RANKING Martial Arts Styles! Fighting Style Tier List w/ Sensei Seth

take one's Oh Taekwondo a lot of you

have heard me call Taekwondo safeSpace

karate in the past hello ladies and

gentlemen welcome back to the second

installment of tier lists in martial

arts in this episode I will be getting

myself inevitably in trouble because you

guys asked me to thanks for that

appreciate that in this episode I'll be

breaking down and ranking those popular

martial arts styles does this mean I

will get in trouble because somebody's

gonna dislike what I say yes is this

something you guys asked me to do that's

leaving me no choice a little bit but

with that being said I'm going to be as

honest as possible and also keep in mind

that you can take anything from any of

these martial arts styles a lot of them

you can add together and create an

amazing style of its own I think there

are some styles that you can take more

away from than you can with other sides

so none of this means that these styles

suck completely except for Taekwondo

none of them with my personality I'm

going to joke and pick on some styles so

if there's something here that upsets

you make sure you comment and get really

upset with me below and we'll have a

rational conversation about it later

like I said we're gonna be ranking these

martial arts styles right here okay

similar to a lot of education systems f

being the worst a being the best and

then s being a little bit better

somebody explained to me last time that

I don't remember anyway so we're gonna

start off here with judo judo is a

Japanese style I believe it came before

karate it became very sport based but

not in a bad way it takes in a lot of

takedowns I think that if you know judo

instead of using striking and being able

to punch somebody inflict damage that

way you're using the ground to inflict

damage understanding body positioning

balance judo I am hold true to in pretty

high regards I'm not gonna lie also all

of this is just towed

my opinion on stuff that I value so I

apologize if this hurts in basic

feelings anyway

that being said judo we're gonna give

because of the fact that judo does not

involve any striking which I'm a huge

fan of striking

I'm gonna go judo seat here and I know

this can be calm this is this judo has

one of the most highly regarded black

belts I think of any style that involves

belt rankings aside from like jiu-jitsu

I think it's what in my opinion is one

of the most highly regarded ones I think

they might be able to do submissions in

some styles it depends I'm sure there'd

it just not negligent okay so the next

one's gonna be boxing boxing obviously

is awesome great sport it is a martial

art in my opinion because anytime you're

moving your body you're creating art

just like dancing is creating art boxing

is limited in a lot of ways that a lot

of these styles aren't being able to

only use hands it's great for head

movement stuff like that

I like the idea of being able to throw

kicks obviously like look at my channel

and you'll pretty easily answer that

question yourself I enjoy watching

boxing I like I like how it would be

helpful for self-defense but I do think

that there are some important stuff

there that boxing misses out on but with

that being said I'm going to give boxing

b-tier I'm still gonna get boxing beat

here because you can take about a year's

worth of boxing be able to kick the

average person's but 100% I mean there's

no doubt about that okay moving on to

come foo kung fu is kind of a blanket

term for a lot of different Chinese

martial arts styles we're gonna talk

about the average though we're gonna do

our best to talk about the average we

talk about these styles I mean that a

lot of these styles are gonna have

schools within them that are from me

okay they're gonna be schools within

them that are phenomenal obviously it

depends on how good the teacher is and

how well you learn and what kind of

stuff they're actually teaching you from

that style and how true they are to its

application I think on average if you

walk into a style that is based off of

kung fu or within that realm um you're

gonna get something that's a slightly

watered down version of what they taught

a couple hundred years ago kung fu is

going to be our first D tier I'm sorry

if you have any reasoning on why you

think I'm wrong comment below I will

read it with kung fu I love the idea of

hand trapping

and using parries and movements like

that to work against your opponent but

for me it's these are all gut instincts

based on what I feel you know what I

feel and I'm making this video right now

in the present so maybe I'll change my

mind in the future but for right now

detail ok so now we're gonna move on to

less way or let way I think is how it's

supposed to be pronounced if I had like

a little bit more you know knowledge to

me maybe I did I'd have that answer but

I don't

so let's way that's way maybe I'll just

save both ways each time it's a lot like

Muay Thai if you're familiar with

knowing Thai elbows clinching knees long

strikes like roundhouse kicks a fairly

squared stance but Inlet the way left

way you also get the ninth the ninth

