How to Choose the Right Martial Art Style for You?


hello everyone and welcome back to my

channel today we are going to discuss

which martial art type is the best for

you first let's just say the best

martial art for you is the one that you

actually want to do this means that you

have a certain kind of intuition which

kind of martial art would be good for

you as a person it's also very important

to realize that even though you like

boxing but maybe you are better at

grappling so you have to be figuring out

what is your skill and what is your

desire at the same time second most

important thing is to figure out which

martial art style is good for you is to

see what kind of schools are available

near to you

nobody wants to drive three hours just

to go to a class like that that's a big

determination to do unless that's your

style and you want to keep doing it then

that's a reasonable thing to do but if

you are just thinking of which martial

arts should you do or your kids or

whatever then you have to figure out

what is the best most convenient way to

do it so if you have a take on the

school that's near you and you have a

karate school that's a little bit

further away then you might consider

taking a bundle it's not doing karate

the third thing is to see whether that

class that you have chosen is actually a

good one we've talked about the metal

jaws before I link the video here so

that but the most important thing is to

see what is the environment in the dojo

so when you walk into the room what do

you see do you see

traitor that he or she is actually

enjoying teaching actually enjoying

taking care of the students and teaching

them how to kick and punch and do all

kinds of things oh they're just like oh

here's another day I have to teach I

really don't want to do it just taking

the money so that's not a good attitude

if you are looking for a good martial

arts school it's very important to say

there is not a best type of martial art

there is no such thing

each martial art there are different

styles different things that you can do

they own possess their own unique

strengths and also their weaknesses but

it's up to you to decide which one is

best suited for you as an individual

person just because your friends are

doing karate doesn't mean that you have

to do it too maybe you want to do judo

or Kendall or anything else the best

martial art for you depends on what do

you have to accomplish and what do you

want to keep on doing and learning more

and more you also have to figure out

what is your type so you make struggling

or grappling or both or you want to do

something more no impact or you want to

do the high impact do you want to use

your hands would you want to use your

legs more it's all about what makes your

body feel good so do you wanna do

fighting standing up then you might

consider striking arts like grotty take

Randall kungfu and if you want to use

your elbows and your knees that may be

thai boxing is also an option do you

want to grapple then get involved in

Brazilian jiu-jitsu wrestling or judo

although judo is technically as throwing

but many many into the schools that I

know what they also call heavily on

ground fighting as well living and if

you want to grappling and throwing and

also striking maybe L may like mixed

martial arts would be a best thing for

you to do remember to think about your

physical condition and what you like to


so for example if you have a recurring

neck injury then maybe you shouldn't do

Brazilian jiu-jitsu very people are

constantly trying to choke you so if

it's not the best option for you or if

you just don't like being on the ground

and wrestling then maybe shouldn't take

up wrestling and judo because then you

don't want to be on the ground so for

example in kickboxing you are going to

stand up and do punches and do kicks but

when you press on and jiu-jitsu you're

not gonna do any of that so you have to

be prepared to be on the ground and to

all the grappling techniques if you just

follow in self-defense that's good

because most martial arts they do teach


at their school so it's very important

that you learn the basic self-defense

skills that you can practice and that

you can keep practicing just because

you've done it once for something that

you learn it so you have to be keep

practicing it this is just everything

else so you have to keep putting an

effort to learn the self-defense moves

even if you are just doing boxing it's

also self-defense in that it's also

important to figure out that if you want

to do it as a sport or more like

traditional martial art because for

example ITF Taekwondo is more like a

traditional tech mundo

but the wtt bundle which is the party

and they are represented in the Olympics

so they mostly training it like a sport

not a traditional martial art so you

have to figure out which one is the one

that you put

- do you want it as a sport do you want

to go to tournaments then you should do

that kind of martial arts so let's see

which are the striking or stand up

styles that you can choose from there is


capoeira karate kickboxing Krav Maga

kungfu my tie

take bundle and traction though if

taking people to the ground and


sounds good to you then you might

consider taking up one of these types of

martial arts Brazilian Jiu Jitsu catch

wrestling jujitsu lucha libre Russian

sumo and wrestling

they are also throwing and takedown

styles of martial arts these involved

learning how to take people to the

ground so this is more techniques but

like overlapping but they're grabbing

styles that we just mentioned so here's

a list of those kinds of martial arts

Aikido judo Hapkido Shuai yeah so these

are also the styles when you use the

opponent's aggression and energy that

you turn back on them so it's it's like

a little bit of different style than

just grappling styles

there are also pepper based styles that

you can practice these are the following

a item Callie and Kendall

there are also different kinds of

martial arts which are low-impact

meditative styles these are all focusing

on yourself these are not concerned

about combating an opponent these are

more breathing techniques and fitness

and more focused on spiritual

rather than fighting so these are

following Chi Chi Chi convey Styles

baguazhang in recent years because of

the popularity of MMA many schools are

simple labeling and teaching the

utilization of several martial art

styles together as mixed martial arts

still the term anime generally refers to

training to compete in the sports style

of martial arts that allows grappling

stand-up fighting takedowns and

submissions here is the list of all

these hybrid styles that might be

interesting to you

MMA cheat condo ninjutsu should fighting

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of martial arts that is the best for you

and what are you practicing or what are

you thinking of trying out I'm very much

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