonio Texas you can find us on the web

at Alamo

and today we want to do a little bit of

a different video for you if you have

been learning to play guitar you're

starting out as a beginner or maybe

you're an intermediate player and you

have been interested in a Martin guitar

then you want to pay attention to this

video because we're here to answer some

questions for you so what we're going to

be talking about are some series that

Martin has available in their lineup

that appeals to the beginner to

intermediate player now some of this is

going to stretch a little bit further

and let me say this from the get-go if

you are starting out there is nothing

preventing you from buying a d-28 or

hecka d45 other than money there's

nothing that says you can't own a more

expensive guitar but generally I have

found in my career that when someone is

starting to learn the instrument that

they want several things they want

something that plays well you should

they want something that sounds good

they want something from a brand that

they trust and they want something

that's a good value with all of that

being understood so Martin guitars has

been around since the 1830s they are the

probably premier American manufactured

guitar they have created most of what we

consider a steel string guitar to be and

they have guitars available in a wide

range of prices with different features

and so rather than look at three

specific guitars what I want to show you

today are three lines or series from

Martin that appeal to someone who's

looking for value playability tone

options aesthetics and it says Martin up

here on the headstock so the first

guitar that we're going to be talking

about is this this is GCP to aex m.a.c

this is part of the x-series from Martin

this particular one features a top with

suppe lay wood and the back in science

are HPL Macassar ebony now check this

out this is a pick

it's probably freaks everybody out it's

not going to damage the finish because

this is very strong durable

high-pressure laminate and it because of

that it's great if it's like a travel

guitar or something that you want to

take two gigs maybe even if you have

some more precious guitars but you want

to have something that is going to be

you know a little bit stouter as you're

touring with it this is a great material

to utilize it's not very susceptible to

humidity and temperature changes and the

the strata bond neck that come on these

plays very fast it's got a nice low

profile and you have options with the

solid top like cutaway or not having a

pickup system things like that all of

these guitars in the x-series are

available for under $1,000 they all have

great tone to them they all have that

quintessential Martin warmth and woody

miss that's available in the lineup and

you can choose between something like

this the GP bodies kind of like a grand

or an auditorium sized body it's got a

tighter waist than a dreadknot but it's

not as small as a triple low so it's a

very versatile body you can get a dread

not in the lineup you can get a triple o

in the lineup as well so you have a lot

of options that are available and at the

price and the features if you're a

beginner to intermediate it's something

you should be looking for so we're gonna

demo this guitar but keep in mind that

there are some other options in this

lineup that you want to look at and

they're available on our website let's

check this one out




okay so moving just up from the X series

is the road series and if you've been

following our videos for any amount of

time you know that I'm a huge fan of

this series from guitars this is one of

the best values not just simply from

Martin but from any guitar manufacturer

period now what I have in my lap is the

DRS one it's a dreadnought

in the road series this is the one

there's also a two the difference is

that this has a sub pele top and the two

has a spruce top which has different

tonality to it but what you're going to

see throughout the road series is this

group of features it's made in their

Mexico manufacturing plant by Martin it

features solid top solid back solid

sides it has a pickup system and it

comes with a case so and the price point

on this is 750 749 for $750 currently

you can get a guitar that's built by a

premier manufacturer great fit and

finish fantastic playability you get a

pickup you get a case and it's all solid

wood that it's not laminate construction

that makes it an incredible value for

the money so the challenge that I always

pose is find a guitar made in North

America by a company that you know

that's been around for over a hundred

years that costs under a thousand

dollars I'll wait

you're not going to find one and the

lineup from Martin in the road series

now extends into some additional options

with full cost bodies and some new tonal

woods that they're using like Cirrus

wood and whatnot really fantastic

options that are available and so you

want to take a close look at the road

series the DRS one happens to be the

most popular guitar in that series so

we're going to demo it for you now take

a listen


okay rounding out our selection is going

to be the first series from Martin that

gets you into the american-made guitars

that are built in Nazareth Pennsylvania

and that is the 15 series now the 15

series from Martin has been in their

lineup for a long time in fact it was

one of the most popular series from

Martin's during the Great Depression

because it was built in such a way that

it's really a stripped-down workman's

guitar that's affordable and that idea

continues to this day with this guitar

now what I have in my lab right now is

ad 15m with it burst on it so it's got a

subtle kind of edge burst it's an all

mahogany built guitar and again it's

built in the US it's got a satin finish

comes with a case in the 15 series you

have dread-nots available triple o

double o you can get a 12 fret body

style cutaway non cutaway get it get it

with a pickup system or not so there's a

lot of options there regardless of

whichever one you choose you're going to

be paying less than two thousand dollars

for it this one's right around 1,200

bucks for an all solid wood American

built guitar from Martin they play

fantastic it's a 111 sixteenths nut it's

got a low-profile neck rosewood bridge

and fingerboard and just a lot of warmth

that comes out of this mahogany body

really kind of my preferable weapon of

choice if I'm playing anything that's

kind of like a slow bluesy tone but it's

got a real nice warmth to so if you if

you dig into it with a pick it rewards

you in spades so as we've moved up the

lineup you can get an American built

guitar for really what amounts to not

that much money in the grand scheme of

things I guarantee you probably pay more

for your MacBook Pro that you're

watching this video on now and you're

gonna replace in three years anyway

whereas this you can leave your kids so

just keep that in mind alright so I'm

gonna give you a chance to listen this

one but if the dread-nots not your cup

of tea

remember there's triple O's and other

things in this lineup as well




well I hope you enjoyed our look at the

Martin guitars that are best suited for

someone who's beginning or an

intermediate player the truth is that

these guitars are available and

fantastic for really regardless of where

you are in your playing career and

there's a lot to choose from from any of

the series that we've talked about so if

you like details on the guitars that

we've played or the series that these

are part of go to our website Alamo and take a look at the

Martin's that are available we're going

to help you find one

to fit your needs and help you make

music and bring joy to your life and

others because that's what we're here

for so as always I want to thank you for

watching and don't forget to subscribe