limb which is your noggin your dumb

piece gets to smack people around I

think this is a ruthless style Dave

LaDuke has recently made this popular

probably the forerunner of kind of

bringing popularity or bringing making

less way or more I'm not gonna say a

household name but a more martial arts

household name I didn't know about it

until I heard about him not gonna lie

but after having watched it I'm not a

fan of watching it because like once it

comes down to just real nasty ruthless

brutal Ness I'm not a big fan I don't

like watching bare-knuckle boxing for

the same reason but we're gonna go 80

here anytime you can learn how to

manipulate somebody's body and also

learn how to strike and use all of the

elements you possibly can from your body

it's usually pretty useful okay so now

we're going to talk about capoeira

capoeira is a I'm sure in its traditions

it was a little less dance related

capoeira's all about the kicks really

flowing movements where you have to

understand body control I think it has a

really cool base and understanding how

to move your body I don't know as much

about capoeira's that do some of these

other styles I've taken probably five of

these styles in my past I've never taken

capoeira from what I've seen from

capoeira I probably would take a couple

months of it but I wouldn't invest a lot

of my time in it and because of that

it's going to be our first

it's gonna be our first theft here I

said this earlier that doesn't mean you

can't use anything from it do they have

powerful kicks yes I don't think it's

the most efficient form of movement so

for me it's gonna be in a few I'm not

gonna put anything here because I feel

like et is kind of a made up thing I get

it it's weird that we don't involve E in

the education system in the u.s. eat for

me always meant excellent we're gonna

that's gonna bother me we're just gonna

keep e is like a nan thing otherwise I

guess capoeira would go any okay moving

on to jujitsu

we're gonna lump together Japanese and

Brazilian here because frankly I'm not

gonna type out two different ones for me

Jiu Jitsu is grand wrestling with the

intent to submit your opponent through

strikes or submissions either one I

finally won a lot of jujitsu schools

teach from standing up I think Jiu Jitsu

is an awesome player to the game if you

have some form of striking background I

think it's imperative that you also

learn wrestling I don't think you should

learn one without the other with that

being said if you have jujitsu I don't

think that you should learn just do

Jitsu I think you should also get some

striking in there I don't have a lot of

bad things to say about Jiu Jitsu I have

done talked about in the past about how

it's become a little more gentrified

it's come a little Sport driven which is

natural because when people take martial

arts it's not always for the same reason

there's three categories on average that

you fall into when you take martial arts

there's recreational I want something to

do on the weekends

there's sport I want to be able to win

something and achieve a goal and then

there's Street pretty much which is I

want to be able to fight somebody if I

have to you can get some great knowledge

out of each the three of these on

average the schools are leaning more

towards as a sport which is fine that's

the same thing that having a karate you

better go and people are now not talking

to a nice back ride if you want to hear

more about that I'll put a card right

here anyway we're still gonna give Jiu

Jitsu to eight here great belt ranking

system competition based off leads for

tons of growth and skill Jiu Jitsu 18

jeet kune do-- i'm probably gonna catch

some flack on this because the idea of

jeet kune do-- supposed to be more of a

philosophy than a martial art style this

is obviously brought up by bruce lee

caused a great influence on tons of

people who were in martial arts it is

becoming more of a style as things go on

because as you repeat something and

want to repeat something to a large

scale of people then you kind of have to

make it conform to what a style is so I

do think G kundo is becoming a bit of a

style actually Fey sensei is trained in

G kundo which makes it a style I love

the idea of freedom and mobility that G

kundo gives you as far as what I think

the average instructor brings to the

table ah this is another one of those

where I don't know a ton about it so I'm

just gonna go with my gut and my gut

says I like the freedom I like the

mobility I like the idea concepts of it

I'm gonna give G condos seat here and

that's because of the ability for you to

conform things and make them work for

you rather than being a sturdy

consistent system in itself surely you

would have known at some point this was

gonna come up

karate my whole brain is Sensei set like

I am a karate teacher you know teaching

kids karate is one of my favorite things

are doing this plain so obviously I'm be

a little bit biased towards this one

right yeah karate is awesome because I

think when karate is talked correctly

you go over takedowns you go over

punches kicks Coty's you go over values

and things like honesty courage it's a

very traditional style so you get that

kind of enlightenment in a way in our

particular style we went over a lot of

the takedowns would you know but then we

also went over a lot of the ground

wrestling too so for me it was a very

complete style and I in my opinion as

long as you spar I think that you can

take away from any of these styles as

long as you're actively pressure testing

it making sure that it works for you

with that being said I know we said we'd

go based off of the average and

unfortunately the average of karate

right now isn't what it used to be like

I mentioned due to the idea of mass

scaling and wanting to be able to teach

as many people as possible in order to

do that you kind of have to cut down the

details a little bit and make it work

for more people rather than being able

to one-on-one teach somebody which is

the most effective way to teach martial

arts um

karate is you know it's it's see tear

for now we're gonna get there and it's

gonna because of this channel and other

channels like Jesse's and karate culture

and Wonder Boys and we're going to bring

we will make karate MA

well brick we're coming back we're

coming back okay next let's move on to

rasslin and no I'm not talking about WWE

we're talking about paying somebody to

the floor try and score points over a

couple minutes round wrestling is

probably the most popular out of people

who do it right now out of all these

because if you take into account all the

kids in high school that are doing it

and if you think about it's what we

wanted for karate we wanted to be able

to put karate into the school system to

make the average person more adapted

towards defending themselves

now wrestling used to have submissions

in it it doesn't now it's become a

little bit more safe because we want

kids to be able to practice it in high

school I think that once again we talked

about boxing where if you put this

person in this program for a year they

should be able to keep the average

person's butt and I think that holds

true to wrestle too but if that being

said it's the counterpart to box and

taking away the ability to strike it

takes a lot away from the style itself

most wrestlers do move on to do MMA and

things like that

so it does add more to it we are going

to give wrestling the same ranking as

boxing here though I think they're very

similar they're usually grouped into the

same conversation because they are so

stylistically dependent on one thing but

also very useful at the same time we

talked about being dependent on one

thing now let's talk about being

dependent on self-defense we talked

about the three different things the

recreation of the sport the self-defense

this is something that prides itself on

being strictly a self-defense art on

average I think Krav Maga has a name

that is becoming more closely associated

with stuff like karate and people

usually look down on a little bit more

and I think that's strictly because of

when you see something online you see

somebody applying a technique to a

standing opponent the reason that people

like the validity of things like Muay

Thai and judo and Jiu Jitsu and

something that is because you see it in

sport that resembles the actual style so

similarly that that it gives you

confidence that it works when some comes

stuff like crop and guy you don't see a

lot of sparring I'm sure some do but

because you don't see it in action that

often it's kind of hard to believe if

it's true especially in an age where

we're filled with yeah with the

capability of sharing stuff to be inner

there's great Krav instructors like Ryan

Hoover out there who are you know

obviously showing great stuff if you

haven't followed him at Apple

to make sure you do don't tell them

though that I complimented him Ryan if

you're watching this it's whatever you

know crowd crabs okay I guess but the

the idea we talk about the average and

I'm gonna put Krav Maga on the same

average as karate I think there are too

many people who are trying to teach a

scaled version of the martial art which

kind of brings down the average one of

the martial arts styles on the list of

things that I've done in the past or

actually I'm currently doing right now

is more time wait I I've been really

trying to dive into Moy tile but more

recently a lot of the training that I do

is partner to partner but a lot of the

stuff that I've been doing has been

sparring with people who are trained in

Muay Thai and trying to pick up things

as I go

I teach karate and Amoy Thai facility

through people that I'm good friends

with now at this point so I really get

to be embraced and some of the stuff

that they do I think more ties awesome

like I mentioned the sport behind it is

so closely similar to how they're

trained and how they practice which

superiorly elevates the game Muay Thai

is awesome lots of clinch work lots of

body manipulation of your opponent knees

and elbows things that are not usually

regulate more time a huge fan of it

promotes toughness the squared style is

not my favorite I like to be able to

fight it as longer distance but that

doesn't mean it's not useful Muay Thai

though has my respect 100% not that

these other ones don't I guess I

probably shouldn't say that anyway Muay

Thai a tear I put at the same level as

let's weigh less weigh and in Jiu Jitsu

so we have two left here one of them

gets a lot of flack in the martial arts

community and the other one also gets a

lot of flack at the martial arts

community one of these I have actually

taken in the past for a short period of

time and that is Taekwondo take once

though Taekwondo a lot of you have heard

me call Taekwondo safeSpace karate in

the past five six you got several points

there the blue player did excellent as

well Taekwondo is awesome for a lot of

different reasons however the average

Taekwondo school now is promoting forms

which is great I've talked about why I

like kata is in the past

Kix and light spark because of this it

allows people to get their belt rank

much faster which ends up to the three

year black belts I'm not super big of a

fan of any system that is like hey if

you pay for the whole thing right now

we'll guarantee that you get your black

belt eventually I think a lot of the

schools that are mcdo Joe's and money

grabbers come from that Taekwondo

background because you can so easily

promise progression and quick

progression at that and I don't think

any martial arts style should be here

real quick here's how you get good at

fighting but that being said it is great

when you are focused on something that

you want to be sport based and even

recreation based the this is great for

recreation it's great for cardio it's

great for getting your heart rate up

it's great for sport when it comes to

Street application unless you're doing

like specific learning from specific

people when it comes to like ITF and

stuff like that rather than WTF you can

still get a lot from Taekwondo but as a

whole without taking any other styles I

have to give Taekwondo D tier there's a

lot of my kicks that I wouldn't be able

to throw as well as I do now if it

wasn't for Taekwondo but it's not enough

for me to give it a CT or higher which

leads us to aikido the reason I put on

keto last is because I've never done

Aikido it gets probably the most hate in

the community right now and it's due to

stuff like Stevens Segal there have been

people who come out from the Aikido

community who have been like pressure

testing it and trying it and and what

happens is you realized that you have to

change some things but I'd also be

willing to bet those people who change

thing coming from Aikido also had a lot

of things that they took from Aikido

with that being said I think based on

the ability for the average person who

comes out of Aikido to be able to defend

themselves and fight and feel equipped

with good reason to be able to fight

somebody on the street I'm gonna go with

my gut here and give Aikido an F that

doesn't mean that it's bad but out of

the list of these I think there's just

different levels and what you're

probably noticing here is that I didn't

give anything a nest here and your first

thought might be that the best style is

something that has no style that is a

conglomeration of everything that you

find here and you

could argue that that's true you might

be thinking it's because I think that

none of these have hit their peak

capabilities that you should always be

evolving and you should always be adding

you could argue that too

but not much laude the only reason that

I haven't put anything here a test here

is because there's only one true thing

that works in all scenarios

it is a merit dhoti is the style of all

styles I was lucky enough to train with

master Ken a while ago and let me tell

you it really opened my eyes to what

works I mean you've got the hurricane

you've got the ugly face I feel like

that's not right

but it also seems a little right I mean

what other Belt style has an 11th degree

black belt it just also I've heard that

people in a meadow take and grow better

mustaches I wanted to bring in a

specialist on a married otay to make

sure you guys understand why a married

okay is the only S here so without

further ado Master Kan let them know I'm

master Kevin and remember that's not a

merit deltai it's ft R now get the F out

of here

race off the coin thank you for stopping

by master Ken if you guys haven't yet

seen the video that me and master Ken

did a while back on his channel you can

find it right here also he recently

started a cameo account to bless you

guys with personalized messages from

master Ken himself to you to help you

figure out how to use a mere dote a to

be your best self and you can find him

there I'll put a link below please keep

in mind that out of all the things on

this list you can take something away

from each of these different martial

arts styles and add them to your own

journey personally I hope that I get a

chance to work on all of this stuff

throughout my lifetime and maybe I can

document it and put it on here don't

take this as an opportunity to bashing

these styles but instead I implore you

to take this as an opportunity to see

where your holes are and figure out how

you can fill them in vest make sure you

like turn on the notification and until

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